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Rich Frosted Brownies on a small, white octagonal plate

Rich Frosted Brownies

A high buttercream to brownie ratio makes these Rich Frosted Brownies totally irresistible!! Chocolate on chocolate always wins out! When I had 3 wee ones underfoot, I’d frequently pull out a box of brownie...



What the heck are Croquants you might ask? Well, translated from French, the word means crunchy. With only a handful of ingredients, these nut laden cookies do indeed pack a crunch!

Christmas Desserts Collage

Christmas Sweets Round Up

A Christmas Sweets Round Up to help you with your holiday menu! Here are some of my favorite desserts that are ideal for serving at the end of your celebratory meal or to package...

Brownie Batter Dip in a white serving bowl topped with M & M's

Brownie Batter Dip

You will lick the bowl of this Easy Brownie Batter Dip spankin’ clean; it’s truly a phenomenal treat that takes only minutes to create.  Perfect for any gathering….and everyone will beg for your recipe!

Sunday Supper Celebration! I'm honored to be hosting the Sunday Supper's virtual anniversary party. It's been two fun-filled years of wonderful recipes and camaraderie. We're all reflecting on our favorite moments over the past year. Hands down, mine was meeting up in person with many of the friends I've made in this group. First, at the IFBC in Seattle, I was thrilled to meet Alice of Hip Foodie Mom, Nancy of Gotta Get Baked, Linda of The Urban Mrs, and Megan of I Run For Wine. Then in November, I gathered with Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic, Lauren of Heathy.Delicous, Angie of Big Bear's Wife, and Courtney of Neighborhoodfood at another food blogger's conference, Mixed, near Pembroke, Virginia. These gals were as wonderful as you'd imagine...we were instant friends. I hope to meet more Sunday Supper members in 2014!

Double Blog Anniversary #Giveaway

Blog Anniversary Giveaway Giveaway has now ended. The winner has been contacted and we’re waiting on her reply before making an official announcement. My dear blogger friend, Kim, of Cravings of a Lunatic, and...


French Paris-Brest

Bake up a delectable French Paris-Brest recipe to celebrate the famous French bike race! With a ring of puff pastry filled with chocolate pastry cream, it will get you hooked on pate a choux...

Coconut Brownie Cake on a white plate over a red and white napkin

Coconut Brownie Cake

This Coconut Brownie Cake is a heavenly treat for all the coconut fans in your life! Brownie, coconut cream, and chocolate mousse layers are topped with fluffy whipped cream for one exquisite dessert.

Johnnycake cobbler in a white ceramic crock

Peach and Plum Johnnycake Cobblers

An old-fashioned, colonial dessert with a cornmeal biscuit topping, these Peach and Plum Johnnycake Cobblers are a fabulous summer indulgence! Peach and Plum Johnnycake Cobblers The term johnnycake brings a vision of old-fashioned Americana....

Individual Baked Alaskas | That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Individual Baked Alaskas

Individual Baked Alaskas are perfect  for an elegant summer dessert. This retro recipe took me to the lavish dinner parties in the 70’s. Piping on the Meringue Recipe makes for an impressive mini dessert!