That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Easy Approachable Recipes for Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch and Dessert

Easy Microwave Caramel Sauce featured image

Microwave Caramel Sauce

Microwave Caramel Sauce: In less than 10 minutes you’ll have a decadent caramel topping that’s perfect for your ice cream or a holiday gift! Practically foolproof, luscious, and irresistible! This Homemade Caramel Sauce is...

Ding Dong Cake on a white cake stand

Ding Dong Cake

Ding Dong Cake is a rich chocolate layer cake with vanilla bean cream filling & decadent chocolate caramel ganache. A trifecta of delicious! It’s a dessert twist on the Hostess Ding Dong snack cakes, and...

2 Brazilian Cheese Bread on a square white plate

Brazilian Cheese Bread

It took a little prodding but this easy Brazilian Cheese Bread finally made an appearance on our menu! Soft, cheesy with a texture almost like cream puffs, these Pão de Queijo were a hit....

2 scoops of cake batter ice cream in a glass dish

Cake Batter Ice Cream

An ice cream that reminds you of licking the batter in your childhood kitchen? Yes, this Cake Batter Ice Cream evokes delicious memories of those forbidden tastes of cake batter, but this time, you...

2 strawberry scones on a white plate next to half an orange and a bowl of berries

Strawberry Buttermilk Scones

These Strawberry Buttermilk Scones prove that you don’t need cream to create tender, moist scones! The results were absolutely incredible! Using cold butter and buttermilk make this Easy Scones Recipe an irresistible breakfast, brunch,...

Coconut Cake on a white serving plate

Italian Cream Cake

With three sweet, dense layers of coconut cake and a decadent cream cheese frosting, this Italian Cream Cake makes a spectacular dessert! It’s worthy of any celebration. I truly swooned with my first bite...