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Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs intertwined with spaghetti and garnished with basil

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

These Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs are tender, flavorful, and filled with gooey cheese! You’ll savor every bite. This Easy Meatball Recipe with Mozzarella is a winner that your family will request again and again! Guaranteed.

Spiderweb Cookie Cake featured image

Spiderweb Cookie Cake

Spiderweb Cookie Cake is perfect for all things Halloween! My chocolate chip cookie-loving family thought this GIANT cookie, AKA Spiderweb Cookie Cake, was a genius idea! Your family will want this cookie cake recipe...

A slice of chocolate brownie cake on a white dessert plate garnished with 2 fresh raspberries

Mocha Brownie Cake

This exquisite, 3-layer Mocha Brownie Cake comes from Marcel Desaulniers, my favorite resource for fabulous chocolate desserts! This Mocha Cake has a spectacular chocolate ganache frosting that adds rich, luxurious breaks between each lovely...

Peach galette on a white cake stand

Rustic Peach Galette

When you find yourself with some glorious, ripe peaches, a Rustic Peach Galette is a terrific dessert to showcase their deliciousness! If you’re like me and find a double crust pie daunting, then making...

Simple Fudgy Brownies featured image

Simple Fudgy Brownies

When a super easy, yet rich chocolate dessert is in order, these Simple Fudgy Brownies, adapted from Alice Medrich, are the answer. An unusual technique creates incredibly dense, dark, and delicious brownies! The keys...

Easter candy cookie cake in a white ceramic pie plate

Easter Cookie Cake

This Easter Cookie Cake is packed full of Easter candy and chocolate chips! It’s perfect for any Easter leftovers! Whether you whip up this Cookie Cake Recipe before or after the holiday, I guarantee...

Tips for Renovating a Kitchen - range and hood featured image

Tips for Renovating a Kitchen

I’ve been through two kitchen renovations, one in 1996 and one this year, 2018. I’ve learned some Tips for Renovating a Kitchen that may help you survive the upheaval of your remodeling project. Remodeling...

Fudgy Brownie Pie wedge topped with ice cream on a white dessert plate

Fudgy Brownie Pie

Get your chocolate fix with this delectable Fudgy Brownie Pie! Easy and a crowd-pleaser! Wedges of this rich pie will thrill any chocoholic. A simple pastry crust is filled with rich, dense chocolate brownie...