With gratitude for your readership, I’m sharing my Most Popular Posts of 2019. These are the most visited recipes shared in 2019.  I’ll also highlight the Top 3 Posts of all time, which shuffled a wee bit this year! Whether you subscribe to my blog or pop in via Facebook or Pinterest, I appreciate your visits!

In 2020, I’ll celebrate 10 years of blogging. I know a little more about blogging than I did back then (which was nothing!) and have met a lot of bloggers and fabulous home cooks along with way. Over the years, my fellow bloggers and readers have reinforced what recipes they enjoy (chocolate, easy dinner and dessert recipes) and what information they appreciate (tips, useful tools). Please comment if you have any recipe requests!

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The Most Popular Recipes of 2019 photos and text collage

After nearly 10 years of blogging, I had a bit of updating to do. When I started, close to a decade ago, I had a handful of friends who followed my journey, but there were many recipes that had little content and teeny, dark photos. So the process of revamping and resharing was a priority this year. Then there are the viral recipes that keep on going, but this top ten list will be those recipes that were shared over the past year.  So with a drum roll….let’s start with number ten!

Slice of chocolate layer cake with a white chocolate ganache filling

 #10 Chocolate Cake Filled with White Chocolate Ganache

Not for the faint of heart, this extremely rich and moist chocolate cake has a bonus of an exquisite white chocolate ganache between the two layers! The frosting is pretty divine, too. First shared in 2013, it was a delicious reboot!

Holiday Pinwheel Cookies stacked on a square white plate

#9 Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

When the holidays roll around, red and green cookies just scream Christmas and these beautiful spirals decked in sprinkles are tasty and festive! Also first shared in 2013, these cookies were a hit at our neighborhood cookie exchange this year.

Overhead view of shredded chicken lettuce wraps on a white tray

#8 Shredded Chicken Lettuce Wraps

PF Changs has tasty lettuce wraps made with ground chicken. But making them with shredded chicken is much healthier and even more delicious! First shared in 2014, these lettuce wraps are a terrific dish to start the new year!

Classic M & M Cookies on a white ceramic tray

#7 Classic M & M Cookies

We eat a LOT of chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but M & M Cookies also get rave reviews. I like adding more candies when these come out of the oven to give a more professional, bakery-like presentation! First shared in 2013, I could make these cookies week after week with no complaints from my family!

Key Lime Pound Cake Featured Image

#6 Key Lime Pound Cake

This fine crumb, dense and delicious Key Lime Pound Cake has a burst of citrus flavor that makes it impossible to resist. This delicious Bundt cake got rave review from my girlfriends after a cooking demo in my kitchen!

Muenster and Spinach Pinwheels lined up on a white, rectangle ceramic tray

#5 Muenster Spinach Pinwheels

Pinwheels made with puff pastry look like a million bucks, but are not difficult to make! Just remember that puff pastry puffs best when it’s chilled, then baked in a hot oven! First shared in 2012, these pinwheels got a resurgence in popularity!

Ganache Topped Cheesecake on a white plate with ripe strawberries to garnish

#4 Ganache Topped Cheesecake

A lusciously smooth cheesecake is delicious enough on its own, but topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache is sheer bliss. Another new recipe and I’m certain that glossy topping is what made this dessert so popular!

Chili Relleno Casserole slice on a white plate

#3 Chile Relleno Casserole

This Tex-Mex dish is a ridiculously simple recipe with a bit of spice, plenty of cheese and loads of deliciousness! Perfect for a meatless meal, and relatively low carb, too! This is another recipe shared first in 2013. It’s a tasty dish any time of day.

24 hour fruit salad in a white bowl garnished with fruit and marshmallows

#2 Holiday Fruit Salad

This fruit salad is always on our holiday menus. It comes from my great-grandmother, so my children are the 5th generation to my family to fall for this salad dressed with a combination of whipped cream and lemon custard. It was first shared in 2013.

Sour cream pound cake with two slices removed on a cake plate

#1 Sour Cream Pound Cake

This picture-perfect pound cake is enhanced with sour cream which helps break down the gluten making for a most tender dessert. The fine crumb and versatility of a vanilla pound cake make a for a winner. This recipe was first shared in 2014. No contest. It’s the Most Popular Recipe of 2019!

Top 3 Recipes from 2010-2019

The recipes remain the same as last year, but #3 moved up to #2. The perennial holiday favorite Cranberry Fluff Salad gained some headway!

Bowl of Simple White Meringue Cookies or Egg White Cookies

#1 Simple Meringue Cookies

If you’ve been nervous about making meringue, then this is a virtually foolproof recipe for Egg White Cookies to try. The success stories from my readers will back up my claim. With loads of tips and even a video, you’ll be a pro in no time!!! This recipe has been the most visited post year after year and is truly the Most Popular Post of 2019. But since it wasn’t shared in 2019, it gets its own spot as most viewed recipe on the blog over the past decade!

Cranberry Fluff Salad in a white bowl

#2 Cranberry Fluff Salad

Salads that taste like desserts are perfect for holiday menus! Even those who don’t think they like cranberries will fall for this cranberry fluff made with whipped cream, marshmallows, pineapple and ground cranberries!

Two Spinach Feta Pinwheels on a square white plate

#3 Spinach Feta Pinwheels

Puff Pastry Pinwheels are an easy, impressive appetizer! This twist on Spanikopita makes delicious finger food, but note these have some competition from the Muenster Spinach Pinwheels that made top 10 this year!

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