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Marquise au Chocolat - An elegant frozen mousse

Marquise au Chocolat

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Unfamiliar with Marquise au Chocolat? It’s a rich chocolate mousse frozen in a loaf pan, then sliced and served over creme anglaise.

Marquise au Chocolat slice on a white dessert plate with a raspberry garnish

Marquise au Chocolat

We braved the threat of snow and ventured out to dinner last weekend with a dozen or so of our good friends and neighbors. As always, there were at least six conversations going on and lots of laughter.

So many topics were covered—new puppies,  area break ins, ceviche, ice fishing, failing eyesight, and on and on. We gathered back at our house for coffee spiked with Bailey’s and slices of this Marquise au Chocolat.


Marquise au Chocolat on a white serving tray

Tips for Making This Marquise au Chocolat 

  • The most difficult part of this recipe was getting it out of the pan. A loaf pan was lined with plastic wrap, and the mousse was packed in, then frozen. A good overhang to help removal was recommended, but I seemed to come up short. But a little perseverance paid off and my marquise was released.
  • My ribbed pan may not have been ideal! There are numerous ways to tweak this recipe such as adding cookie chunks or covering with chocolate crumbs. Serving with creme anglaise or chocolate sauce.
  • PRO-Tip: Dorie had mentioned using melted vanilla ice cream as a faux crème anglaise which worked perfectly. Just make sure to use a premium brand—I used Graeter’s Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean. One of my guests hovered around the serving platter, taking sample after sample with copious amounts of the creamy sauce–a true testament to how glorious this dessert tasted.
  • PRO-Tip: Note that this recipe uses uncooked egg yolks. I recommend hunting down pasteurized eggs to prevent food borne illnesses like salmonella. Dorie also suggests very fresh, organic eggs as another way to minimize the risk.
  • As a bonus, this dessert can be made and kept frozen for up to a month before serving. Perfect for dinner parties.

View the recipe for this Marquise au Chocolat or, even better, buy a copy of Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.

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44 comments on “Marquise au Chocolat”

  1. I wasn’t familiar with it before 🙂 but now I can see that I would love it 😀

  2. This dessert looks really amazing! Love how chocolately is and will try it very soon.

  3. I love a make in advance dessert, takes so much stress out of the day. I can see why you had friends hanging around sampling looks delish!

  4. I’ll bet everyone loved this! Pretty serving plate too:@)

  5. Looks lovely Liz! Next time I would add parchment – just a long strip – under the plastic wrap to make it easier to get out of the pan. I also had a bit of trouble…

  6. What can I say the French know how to do dessert? And you know how to make it! Amazing!

  7. Oooh…so rich and chocolatey! If it is sinful, then we will just go into confession later (after we have had our spoonfuls) 😉

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  8. It is beautiful, those berries really have my attention. You know I’m not going to write a lot about the chocolate part, right? Okay, good. Now…who has new puppies???? New puppies I can get very excited about! Your weekend fun sounds just the way to pass these cold winter days. 🙂

  9. This recipe is so you Liz! I imagine Bill loved it.

  10. Love your Marquise. I used a silicon mold so it was not hard to get the Morquise out of the mold.

  11. Did you see The Grand Budapest Hotel? When I saw your dessert in my inbox I immediately thought about that movie and its (ridiculous??) Courtesan au chocolat! This is much better. GREG

  12. Chocolate mousse…YAY! Frozen chocolate mousse triple YAY!!! I always have trouble getting frozen things out of loaf pans, it never seems to matter how many layers of plastic wrap I put in there.

  13. So chocolatey, rich and irresistible!

  14. We are serving the rest to our guests on Valentine’s Day. I am also going to make your Red Velvet Brownies for my son. See you Friday.

  15. This is a good week chocolate wise. Too many temptations for me. This looks awesome.

  16. Looks so amazing and yeah hard to unmold a bit, run under hot water quickly? Look divinely chocolaty!

  17. Your chocolate mousse looks beautiful. I love how the ribs in the loaf follow the ribs on the plate.

  18. This looks absolutely delicious!! I loved this dessert. Yours looks perfect. Mine is a little more flawed. I can’t wait to make this again.

  19. Wow Liz, absolutely gorgeous! Needless to say…this one was a huge hit with my tasters!!
    I’m starting to see why Mary calls you the Raspberry queen! Happy Tuesday!

  20. I kinda like the look from our ribbed pan and it looks like that may have helped minimize the wrinkles from the plastic wrap 😉 Gorgeous! I’ll have to try the faux crème anglaise…that was definitely something I’ve never heard of and a great time saver.

  21. OMH Liz…I just posted one of your recipes and now I already see myself trying this as well…yes, I have never heard of Marquise au Chocolat, but from your description, I am for it…looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for the recipe…enjoy your week 🙂

  22. Your slices of the Marquis au Chocolat are absolutely perfect! I hope the dinner guests were properly appreciative! And I love the food photography!

  23. Your mousse looks beautiful. I loved Dorie’s idea of using melted ice cream – I’ll have to give it a try some time.

  24. Your marquise au chocolat looks divine, Liz – so chocolatey, rich and creamy! I’d never have known from the photos that you had trouble getting this baby out of the tin. That’s my fear – that I wouldn’t get it out in one solid piece. Oh well, just scoop it out with a spoon straight to mouth, right?

  25. O.K. – this looks amazing!!! I will come back to this for sure. I’ve made lemon semi-fredo but this chocolate marquise is a must try! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  26. I love chocolate mousse, what a heavenly dessert!

  27. Divine!
    I made Julia Child’s chocolate mousse on her 100th birthday and froze some of it. It was so good. This is pretty close up there and I’m so glad I made it. It was fun to use an organic, fresh egg my mom had just given me a couple dozen of, for my quartered recipe. As always, yours looks perfect.

  28. I want to be your neighbor- you make so many gorgeous desserts! This looks like the perfect ending to any meal. So chocolaty delicious! 🙂

  29. Simply amazing, I love making my dessert ahead. This one is gorgeous. Seriously, as some one commented, I’d love to be your neighbor.

  30. What a special dessert, Liz! I bet the chocolate is so rich, yet it looks so light! And the faux anglaise is a great tip and one that I will surely be using in the future! : )

  31. Would love to tuck in too, Liz! Please add nuts & berries for me, won’t you?? Hahaha!

  32. Your marquise looks amazing! This is one decadent rich dessert!

  33. Marquise de chocolat with Bailey’s ! So chic !

  34. A great dessert to “happen” to have in the freezer for guests. Yours looks lovely and so

  35. Gorgeous slice of heavenly chocolate goodness!
    Love being busy with the business of baking 😉

  36. A beautiful presentation and your cake looks lovely. I can’t tell you had any trouble removing it from the pan.
    happy baking to you!

  37. Lizzy,
    This looks delicious. Always a fan of chocolate desserts.
    Luckily tomorrow’s snow event is less than an inch. We’ve been getting two snow events a week. This week we might see three.

  38. I am glad I am not by you. It looks so amazing, I would eat the whole thing 😉

  39. how fun! It’s so great that you’re friends with your neighbors!

    and girrrrrl this. THIS. So rich and silky and undeniably loooovely

  40. That looks SO good. And now I am looking at this recipe and other chocolate/mousse desserts you have on here and salivating. Was trying to avoid chocolate just for one day, but that might not happen now. *heads to the kitchen*

  41. What a great idea, to use melted ice cream. That I could do! Looks lovely as always, Liz!
    P.S.: Love the platter.

  42. delicious–a perfect dessert to share with good friends!

  43. I loved this one. I’m so glad your guests enjoyed it (and the “creme anglaise”!).

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