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Chewy Gingersnaps on a square plate

Chewy Gingersnaps Cookies

Chewy Gingersnaps AKA Ginger Snaps were a childhood favorite. Those crinkled molasses cookies were spiced with cinnamon, ginger & cloves. Scroll down for all sorts of delicious holiday cookies plus my tips for making...

How to make rosettes featured image

How to Make Rosettes Cookies

Rosettes, the fried Scandinavian cookies, are crisp, delicious and so festive when dusted with powdered sugar. I’m sharing my tips on how to make rosette cookies in your own kitchen. They’re perfect for the holidays!...

Mexican Wedding Cookies with Toffee bits in a white serving bowl with a Heath bar

Toffee Noel Nut Balls

Snowball Cookies with Toffee are sweet, buttery with a double dose of crunch! These classic Noel Nut Balls are kicked up a notch! Adding chopped toffee to these Mexican Wedding Cookies was a delicious...

French Silk Pie featured image

Classic French Silk Pie

The Classic French Silk Pie is a rich, luscious, and unforgettable chocolate dessert. You’ll become a fan after only one bite. Guaranteed! I fell madly in love with this Chocolate Silk Pie as a teen....

Dry Brined Turkey on a platter with herbs and oranges

Dry Brined Turkey

Dry Brined Turkey is my favorite way to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey! Tired of the mess of brining your holiday bird? Try this dry brine turkey recipe for delicious, moist results! This is my...