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Fougasse (3)
This first time I was served olive bread in Italian restaurants, I fell in love…every bite so chewy and studded with bits of kalamata olives. I could have skipped dinner and just eaten the whole loaf.  Other, ahem, family members were not as enamored…  So when I saw this gorgeous Provençal Olive Fougasse in Around My French Table, I knew it was another one of those half batch recipes for me to enjoy. And enjoy I did!
A fougasse is a flatbread from the Provence region of France shaped to resemble a leaf. Besides figuring out how to slash the dough to form “veins,” this was a simple bread to put together. The yeast was proofed, added to flour and kneaded in my KItchen Aid mixer for 10 minutes before stirring in oil packed black olives, minced rosemary and lemon zest.  This dough sat covered at room temperature till doubled in size, then was punched down and parked in the fridge for 6-24 hours.  After shaping and cutting a few slashes in the dough, it was brushed with a combo of oil and water before sprinkling with coarse salt. A quick baking time had my kitchen filled with an amazing aroma in no time. This outshined my expectations…the most sensational flatbread I’ve ever baked.
At the publisher’s request, the Doristas do not post the recipes from Around My French Table, but a similar recipe by Dorie was published in Bon Appetit with the addition of sun dried tomatoes.
Fougasse (4)
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97 comments on “Provençal Olive Fougasse #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. I love fougasse – one of the things I try to get once a week from the bakery here 🙂 Your one looks outstanding – great job!

  2. Thanks for sharing this , Lizzy ! Want to bake another bread 😀 Naturally , will borrow the book from our awesome local library 😀

    Here , let me taste some of that first ! lol

    Your presentation looks awesome as always !

  3. This sounds delicious. You did a great job with the challenge. My family would really like this. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous and it looks SO delicious!

  5. I love olive bread and my husband does not like olives at all. I can feel for when you make something and a family member does not care for it but you love it.

  6. This is such a beautiful bread – I figure it would be quite hard to stop eating it 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Oh yes, I can only get to eat Olive Bread in restaurants too as I can’t bake. It looks lovely & soft. If only I’m your next door neighbour & I’ll be knocking on your door every now & then. Hahaha!

    Lizzy, if u’re also celebrating Mother’s Day, be sure to head over for a good laugh!
    Surprise Mom with A Stalk of Abalone Flower On Mother’s Day!

  8. The bread looks rustic and absolutely delicious!

  9. The bread is gorgeous and sounds so tasty!! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. This is a bread I am going to make and adding the olives makes it even better. I will add in the sun-dried tomatoes too. Those two ingredients I love. Looks wonderful Liz.

  11. Gorgeous Lizzy! I see your holes closes up a little in baking too. But wasn’t this fun and delicious?

  12. What a beautiful looking bread. It looks so fresh and tasty and Italian! Absolutely perfect for so many reasons xx

  13. Your bread looks delicious. I’m not an olive hater. 🙂

  14. We loved this rustic flat bread too I couldn’t stop nibbling the crispy edges;-)

  15. Thanks so much for coming to the tea party! This bread reminds me of my favorite Italian restaurant growing up!

  16. Lizzy, you’ve awakened the Provençal spirit in us with this. I wonder if it also brings out the sunshine? Looks fabulous and can just about smell it from the oven…

  17. Well I am a huge olive fan, this sounds delightful!

  18. This bread looks so much like Foccacia and it looks delicious. Love the combination of rosemary and olives 🙂

  19. I agree with your love for olive bread. The fougasse looks great! Hard to stop nibbling

  20. As always, your bread looks beautiful. Perfectly cooked. Dorie is made even better at your hands.

  21. Very lovely, Liz.
    This was definitely a nibbler

    Have a great weekend!

  22. I agree – give me a freshly baked bread like this and maybe a salad and I don’t need the rest of the dinner! OK, maybe I still need the dessert… 🙂

  23. What a coincidence – yesterday I bought a homemade loaf that looks exactly like this, with olives and sun-dried tomatoes. It was delicious (but not uniformly loved in my house either). Now I know how to make it!

  24. Wasn’t this one delicious and easy!? Yours looks great Lizzy!

  25. I do love homemade bread,especially flatbreads. This does have some wonderful flavors infused into it and I am sure it was very tasty. Breads like this are hard to resist, beautiful looking bread! Enjoy the weekend!

  26. I want a big hunk of this bread with a big bowl of soup! (It’s freezing in my office!!!)

  27. Gorgeous bread Liz!I also love the warm breads served in Italian Restaurants, but never attempted to make…Yours look delicious and with those olives in there, hmm yum yum!!

  28. I think only my girlfriend could appreciate a bread like this. She’s the only person I know who loves olives. 😛

  29. This bread looks to-die-for. Thx for sharing what a fougasse was & enjoy your weekend!

  30. This bread looks perfect, Liz! Great job on it! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  31. I have made this and think I ate about half of it. Don’t think it was quite as gorgeous as yours (because you CAN bake). But everyone should have this in their life!

  32. yum, olive bread had got to be amazing. looks perfect

  33. It’s a French version of foccacia–I love it! Olive bread is one of my personal favorites. I can never resist it when I see it in a bread basket.

  34. Yours turned out beautiful! 🙂

  35. Gorgeous photos! Nice color on the loaf, too!

  36. Just might have to make this for the weekend – I’m like you and could make a whole meal out of it. Half batches are right up my alley too. Like how you got around the “no posting” issue – clever.
    Have a super Mother’s Day!!!!

  37. Before kiddo nr.3, my Hubs and I used to go to this quaint Italian restaurant and they would serve this amazing bread with olive oil dip. We miss it and crave it once in a while. I can’t wait to try your recipe – looks perfect! Yum! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!! xoxo

  38. I love fougasse and look amazing Lizzy!

  39. Que pan más delicioso. Hay tantos panes diferentes que me encantaría probrarlos todos.
    Gracias por darnos a conocer este magnífico pan
    ¡Saludos y buen fin de semana!

  40. Hello Lizzy, I love Olive Bread! It looks amazing!

  41. Your photos are lovely! So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  42. I’m finding new ways to appreciate Hubby through all this blogging…we have similar taste buds. When I recipe comes up that I really struggle with he feels the same way about it, and when one is bread with olives that I love, so does he. I lucked out in the kitchen department with him, but the down side is that we each ate an entire loaf of this bread…is it called a loaf? Anyway, I should learn to halve the recipes now and then. Your bread is beautifully baked!

  43. Your fougasse is just lovely, Lizzy. This was new to me, but I will be making this again and again. It was just so much fun to work with the dough…and eat. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  44. Never heard of a fougasse before. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a big chocolate chip cookie. I sure was far off.

  45. Gosh that looks great. I will have to try it soon. Thanks for sharing with us.

  46. I could have eaten the whole thing for dinner, too! It was so delicious! Yours looks simply beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day, Lizzy!

  47. Oh, Liz…this is stunning! I had a beautiful artisan bread with kalamata olives in California that I fell in love with…but no recipe. I have Dorie’s cookbook – I can’t wait to try it! Thanks and have a GREAT weekend!

  48. Okay seriously Mama Liz, I am hopping on a plane right this instant. Your killing me with all this delicious goodness this week. Nothing better than smelling this when I walk through the door. K start another one now, be there in a few hours.

  49. Well done with your artisan bread!

  50. I love it too and I really enjoy the fun of shaping it to leaf form and it was delicious 🙂 have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day !

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