That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Easy Approachable Recipes for Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch and Dessert

Overhead view of biscoff cookies on a white plate next to 2 Heath bars

Toffee Biscoff Cookies

Enhanced with cookie butter and filled with toffee chunks, these outrageously delicious Toffee Biscoff Cookies received rave reviews across the board! Cookie Butter Cookies were new to me when I first made these over...

Overhead view of a slice of potato galette on a round white plate with a red handle fork

Cheesy Potato Galette

Taking a cue from the French, this simple Cheesy Potato Galette adds shallots, herbs, and grated Gruyere to Yukon Gold potatoes. Who doesn’t love cheesy potatoes? This Potato Cake is made of layers of...

Slice of pizza rustica on a white plate with a red handled fork with the remaining pie in the background

Italian Pizza Rustica

This Italian Pizza Rustica is a savory pie, made with a slightly sweet pastry and stuffed with a filling of ricotta, eggs, mozzarella, and prosciutto. Rustico Pizza or Italian Easter Pie is encased in...

Overhead view of 3 linzer cookies and their cutouts on a round white plate

Jam Filled Linzer Cookies

Jam Filled Linzer Cookies are a tasty twist on the Linzer Torte. Buttery sandwich cookies with a peek-a-boo eye showcase the vibrant filling. This Linzer Cookie Recipe is as beautiful as it is delicious....

German Chocolate Brownies - Fudgy brownies topped with a caramelly, coconut, pecan topping

German Chocolate Brownies

These German Chocolate Brownies deliver the same terrific chocolate, coconut, caramel, and pecan flavors as their namesake cake with a fraction of the work. Rich fudgy brownies are topped with the decadent, gooey coconut...

Sprinkle cookies in a shallow white ceramic bowl

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies are sweet, soft, and festive! Covered with colorful sprinkles, they’ll definitely brighten your day! Sugar Sprinkles Cookies can be rolled in any colored sprinkles for all sorts of holidays and events....