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Bill and Katie went to visit his mom in Illinois for Memorial Day weekend. Underage Nick was going to the Indy 500 (AKA drunken red-neck beer fest) with some friends, so I needed to stick around. I entertained myself by creating dishes without any consideration of my family’s wide range of food idiosyncrasies…such a rare occurrence! First up was an amazing, flavorful quinoa salad with sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and basil. While those flavors melded, I created this simple pistachio avocado dish. Each serving was merely a ripe avocado half, sprinkled with lemon juice and sea salt, with the pit cavity filled with pistachio oil. I bit the bullet and ordered the La Tourangelle Roasted Pistachio Oil from Amazon instead of the pricey French LeBlanc brand Dorie favors (well, it may have been cheaper per ounce, but I’m certain I didn’t need a 500 ml bottle!). I substituted walnut oil in previous recipes calling for this elusive oil, but felt I couldn’t compromise with a four ingredient dish.

I adore avocados, so it was no shock that this was a winner. Dorie gave lots of options for serving this dish…including with salmon tartare or crab salad, but I elected to take the lazy route. I ate one half as is…but sliced the second and sprinkled with roasted pistachios and dried cranberries. Heavenly.

Above is the 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer I received at Food Blog Forum 2013 courtesy of OXO. I tested the slicing tool and it performed quite well. The pit remover on the backside was not as effective as my chef’s knife, but a nice option when no other tools are available.

Recipe can be found here.

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47 comments on “Pistachio Avocado #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. Lizzy, that’s quite an awesome avocado salad with the pistachios, and the slicer is really unique and smart! I’ve never even seen an avocado slicer! Your photos are always so lovely…just adore all your props…and of course all the delicious foods and desserts you make! xoxo

  2. I’ve never tried pistachio oil but it sounds just perfect here!

  3. Perfect summer salad ! The pistachio oil sounds really good 🙂

  4. Oh man, fooey! Had I know they were gone, I might have taken a road trip. You probably needed a taste tester and I would have been your go to girl! It would have been tough but so fun with all my favorite ingredients and flavors going on at your house 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a nice day and ate very well:@)

  6. I would adore this dish as well. Love it when you get some time alone to simple do what you like with no other responsibilities.

  7. I love anything with avocado,especially simple prepare avocado like this one, easy and healthy 🙂

  8. Poor Lizzy. 🙂 How did you get stuck with such a picky eater family? 🙂 The quinoa salad sounds really good, by the way, and I love avocados so this simple dish is perfect for me. Mostly I just spread them on toast, sprinkle on some sea salt and call it a meal.

  9. Sounds like a lovely day ! And wasn’t this great?

  10. Pistachios and dried cranberries with avocado is intriguing. Glad to read that you like avocados…They are plentiful year-round in California…Perhaps an incentive for you and Bill to make a trip to LA?


  11. I think I would have just ate the avocado plain. 😛

  12. Love the whole half avocado with the cavity filled with oil. I wonder what the commercial oil tastes like. I made my own and it´s so good on so many other things. Looks amazing Liz!

  13. It is fun to occasionally cook for one, isn’t it? This looks heavenly, indeed.

  14. Looks good! Oh, for a ripe avocado!

  15. I love simple salads especially when avocado is the star. This salad looks so refreshing and satisfying. I have never tried pistachio oil but it sounds like it would add a nice hint of a fabulous nutty flavor. Looks fantastic Liz!

  16. How fun to have some free cooking/creating time to yourself! This avocado dish looks like a keeper-I’m intrigued by the pistachio oil and will try this when I can get into my kitchen!

  17. Your salad looks delicious. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I didn’t add anything to it either. Your quinoa salad sounds wonderful too! How fun that you got to play around for the weekend, and make some things you might not normally have made. Sounds delightful!

  18. I went to a ladies lunch today and this was the first course.. amazing. I loved it.

  19. Ah, I love being able to have those meals alone, when I can make what I like and not have to listen to comments to the contrary. I love avocados as well and know I’d adore this. I also know that pistachio oil isn’t anywhere in my near future. :/ Someday.

  20. I love this simple preparation for avocado, and combined with the pistachio oil I bet it’s just delicious!

  21. I’m glad to know the pistachio oil was worth it. Now I’m motivated to try it sometime!

  22. Go crazy and eat all you want! I love this combo of avocado and pistachio oil. Both wonderful foods. Very interesting pairing. Have a great weekend.

  23. never heard abour pistachio oil before
    btw, i like to drizzle some peanut oil or sesame oil on avocado and grilled chicken salad

  24. Now I want an avocado slicer!

  25. When I get my hands on a bottle of pistachio oil – darn how didn’t I think about ordering it through Amazon!! – I will do exactly what Dorie says simple and flavourful! Have an amazing weekend Liz!!

  26. I went with pistachio topping also but ground. I like the contrast of the cranberry. Sooo was the oil really exceptional?

  27. How interesting the combination of fresh avocado with pistachio oil is!

  28. Cranberries – I would not have thought of that!
    Isn’t it nice when you don’t have to please multiple picky palates?

  29. Hi Liz, I didn’t mind this, but it didn’t set me on fire either. Yours is styled very nicely. Have a good weekend.

  30. Look amazing, love your avocados!

  31. I love how simple this dish is and it would be so good for you too. That’s a great looking avocado too. Often I buy them and they look good on the outside but appalling on the inside. I don’t have any pistachio oil and I’m worried that when I do find it, I’m going to have to apply for a new credit card just to pay for it xx

  32. Simple and gorgeous flavours, Liz.

  33. I am so loving this recipe! It’s such a unique recipe for avocado!

  34. I’m glad you got an opportunity to enjoy the foods your family isn’t keen on – that must have been a treat. I love your avocado slicer and your presentation, too.

  35. Cranberries! How fun!! I made my own oil and the result was quite good. But I am curious about the real stuff as I know that the process is just totally different. Lovely presentation as always!

  36. I’m sure the nutty flavored oil went great with the creamy avocado. Adding chopped pistachios and cranberries sounds terrific.

  37. Good for you for experimenting when the family is out…I have a tendency to skip cooking and tackle bill paying or basement cleaning 🙂 Your dishes look wonderful and I loved that first shot with the slices- interesting to know there was tool that managed this. I also think your addition of the nuts and cranberries sounds divine for both texture and flavor. It not that we didn’t like it, but for our household it just felt “unfinished”.

  38. I was somehow to excited about the basic recipe and didn’t even notice the bonne idees. I think I need to go back and look into some of these. Yours looks delicious.

  39. Both versions look great. I love that 3-in-1 slicer, must add it to my list of things I “need???”.
    Have a great weekend.

  40. Avocados and I don’t get along but hubby loves them–so I buy them often. I wish they didn’t make me sick because they look so good. Hubby would love this simple dish.

  41. Liz, we loved this dish as well, with so few ingredients it is even more important to get really good ingredients, the best one can find (and/or afford) – I also went with the Pistachio Oil and I must say that this is one fabulous and easy appetizer and I am glad that you enjoyed this as well! Such a pretty presentation with cranberries and fresh pistachios.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  42. This was really an easy wonderful lunch for one, with an added slice of Italian bread, I was in heaven. So glad you enjoyed it. So pretty with the cranberries and pistachios…lovely presentation. Love your avocado slicer…a new gadget I must have???

  43. Pistachio oil would be a real treat and the avocado slicer is a must.

  44. I couldn’t justify the splurge on the pistachio oil, so I made my own. It had great flavor. What a decadent combo: oil with oil. Yum! I love your slicer. So tidy!

  45. Sometime a weekend to just “do your thing” is really okay, isn’t it? Nothing about you that’s going to just lay around and read a book, is there, Liz? Love that you had a good time in the kitchen. Your avocado concoction looks good enough to eat. I am almost settled enough to re-stock my kitchen with oils, vinegars and spices. My list is long but Pistachio Oil is definitely on the List. I had to leave my expensive can of walnut oil behind in Henderson along with many other non-moveable products. Yuck. Lovely post and very nice that Katie and Bill spent Memorial Day with your M-in-Law. I’ve never understand car racing but folks from around here go to Indy every single year.

  46. Oh! Cooking without thinking about everyone else! What a delight!
    Your avocados look great, what a great combo.

  47. So you went a little food crazy while the family was away, huh? 🙂 That’s really cute. Food idiosyncrasies… tell me about it. We have a few in this family too. 🙂 So glad my son is finally getting over his “ick” factor of onions… I put onions in almost every savory dish. 🙂

    This looks like a simple and savory dish. I think this must be Dories easiest recipe (even I can do it). 🙂

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