Nectarine Upside-Down Chiffon Cake…Tuesdays with Dorie

I was worried my favorite produce stand would not have nectarines or peaches by the time September hit. Our growing season has been wonky due to the lack of rain and extreme heat. So I went ahead and tried this Tuesdays with Dorie recipe before reading all the hints from others who baked before me. The only difficulty I encountered was managing a clean release from the pan…though I was provided with plenty of tasty bites which were clinging to the ring of the spring-form pan :/ Nevertheless, the cake’s aroma was magnificent…and the swirls of peaches (my nectarines were slow to ripen) were intact.

This cake started with a layer of dark brown sugar and butter, followed by concentric circles of slices of your fruit selection (apples and pears would be sensational as well), then a layer of lemon chiffon cake (so light from folding in a cloud of meringue), a layer of streusel (darn, hope Bill doesn’t notice the oats and almonds!), and a second layer of cake batter. Mine took almost 15 extra minutes in the oven before it passed the toothpick test and it mushroomed only slightly above the sides of my 3 inch high pan. The recipe also called for the cake to be baked on a parchment lined baking sheet…good call. Despite using a high end spring-form pan, caramelized sugars escaped through the pan and onto the paper.

After dinner out with 4 other couples, I invited them to our house for cake and ice cream in exchange for some honest reviews. This was a huge hit with the gang…those who didn’t go for fruit desserts loved it, rave reviews for the intense cinnamon streusel filling, and even the hubby finished his slice. I chilled a couple bottles of Chablis that we brought home in our suitcase from Cannes…and nary a drop remained. I had to bring out the cookbook…and one of the husbands thumbed through it page by page. It was not my most beautiful cake, but definitely unique and scrumptious!

Tip of the Day: When beating meringue, your cooking utensils must be scrupulously clean. Bowl and beaters cannot have any traces of oil or grease (including egg yolk) or the whites will not beat properly. 

Our host for this week’s Baking with Julia is Marlise of The Double Trouble Kitchen.. The recipe can be found on her blog.

Guess who the beer belongs to? The hubby, of course. And my friend, Sally,
was generous with the compliments 🙂

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