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A slice of applesauce spice cake topped with 2 pecan on a round white plate with a red handled fork

Spice Cake Recipe

This one-layer Spice Cake Recipe is loaded with warm spices and topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting. Full of the same flavors that you find in pumpkin pie make this a perfect fall...

Classic Flan

Mini Vanilla Flans

These Mini Vanilla Flans are creamy vanilla custards coated with homemade caramel. It’s a luscious dessert for your next fiesta! These are a delicious way to end a Tex-Mex, Spanish, or Cinco de Mayo-themed...

Italian chocolate pudding in 2 glass dishes and garnished with cream and berries

Italian Chocolate Pudding

Italian Chocolate Pudding was the exquisite grand finale at our  Italian-themed Progressive Dinner. Rich and creamy, it didn’t last long. Dessert was at our house, naturally, and since the hubby does not like Tiramisu,...