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white dessert plate with a stack of 3 Oatmeal Caramel Bars

Oatmeal Caramel Bars Recipe

These irresistible Oatmeal Caramel Bars have an oat crust and oat streusel sandwiching a gooey layer of both caramel and chocolate. This easy oat bars recipe with caramel makes the perfect dessert for any occasion!...

3 twix bars stacked on a square white plate

Homemade Twix Bars

These outrageously delicious Homemade Twix Bars have a shortbread crust, a decadent layer of caramel, and chocolate glaze. The perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth! If you’re a Twix Bar fan, you’ll love...

The Best Seven Layer Bars featured image

The Best 7 Layer Bars

7 Layer Bars, Magic Cookie Bars, or Hello Dollies? Whatever you call these decadent layered coconut bars, they are winners! With a graham cracker crust, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips, coconut, and pecans...

A Meyer Lemon Bar on a square white plate with lemon slices to garnish

Meyer Lemon Bars

Meyer Lemon Bars are a twist on the classic citrus bar. Slightly sweeter, the discriminating palate will notice a subtle floral note that comes from this crossbred fruit!  Meyer Lemon Desserts are a delicious...

3 peanut butter patties stacked on an oval white plate

Tagalong Cookie Bars

All the incredible flavors of one of our favorite Girl Scout Cookies in these spectacular Tagalong Cookie Bars! If you have a peanut butter dessert lover you want to spoil, make these delicious, decadent,...

Coconut Apricot Bars featured image

Coconut Apricot Bars

Layers of coconut and almond-filled cookie dough and apricot preserves make these Coconut Apricot Bars scrumptious and unforgettable. If getting ripe and juicy fresh apricots is nearly impossible where you live, these jam bars are...