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Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens

Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens

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Sausage- Stuffed Cornish Hens: A simple, company worthy poultry dish!

Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens

Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens

Bill’s mom and brother were coming to town for a visit. I got the call to jury duty one week after Bill’s surgery, so we needed reinforcements. When I spotted this recipe for Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens for an upcoming French Fridays with Dorie, I knew it would an ideal company entree.

Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens

An Easy Cornish Hen Recipe

One of Bill’s generous patients keeps us well supplied with homemade mild Italian sausage, so my shopping list for this entree was brief. I picked up the hens, defrosted the sausage and got to work.

Finely chopped shallots and garlic were sauteed in a mixture of butter and olive oil, then the sausage was added and browned. Bread cubes, egg, parsley, salt and pepper completed the stuffing mixture, and was loosely packed in the birds’ cavities.

A little oil and butter was painted on their skin with a sprinkling of salt of pepper before a 40+ minute stint in a 400º oven. Such an easy Cornish hen recipe!

Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens in a cast iron skillet

Rave Reviews for these Stuffed Cornish Hens!

We all loved these tender birds and their stuffing. Followed by slices of the three layered Mocha Brownie Cake which will be featured on my next Tuesdays with Dorie post, we all were pleasantly sated. A fine meal indeed. Thanks, Dorie!

The details of this recipe can be found on page 226 of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.


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45 comments on “Sausage-Stuffed Cornish Hens”

  1. I bet the flavors were gorgeous, sausage, cornish hens and garlic! Mmm sounds like a dinner I would enjoy 🙂

  2. Liz, the sausage stuffed cornish hen looks absolutely delicious – I love the way you served this lovely small hen with green string beans and rice – such a wonderful meal. A recipe that will certainly be enjoyed by the Doristas this week. How lucky that you get homemade Italian sausage from a reliable source – it is a bit hard to find around here. Such a nice post!

  3. Looks like a hearty meal! Jury duty too??? Boy, you have been hopping! I really hope things quiet down a bit for you:@)

  4. Yum! A serve of this with some brownie please.

  5. Cornish game hens are indeed a splendid entrée when the company is fine. Stuffed in a similar fashion, I served these for Thanksgiving the night I proposed to Mrs. W. Lovely presentation, Liz!

  6. Jury duty is a very strange in Ontario, some people never have been called (for example, my parents and JT’s parents, JTs sister, husband, my brother, his wife and the list goes on and on and on), ever and then there is me…I’ve actually served (not on a case, thank goodness) three times but I’ve actually been called 5! The two additional times were almost immediately after one of my services and you’re not supposed to have to be called again within 3 years of serving! Go figure. A friend of mine says it has something to do with registering for provincial voting (which I do).
    There is nothing more homey than a roasted, stuffed chicken or cornish hen and your beautiful home made Italian sausage stuffing is absolutely the perfect accompaniment! I love the bird in that little cast iron pan too, so simple but gorgeous.
    One of my food styling assisting jobs in early December had me baking cornish hens for a thing for next Christmas — I’ve not done these at home as yet, but this recipe will be my inspiration. I just love how gourmet rustic the whole meal comes off.

  7. You’ve had so, so much going on in your life so far this year and yet your are still able to create such amazing dishes, Liz. I can well understand why everyone loved this one.

  8. Very lovely.

    I haven’t read through the TWD cake yet – its on my list for the weekend…

  9. Liz, this is the perfect dinner in my opinion! I love cooking with cornish game hens and that stuffing sounds amazing! The wild rice and green beans are top choice sides (two of my favourite things to eat). It’s no wonder at all that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal.

  10. Stuffed chicken…or hen, men…that’s good, Liz! And that saucage.. mhhh:) ela

  11. What a wonderful meal, love the sausage stuffing!

  12. This is quite the gourmet meal. When can I come over for dinner?

  13. I am sure your mother-in-law, brother-in-law as well as husband anticipated your meal, jury duty or no jury duty. Your birds look beautifully roasted and wild rice and green beans are a great sides. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading about the Mocha Brownie Cake. Me thinks that Bill’s mom and brother were glad to see that he is on-the-mend. As we all are.

  14. Lizzy,
    You lucky girl, you. Homemade sweet Italian sausage is so good. Hubby keeps saying we’re going to do it too but we never seem to have the time. Your Cornish hens look delicious. Yum.

  15. They’re so cute!

  16. Perfection. The entire meal is absolutely perfect. The CGH is golden brown, the rice fluffy and one of my favorite veggies.

  17. So beautiful and tender, I am very sure it tastes heavenly!

  18. What a delicious looking meal! I have never stuffed a chicken with meat before but it stands to reason this would be very tasty and keep the bird lovely and moist! Great idea!

  19. I am lucky in that I have yet to serve on a jury. Regardless-I love Cornish hens. They make everything so special. Plus, I love Italian sausage. It makes everything s good. Best pin this!

  20. Yum. Nice job. You are so lucky to have sausage available all the time.
    I look forward to checking out the dessert next week.

  21. Simple and beautiful. I just love that kind of stuffing.

  22. Wow, A Bill pleaser! That makes this one a winner for sure! This was winner in my house, too! How could you not like a roasted chicken…small or not with such wonderful sides! It would be un-american!! Your’s looks perfect, Lizzy! Happy Weekend!

  23. You are what they call “grace under pressure”. I don’t know how you can calmly handle all that is thrown your way. I would be a mess… but you are still blogging, entertaining and cool as a cucumber. This meal look amazing.

  24. Hi Liz, your life is a whirlwind lately! But wasn’t this a nice dish to put together – so quick, but it looks so elegant? I love individual servings of anything, so this is fun! And people can have some of whatever they like. And the cake… you are amazing!

  25. I love that you just whipped this up and that you have a steady supply of homemade sausage! These cornish hens look so yummy! Perfect for company or just for me!

  26. Lovely results! Have a great week ahead!

  27. Ooh, delicious! I roasted a chicken myself last night for the first time in ages and sooo enjoyed it. The stuffing mix inside this sounds incredible. I bet it’s so tasty with the sausage in. I’m gaining confidence cooking meat so maybe I should give this one a go next time!

  28. Perfect time for reinforcements indeed. Hope that jury duty is painless and that Bill’s recovery is equally painless.

  29. Lovely!
    Cornish Hens are one of my favorite meals.
    The stuffing sounds FAB! xx

  30. I definitely enjoyed the Cornish Hens this week, as did my guys…but now I am distracted at the thoughts of that cake. Oh my such yummyness 🙂 Sorry to hear you ended up with jury duty while Bill was just recently home and recuperating, but glad to hear you had reinforcements in to help. Although with the way you cook, I imagine you could easily have a line form at your door on any given day for a chance to partake in what the “Skinny Chick has Baked” 🙂

  31. You are so gracious Liz, to entertain with all you’ve had going on. What a wonderful dinner – this kind of meal seems to be love by everyone. And how fun to have your own little bird.

  32. Glad to hear your guests (and Bill) enjoyed this one! I liked the stuffing better than the overall dish. I can’t wait to hear about the mocha brownie cake!

  33. Love Cornish hen Liz, and the stuffing sounds very tasty! What a perfect dinner for your family. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

  34. Gorgeous Liz! I admire your fortitude—jury duty alone would do me in 🙂

  35. I have always wanted to try making cornish hens but never got around to it. Your recipe looks amazing.

  36. You are amazing Liz, with so many things going on and you still manage to make all these incredible gourmet meals 🙂 These stuffed hens look incredible Liz – love the flavors and the stuffing!

  37. Yes, I’ve heard about jury duty. That must be something else! I have not had cornish hens in forever it seems. Sounds lovely with the sausage stuffing especially. Your Bill must be a medical doctor?

  38. This one be one heck of a great dinner!

  39. This little cornish hen looks huge in your photo! I bet this was the perfect little dinner and with sausage stuffing so savory and delicious. You have to love patients that give sausage as a thank you gift. BTW how much do corning hens go for in your area? They were super expensive here in HK, maybe that is because they need to be imported. I hope you are doing well and that the home life is settling down for you a little bit. Take Care, BAM

  40. I also liked this one even though I could not find Cornish Hens. I don’t think I have never had Cornish Hens 🙂 But the stuffing is so good I could eat it on its own anyway! I love, love your photographs!

  41. We rarely have Cornish Hens and honestly I don’t know why. With just the Mr and I here, this would be perfect.

  42. Looks delicious, as usual! Great choice of sides!

  43. How cool that you have homemade sausage given to you. Beautiful dinner!

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