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Overhead view of honey lime fruit salad in a white ceramic bowl on a red and white pattern napkin

Honey Lime Fruit Salad

Juicy, peak of the season fruit is tossed with honey, fresh lime juice, zest, and poppy seeds for this magnificent Honey Lime Fruit Salad! Super easy to make and perfect for picnics and potlucks....

Fried Apple Pies on a white square plate with cinnamon sticks

Fried Apple Pies

Mini Fried Apple Pies are the ideal picnic treat with their flaky crust and delectable filling. Easier than making a traditional pie, but just as satisfying! Fried Apple Pies Don’t these Fried Apple Pies...

Beef Teriyaki Kabobs on a white platter

Teriyaki Beef Kabobs

Fire up your grill and enjoy these terrific Asian-inspired Teriyaki Beef Kabobs. The sweet and salty marinade pairs perfectly with beef, and makes the most irresistible kabobs. As a bonus, these grilled Steak Kabobs...

Thin Crispy French Fries on a white plate with a dollop of ketchup

Thin Crispy French Fries

These homemade Thin Crispy French Fries will rival your favorite fast-food version. Pure perfection from your own kitchen. Learn the tricks on How to Make Crispy French Fries in your own kitchen!!

Retro One Two Three Jello on a silver tray

One Two Three Jello

Doctoring up a box of Jello turned ordinary gelatin into this retro One Two Three Jello! This tasty treat from the 1970s is easy to recreate! Jello Desserts are definitely throwback dishes, but with...