Spring has arrived and once again I’m spring cleaning and organizing with OXO! I’m offering some of my best tips for organizing your pantry and tidying your kitchen.

This post is sponsored by OXO. All opinions are my own. And please check out my Tips for Renovating a Kitchen, too.

Tidy panty with OXO containers

Spring Cleaning

The weather has been teasing us for weeks. We’ll get tastes of warm, sunny days, then thunderstorms roll through and there’s frost on the ground! Since it was still too chilly to do yard work,  I set my sights on the cluttered kitchen pantries. They were definitely overdue for some attention. The first step was to purge, and next was to organize.

Pantry items stored in containers

Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

I have five separate pantry areas, all in desperate need of some straightening: one for baking supplies, one for cleaning tools, one for serving and baking dishes, one for canned and boxed food, and the last for small appliances and storage supplies. You’d think that would be plenty of space, but things had gotten chaotic. Here is my process:

  • Start with one shelf. Take everything out and check dates and freshness of those items with expiration dates. Toss what is old and set aside what you will not use before its prime to donate to a food bank.
  • Wipe down the shelf and reload, taking care to place the most used items front and center.
  • Consider putting bagged nuts, oats, flour into OXO POP Containers. This  10-Piece POP Container Set is invaluable for keeping your pantry goods fresh and visible. They are stackable and space efficient with pop up lids that create an airtight seal! I love mine.
  • Repeat until all shelves have been organized. Stand back and admire your work!
A dog sitting on a rug with a duster

OXO to the Rescue!

After the pantries were straightened, I did some general cleaning. It’s hard to believe that this sweet pup would ever shed, but it’s true! This Microfiber Under Appliance Duster is perfect to dust under the fridge, but it also slips into numerous hard to reach spots around the house with its long, flat profile. Bye, bye dust bunnies and Izzy fur balls!! And the duster head is machine washable in cold water.

Cleaning cabinets with a small brush tool

Besides the messy pantries, my fridge needed it’s semi-annual weed out! This was a job for after Easter. I plan to utilize this Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set to scrub every nook and cranny. Something invariably spills when we have a full house for the holidays. The durable nylon bristles and scrapers help remove build up in those tight spaces, plus the two tools snap together for easy storage.

Good luck with your spring cleaning! I’m certain you’ll love these OXO products as much as I do. Thanks to OXO for providing me the above tools and supplies to make my chores a breeze.