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This is my third ice cream recipe for Kim and Jen’s ice cream event. Coincidentally, it was a make up day for my French Fridays group…and one of the recipes I missed was Dorie Greenspan’s olive oil ice cream. So that was enough incentive to give this unusual ice cream flavor a shot. I recall reading mixed  reviews from the Doristas… and my family was a bit suspicious when I wouldn’t reveal the secret ingredient till they took their first bites.  The guesses were limited to vanilla…and nobody was too  put off by the thought of olive oil in their ice cream when I finally spilled the beans. Maybe three years of blogging has worn them down…but it was ice cream…and it’s not like there were kalamata chunks incorporated. Hey, even I would have second thoughts about that kind of olive ice cream.

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Despite the family’s willingness to dive into this ice cream with enthusiasm after it was freshly churned, as ice cream week continued, this one sat untouched in the freezer. It grew rock hard and was not as sweet and creamy as the Cake Batter or Cookie Dough versions. And if you’re wondering, nobody wanted their cones served with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Go figure!

This recipe can be found on this blog.

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49 comments on “Olive Oil Ice Cream #IceCreamWeek”

  1. I found that hot fudge on top completely transformed this ice cream. I did not care for it much alone, since I had made it with a strong flavored oil. But well, chocolate is chocolate! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think I also would have had reservations on this one… I looks amazing… but I don’t know if I’m that big of an olive oil fan to eat an ice cream dedicated to it. I would have to add a big time chocolate sauce to get this one to pass with my family.

  3. I foresee milkshakes in your house to use up the rest of the ice cream; strongly flavored ones.

    On a brighter note, I love your cone dishes. Those are adorable!!

  4. I’ve always been really interested and curious about olive oil ice cream. I totally would wanna try with sea salt though 😉

  5. I just bought a really fruity blood orange olive oil and I am going to try this recipe again. My first attempt was with peppery olive oil… very bad. Yours looks really good… the texture came out great.

  6. I’m not to sure about Olive Oil ice cream, Liz. I suppose in the right kinda setting it could be passed around as a unique flavor for testing. I do love those ice cream cone dishes. They are so cute! Perhaps, if there is any leftover, you could use the Olive Oil ice cream as a companion to Olive Oil Cake:)

    Thanks for sharing, Liz…

  7. This does seem interesting…but at the same time, I would probably just try it once and then go back to something chocolatey 🙂

  8. I’ve a;ways been unsure about this and never made it! Glad somebody else tried it out first!

  9. Love this olive oil ice cream though I always wished to make olive oil desserts I still haven’t taken the leap. Love the color and texture of this batch, Liz. Great roundup and I love churning ice creams though am not entering the giveaway, just dropping by to say hi.

  10. I adored the olive oil ice cream – how did you keep it so perfectly formed for your photos? I will have to come back and look at all the blogs in your round-up this weekend. Looks like a great group!

  11. It’s been on my list to make olive oil gelato (ice cream, gelato same dif) all summer. I love it, especially when you pick a really fruity olive oil to use. It’s a subtle flavor but it’s really sublime.

  12. Oh my! I don’t know what blows me away more: the selection of ice creams from all these great bloggers or this olive oil ice cream! I have wanted to bake with olive oil more often and have heard how good it is in ice cream. Well, yours look delicious!

  13. Lol I love how adventurous you are in the kitchen, Liz (and how adventurous your family is in taste-testing!). I’d have no qualms about eating olive oil ice cream. I actually want to make some now after reading this! There’s an ice cream place in Vancouver called La Casa Gelato that’s famous for having a zillion funky flavours. My best friend tried their apple & cheddar (not bad) and their porcini mushroom (which was disgusting) so putting kalamatas in ice cream isn’t that big of a stretch! I adore your ice cream cone dishes, they’re adorable!

  14. I love the pale yellow color the olive oil made to your ice cream. What a different and interesting flavor you came up with.

  15. Regular ice cream drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt is pretty good 🙂

  16. Gorgeous icecream Liz. You are on a role with desserts…Interesting combination flavors.

  17. I love the olive oil drizzle on your scoop!

  18. Well, the olive oil ice cream sure looks good. And like your family I would dive in, too. Ice cream in any form is pretty irresistible =)

  19. Hmmm. I’m not tempted by the name of it. I sometimes put olive oil in cakes but never in something like ice cream. I think, (like your family), I would have to be asked to try it before being told what’s in it and then been pleasantly surprised. I love your ice cream cones!

  20. At least you tried it! Cute bowls:@)

  21. Olive oil and kalamata ice cream made me laugh out loud. I really loved this ice cream. I think instead of your family getting worn down YOU have adapted by not telling them what it is until they eat it. I will certainly do this again someday… with a drizzle like yours… and balsamic. No olives.

  22. Wow, it seems like there are so many ways to make ice cream, I love blog searching to see one that I would like to make next. I’m intrigued by this one, I’ll go check it out.

  23. I’ve never tried olive oil ice cream (though I have baked with mandarin oil). I think it would be wonderful with lemon olive oil!

  24. Your icecream looks lovely but I won’t join you – it’s freezing here!

  25. I really enjoyed this ice cream when we made it and would love to make it again! I found it so creamy and delicious!! Have a great weekend, Lizzy!

  26. Well, we made cookies with olives (which I loved), so ice cream with olives, not just olive oil, isn’t that much of a stretch. I had the same texture issues with this one, it was so hard to scoop. Three different kinds of homemade ice cream in the freezer sounds so decadent. I’m coming over for dessert.

  27. I remember this one and it was SO good! I didn’t understand half of what you said about following the event on Saturday but I believe I will give it a try!

  28. Definitely an interesting ice cream! I still want to try it, despite the protests of your fam!

  29. I love unexpected ingredients, Liz! I actually had olive oil ice cream in an olive oil tasting/cooking class I took a couple years back … and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. I bet yours was just as wonderful. Get out the jackhammer or chisel so you and the fam can finish devouring it!! 🙂
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  30. I actually did make this one on our allotted Friday, but have not made it again. It fell into the category of “not as bad as we thought” +” we are all curious to see what this might actually taste like”. As recall- the results were similar to your family. The leftovers didn’t move too quickly. Once the adventure was over we realized we enjoy too many other flavors of this treat – but it was fun all the same.

  31. I’ve never tried olive oil ice cream..It looks pretty awesome!

  32. We felt the same about this one…we liked it while we ate it, but weren’t really inspired to finish it. We liked it best with chocolate sauce!

  33. I am so curious to try this ice cream!!

  34. Very very interesting!! I was curious how much olive oil we’re talking about so I checked the recipe. Not bad! I’d LOVE to taste it! I have delicious blood orange olive oil…very tempted now!

  35. Olive ice-creams?? U’re kidding me, right? I love ice-creams, Liz! Is this a new flavour? Gotta chk it out if they’re avail in SG. Happy weekend, dear!

  36. This one didn’t win me over, but it was fun to make something different. I haven’t pulled out my ice cream maker yet this summer and your post is a timely reminder that I should probably do so before the warm weather wanders off.

  37. I have a lemon infused olive oil – I might give this a try 🙂

  38. Hmm.. I haven’t made this one yet and it does sound veeery intriguing.. and a bit intimidating (I’ve yet to make my own ice cream). The sprinkle of sea salt makes it sound appealing (at least to me). Maybe I’ll have a go at it one of these days.
    And those ice cream bowls!! How cute!

  39. Back when I made this, I used a lemon infused oil and really enjoyed it! Your ice cream cone cups are TOO adorable, Lizzy. 🙂

  40. Some day, when I have an ice cream machine, I’ll give this one a go!

  41. this fit perfectly with your ice cream week! great job!!

  42. I remember thinking, “Yuck” as I poured this into my Cuisinart and, although I wasn’t wildly crazy about it, Emma and Clara were visiting and they thought it was delicious. As you said, granted, it was ice cream. They didn’t even want any toppings on their portions. I don’t know how mine would have done in the freezer, the kids ate it all (when their Mother wasn’t looking). I’ve always found my homemade ice cream doesn’t do well for a long period of time in my freezer.

  43. Well that’s a bummer that the fam didn’t love it. Live and learn.

    Thanks for joining us this week. Always a pleasure to work with my bestie.

  44. So different and delicious. This is one recipe I wouldn’t tell the eaters what was in it until afterwards! 🙂

  45. Well, it looks good. and I’m glad YOu made it!

  46. I have made this flavor before, it is surprisingly awesome. Glad you tried and well you will enjoy it all lol.

  47. I had olive oil ice cream once in a fancy Italian restaurant in NYC. I love it! Funny how this post worked out for you. Two birds with one stone, right?

  48. When I saw the name of this ice cream I was quite hesitant and it looks like the jury is still out on this one. Of course, any ice cream that sits in the freezer long enough to get rock is definitely not a favorite. Thanks for the honest review Liz.

  49. Interesting! I’ve seen so many olive oil flavors in fancy ice cream places, I keep meaning to try it myself…but maybe I should just stick with cake batter. 🙂 Thanks for taking one for the team!

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