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Mussels with Chorizo and Pasta~

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As I did last week with the Nutella Tartine, I made only a quarter of this recipe. While I watched the fish monger scoop out a pound of mussels, I was thinking this was way more than one serving…lucky me.  Teasing my hubby about our Valentine’s Day menu, I mentioned I was making mussels.  He happily picked up some fettuccine at the market when I revealed that he’d be having meatloaf instead.  How is that for romance?

This ranks up with Dorie’s Scallops with Caramel Orange sauce as one of my favorite recipes from Around My French Table. The incredible broth was composed of sauteed onion (I used shallots), red bell pepper, diced tomatoes, thyme and white wine.  The addition of Spanish chorizo offered a delicious bit of heat. Mussels were added as the flame was cranked, and three minutes later, the dish was complete.  This delectable dish was a bit of heaven on a snowy Valentine’s Day.  Don’t miss this one…this dish tasted as if it came from a fine restaurant. Magnifique!

This recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table

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81 comments on “Mussels with Chorizo and Pasta~”

  1. This is so my kind of dish! It’s got every yummy in it!

  2. This looks amazing! It does look restaurant quality, beautiful photos. I never had mussels, I should try your recipe, it looks amazing!

  3. Yum! more drool-worthy photos and styling. Brava!

  4. Your dish looks wonderful! Great post!

  5. Hi Liz…I’ve finally returned home and have the time to visit my friends in the blog-o-sphere.

    We’re definitely a fan of mussels here. Add in chorizo and I say delish!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Chorizo and Mussels, my favorites :)Love this pasta, so muh texture and flavor!

  7. Amazing dish! Great presentation too!

  8. beautiful dish!

  9. The photos are awesome….I am in love with chorizo…cannot get enough of them…so have restricted to two a month…

  10. Beautiful presentation. Though I have a weakness for seafood, I have not tried mussels yet. This looks luxurious and accessible at the same time.

  11. Looks delicious Liz and cooks up pretty quick. I’m sure that broth was really tasty over the fettucini.

  12. Yes I am seeing a lot of restaurant quality dishes this week! Nice job!

  13. I have never eaten neither cooked mussels before Lizzy and I am not sure why it is that way. The many times I wanted to eat out and trying mussels with my other half, some how it never materialised.

    Your sharing seems increasing my desire to try out this recipe for my other half and surely he will drool all over bc he does enjoy mussels.

  14. The French do know how to do their seafood well, don’t they. It definitely looks delicious. I want one of those plump, juicy mussels badly.

  15. a snowy Valentine’s ?? Isn’t that bizarre? …well maybe not anymore…! Does your husband not care for mussels? At least he enjoyed his meal too right? 🙂

  16. Beautiful pictures! I have to say, I was really expecting that this would be a slow French Friday and that more of our group would decide to skip out because of the chosen recipe. I am very impressed that so many tried this recipe. For probably the thousandth time I will say it, what a great group!

  17. Beautiful presentation 🙂

  18. I love mussels… I will definitely have to try this 🙂 The pictures are really stunning 🙂

  19. mmmmmm! look really yummy I love mussels and chorizo! gloria

  20. Chorizo is definitely love! Beautiful dish – but meatloaf instead? A fine romance, eh 😉 Lovely presentation as always, Liz.

  21. This dish is outstanding with the unique combination of mussels and chorizo! Stunning photos. Scott would love this.

  22. Mmm it looks so yummi!! I want to taste it, so I will probably cook it!! Thanks darling, your recipes always rock 🙂

  23. It looks gorgeous! I love mussels but I keep on preparing them always the same way. Chorizo would be a nice change.

  24. Well done, Lizzy! Beautiful dish!

  25. I haven’t seen many exciting-sounding recipes for mussels, but I think your addition of chorizo really adds something great! The colours look fantastic together.

  26. This pasta is calling my name – actually more like screaming my name! I love it!

  27. Just beautiful! I have been craving something really savory and nothing has done the trick. This looks amazing! Mmmm

  28. I am so impressed with this dish. It certainly looks restaurant quality. I’ve never eaten mussels and I’ve definitely never considered cooking them.

    Your husband’s reaction had me giggling. I can just picture my boys faces if I served this to them. Way to challenge yourself!

  29. Mussels are my absolute FAVORITE seafood. Thank you SO much for sharing. I can’t wait to try these!

  30. Fabulosa, me ha encantado tu receta con chorizo que es un embutido típico y originario de mi tierra, España. Casualmente te he dedicado a ti Lizzy una receta en mi blog, porque siempre se la dedico a mis visitantes que se hacen mis seguidores.
    Gracias y espero que te guste también. Te dejo el enlace para que la puedas visitar.

  31. I make this at least once a year – sometimes with pasta – sometimes without. Love the combination and your luscious mussels are making me very, very hungry for some.

  32. This dish was also fabulous for a Valentine’s Day in Florida! We really enjoyed this one…so delicious! Your dinner looked amazing…so glad you enjoyed it!

  33. Now that’s what I call a pastalicious meal — gotta try mussels. Don’t shout at me 😀

  34. I have never had mussels. After seeing these, I must correct that situation—what a gorgeous dish!

  35. This has become a favorite of mine as well., Lizzy. I like the look of the sliced chorizo in yours.

  36. This dish sounds AMAZING! yum!

  37. I love mussels and I love chorizo, but I never thought to have them together! Wonderful dish, Liz. It looks delicious!

  38. I know this sounds silly, but I just learned to like mussels! I’ve only had them soaked in a white wine and butter sauce, but I love the idea of adding some heat with the sausage. I’ll be giving this a try!

  39. This recipe was absolutely wondeful! I don’t think anyone has actually disliked this recipe this week. How cool, huh? I’m jealous of people who can buy mussels in much moderate amounts than me.

  40. Your recipes are always so fantastic and you are a wonderfully sweet and friendly blogger – Here is an award to show you my appreciation 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  41. Wow,,,my moutwatering right now just to see this picture looks so YUMMY,great recipe 🙂

  42. I hate that I don’t get your posts in my email box anymore. However this dish sounds fantastic. I’ll have to find the recipe and try it.

  43. This reminds me of a dish from Portugal, pairing with the chorizo. Love mussels, and chorizo, but I never paired the two together…fabulous, elegant, and a romantic dinner with candle light, and a superb wine! Is that what you and Bill had for Valentine’s Lizzy?

  44. My husband loves mussels… he would devour this. My husband also loves meatloaf. Then again..there isn’t much he doesn’t love to eat when it comes to food. I guess I should not complain since he’s my recipe guinea pig. LOL! Have a great weekend! ~ Ramona

  45. Delicious! I love the idea of cooking it with Spanish Chorizo. I love mussels and this would be a good addition to the few mussel recipes I know.

  46. Oooh, I LOVE when you make a dish and it ends up being a favorite! YAY! The presentation is stunning – as always! I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  47. You have just cooked my husband’s most favourite dish and it looks beautiful. If I showed him this he’d be wanting it for dinner but the chicken’s already in the oven!

  48. beautiful presentation! I really don’t like mussels so I will try it with something else but it still looks beautiful

  49. Fat juicy mussels are well able for the spicy chorizo. Ireland has fantastic mussels – will be cooking them a la Lizzy next time.

  50. Beautifully presented and wonderful combo of flavors. You’re one talented lady Lizzy. Enjoy your weekend!

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