That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Fresh Corn Cakes

It was a fabulous season for corn on the cob…super sweet and tender. Our favorite produce stand will be closed for the season in a week, so I purchased a few ears of corn...

Zucchini Fritters | Tender and delectable appetizer!

Zucchini Fritters

I finally recreated the tender, delicious Fresh Zucchini Fritters I first fell for at a local Italian Restaurant. Perfect recipe for your summer zucchini! Perfect zucchini recipe for a starter or side dish. Now...

Chocolate Chip Meringues | Crisp exteriors with chewy, chocolate centers

Chocolate Chip Meringues

When you have leftover egg whites, treat yourself to these sweet, crisp cookies with the chewy centers. Chocolate Chip Meringues are always a hit! Chocolate Chip Meringues Compared to my typical baked goods, these...

Fresh Peach Clafoutis in a white pie plate from above

Fresh Peach Clafoutis

It was time for our summer book club dinner and we were in the heart of peach season! I decided to revisit this easy Fresh Peach Clafoutis, a rustic French fruit tart!

Grilled Peaches with White Chocolate on a square white plate

Grilled Peaches with White Chocolate

Grilled Peaches with White Chocolate are a light summer dessert! The grilling process caramelizes and intensifies the peach flavor. And white chocolate takes these to another delicious level! This Healthy Peach Dessert is easy...

La Bete Noire

La Bete Noire I’ve made TONS of flourless chocolate cakes…and they’re all wonderful (just ask the Mr.). But this La Bete Noire tops them all. It’s exceptionally smooth and silky and just melts in your mouth. The name translates from...

Raspberry Bars | Berry fillled, struesel topped raspberry squares

Raspberry Bars

When I asked Bill whether he’d eat any raspberry bars if I made them, he gave me that look… I tried to persuade him by promising they didn’t have nuts, oatmeal or coconut…but I...