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Pierre Hermé’s Olive Sablés #FrenchFridayswithDorie

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Pierre Hermé’s Olive Sablés are savory cookies with a touch of sweetness. Unusual and delicious!

Pierre Hermé's Olive Sablés

Pierre Hermé's Olive Sablés

Pierre Hermé’s Olive Sablés

I know my FFwD friends are dying to know…does the hubby eat olives? Yes, he does. The green ones filled with pimento. I keep a jar on the refrigerator door for him to nosh on before dinner. You know, when Oreos aren’t appropriate. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he snuck a couple of those when I wasn’t looking. When I asked if he’d like to sample  Pierre Hermé’s Olive Sablés, he first questioned what they were, then he proclaimed, “I only like my olives on a toothpick.” That did make me giggle.

Pierre Hermé's Olive Sablés

Interesting Ingredients and Technique

On to the sablés…I know I’ve piqued your curiosity. The ingredient list caused a double take…an egg yolk? Potato starch? Powdered sugar? Is this starter sweet or savory? I’ll walk you through the process. Grated egg yolk and olive oil were mixed into creamed butter, followed by the powdered sugar, then flour and potato starch. Chopped oil cured black olives were tossed in  before shaping the dough into a log and chilling. I learned a little trick from one of my foodie friends to help your slice and bake sablés hold their shape: fill a baking sheet with rice and set your log, wrapped in plastic, right on top. Instead of a flat side where the log rested on the pan, your dough will remain cylindrical. Nice, huh?

In a few hours or the next day, your log can be sliced into 1/4 inch slices and baked. The egg yolk, powdered sugar and potato starch “create a cookie of supernatural tenderness,” according to Dorie.  Are these a sweet cookie with touch of savory or a savory nibble with a sweet surprise? You be the judge! I thought they were marvelous!!!

Recipe can be found here.

Pierre Hermé's Olive Sablés

Tip of the Day: When making sables or other homemade slice and bake cookies, place your log of well wrapped dough on a bed of rice to chill. Your log will stay cylindrical and your cookie slices won’t have a flat side.


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  1. I am forever thankful for your advice, Lizzy. I always wonder how I can make the log not flat on one side… and you just solved the problem! I shared your tip on my old recipe, Green Tea Cookie post and linked back to to this post. Your sables look so delicious! I LOVE sables… Thank you again for your tip!

  2. Oh a lovely savory sablé. Love the olives in here and great tip with the rice.

  3. Sorry for the stupid question, but the rice is uncooked, right?

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