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German Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes on a white dessert plate drizzled with fudge sauce

German Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

German Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes: When fudgy brownies meet German chocolate frosting! A decadent, individual treat for lovers of chocolate and gooey coconut filling. This twist on the German chocolate cake makes personal-sized desserts. And if...

Korean grilled flank steak and sugar snap peas on a white dinner plate

Korean Grilled Flank Steak

Cooked to medium-rare on the BBQ, this Korean Grilled Flank Steak, with an Asian marinade, will immediately become a family favorite! Terrific flavors from the Asian ingredients permeate the meat and made this Korean...

Fresh Corn Pancakes | Simple mini pancakes made with sweet corn and garnished to the hilt!

Fresh Corn Pancakes

At the peak of fresh corn season, I couldn’t bear to use a can of cream corn. I tweaked a Dorie Greenspan recipe, used local sweet corn, and created these scrumptious Fresh Corn Pancakes....

Pesto dip with crakers on a round white appetizer plate

Layered Pesto Dip

This Layered Pesto Dip with Sun-Dried Tomatoes is a gem from Nigella Lawson with lots of Italian flair! Perfect for your next gathering. Called a “terrine” in Nigella’s recipe, layers of pesto, cream cheese,...

Crispy Smashed Potatoes in a white bowl for featured image

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

My family goes nuts for these Crispy Smashed Potatoes and requests them frequently. And making them is a breeze! These Crispy Potatoes were a hit from day one. This Smashed Potato Recipe is terrific with burgers,...

Grilled Asian Salmon garnished with lemon slices and served with asparagus on a square white plate

Grilled Asian Salmon

This Grilled Asian Salmon first made its debut in 2010, but it has evolved into my very favorite salmon marinade. With the grilling season in full swing, you’ll definitely want to add this to...