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Potato Chip Tortilla

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December is such a crazy month around here…I haven’t seen the tops of my kitchen counters in weeks…recipes, cookbooks, tins of cookies and candies, along with the usual clutter.  So it was a relief to have a quick recipe this week for French Fridays with Dorie.  Unusual, but simple.  Potato chips are crushed and mixed with eggs, scallions, garlic, herbs and a pinch of piment d”Espelette.  This mixture is poured into a well seasoned cast iron pan or a non-stick sauce pan and cooked for a bit on the stove before getting finished off under the broiler. I used basil, flat leaf parsley and a sprinkle of thyme…plus a little minced red bell pepper for color.

Bill said this tortilla was good, but I was pretty ho-hum about the results.  I didn’t add much salt due to the addition of potato chips, but still found something lacking in the final dish.  Maybe I was missing the cheese I typically add to my omelets?  Anyhow,  the recipe can be found on Google Books if you’d like to check it out.  And check out what my Dorista friends thought of this recipe on the French Fridays with Dorie website.

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43 comments on “Potato Chip Tortilla”

  1. Mmm, thought the potato chips would do it…still looks great!

  2. Never thought of adding potato chips. Very interesting. Maybe you were missing the cheese. Cheese makes anything better!

  3. Your tortilla is so festive! I loved this one but found it a little flat… Would add more eggs and, yes, cheese to the next time I make it!

  4. Hah! Can completely relate to, “haven’t seen my counter for weeks”, tis the season…

    Yes, maybe some cheese, but it looks so pretty!

  5. What an interesting recipe…chips crushed into an omelet. Maybe you’re right the cheese would have added some extra “pizazz” to the dish. 🙂 I had to laugh about your counter-tops… mine are in the same condition.

  6. I have to admit,potato chip is my favorite snack( i know is bad ) or side dish with sandwiches,so I’m sure I will like this recipe idea,interesting recipe 🙂

  7. I had the same reaction on the seasoning. – I think I would be a little more heavy handed with the salt on a do-over.
    Looks beautiful! Have a great weekend

  8. Odd! But I can see where it would taste good.

  9. What agreat change of pace. I am all done cookie baking this looks great right about now… was up till 3am baking lol this one is beautifully done with all that cheese I can see us eating this one the holiday season! Thanks Lizzy!

  10. Well it certainly looks flavorful and amazing 🙂 Sorry it was a little drab for your liking.

  11. Wow. It’s not often that you see Dorie’s recipe not get rave reviews. I’m sorry this didn’t live up to her usual standard. It does look beautiful. I’m not a fan of red pepper, but the addition did work in adding to the beauty of the omelet.

  12. It looks and sounds delicious, pity it fell short on the taste side of things. Bit surprised since chips are tasty, but maybe not soggy ones

  13. Yep, you’re probably missing the cheese. 😉 Very unusual recipe.

  14. you mean chips like crisps? Sounds very crazy and unusual 🙂 There’s a similar Spanish omelet in which you put slices of boiled potato on fried garlic and cover everything with whipped eggs and fry it like a regular omelet.

  15. Wonderful recipe! I remember a Spanish friend told me once about it and I always wanted to know how it tasted. The best way is to try yours I suppose 🙂

  16. I am drooling over your site!

  17. Loving the festive colors and it sure does look delicious!

  18. Lizzy your tortilla looks amazing and so delicious!

  19. How interesting that it has crushed potato chips in it! It sure looks good!

  20. What a neat idea. At least now if I decide to make this, what you have said as well as everyone else lets me know what to add 🙂

    As for the counters, join the club. I know I have some… somewhere… under the baking ingredients and cookbooks. :-p

  21. As I read your post, I looked around my kitchen. Yep, no visible counter top space. 🙂 The tortilla looks great!

  22. I would never think to add crushed potato chips to the omelet, but they probably give the omelet and interesting texture. You are probably add cheese, next time!

    HAve a great weekend!

  23. I’ve never heard of this, but it’s an interesting concept. I can’t say I quite trust it, but I am very much intrigued 😉

  24. Potatoes!!!!! nothing much I have to say as we are big die hard of anything made with potatoes, simply inviting.

  25. It looks lovely, but I’m with you–I like a little cheese in my omelets!

  26. Oh man if I was making this people would probably be like “Do you want some eggs with your chips?!” lol. Anything made with potato chips (my weakness) sounds pretty fantastic to me!!

  27. Fun and flavorful is the first thing that came to my mind! I would love this for dinner

  28. This is so interesting and I bet it’s addictive. Have a great weekend, Liz!

  29. Interesting! I bet it taste good.

  30. I wondered about this recipe – it certainly looks addicting. I am glad to hear there is someone else who cannot find the kitchen counter…

  31. Look delicious Lizzy:))

  32. This is my kind of meal! I honestly and truly will be making this one. I can relate to the craziness of the holidays and just so happend to write a short post on the subject today. This is the first year I’ve been stress free… o.k. stress-less. 😉
    I’m so happy you joined my blog, I’ve loved yours for some time.

    Happy Holidays!

  33. Lizzy-knowing how adventurous you are with your cooking and baking…this does not surprise me at at all! Love your tortilla, very creative, and I’m sure I would love to make this!

  34. When I first made this, I definitely thought it would be saltier. Your tortilla still looks delicious!

  35. I am not an egg fan but hubs is big time. I always struggle to make these as I can’t taste it to see if it’s okay. I’ll have to try this out. I need Dorie’s book big time.

  36. I love your description of “Ho Hum” Cheese makes everything better though right?
    Take care

  37. too bad it was lacking something, it looks fabulous!

  38. I’m trying this the next time I make an omelet. Or anything egg related.

  39. Your kitchen sounds like mine. I love that you added some red pepper…bet that was tasty as well as delicious! Perfect looking tortilla!

  40. using potato chips is certainly unusual, but one can never find out whether they enjoy something or not until they taste it. 🙂

  41. Oh, I know what you mean, my kitchen has been driving me crazy!! This is a welcomed change to all the sweets and it looks really good too!

  42. Wow is that a creative recipe. I would never have thought to make a tortilla from chips. I think you’re right though, I’d want cheese and a little sour cream.

  43. I feel you on the holiday kitchen clutter. I do try to keep everything under control, but with all the odd hours baking going on, it’s not as easy. I think cheddar cheese would go great with the tortilla.

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