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Chocolate Mousse pie slice with chocolate curls

Black Bottom Chocolate Mousse Pie

This dreamy Black Bottom Chocolate Mousse Pie has a pastry crust, layers of chocolate ganache, mousse, whipped cream and chocolate curls. My family said I hit a home run with this decadent Chocolate Pie...

Chocolate Mousse Cups - Homemade chocolate shells filled with a luscious chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse Cups

I dug deep into my recipe files for this family favorite dessert. These Chocolate Mousse Cups provide a double dose of decadence with a semi-sweet shell filled with silky cream cheese chocolate mousse. 

Dreamy White Chocolate Mousse spiked with Frangelico in glass dishes topped with berries

White Chocolate Mousse with Frangelico

A dose of Frangelico, my favorite hazelnut liqueur, pushes this luscious White Chocolate Mousse over the top! I’ve been cooking out of my well used Silver Palate cookbooks a lot lately; the recipes are no-fail...

Chocolate Mousse Torte featured image

Chocolate Mousse Torte

I spied this decadent Chocolate Mousse Torte on the Fine Cooking website and knew immediately it would be our Christmas dessert. Rich and exquisite, this is definitely mousse in cake form. The only downside...

Chocolate Moussecake with Chocolate leaf garnish

Chocolate Moussecake

Holidays at our house mean chocolate for dessert. This Chocolate Moussecake definitely fit the bill with a chocolate cookie crust filled with a dreamy chocolate mousse. Chocolate Moussecake  for Thanksgiving So much to be...

Chocolate Mousse with Grand Marnier | That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Chocolate Mousse with Grand Marnier

Classic French Chocolate Mousse with Grand Marnier on Manu’s Menu. When I spotted this Chocolate Mousse Recipe, I knew my family would adore this rich, creamy chocolate dessert! Chocolate Mousse with Grand Marnier It...

Chocolate Truffle Mousse AKA Mousse au Chocolat in a martini glass with a raspberry and mint

Chocolate Truffle Mousse

Mousse au Chocolat was often on our holiday menu, so the season is perfect for a batch of this exquisite Chocolate Truffle Mousse. With all our relatives hundreds of miles away when I was...