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Marquise au Chocolat - An elegant frozen mousse

Marquise au Chocolat

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Unfamiliar with Marquise au Chocolat? It’s a rich chocolate mousse frozen in a loaf pan, then sliced and served over creme anglaise.

Marquise au Chocolat slice on a white dessert plate with a raspberry garnish

Marquise au Chocolat

We braved the threat of snow and ventured out to dinner last weekend with a dozen or so of our good friends and neighbors. As always, there were at least six conversations going on and lots of laughter.

So many topics were covered—new puppies,  area break ins, ceviche, ice fishing, failing eyesight, and on and on. We gathered back at our house for coffee spiked with Bailey’s and slices of this Marquise au Chocolat.


Marquise au Chocolat on a white serving tray

Tips for Making This Marquise au Chocolat 

  • The most difficult part of this recipe was getting it out of the pan. A loaf pan was lined with plastic wrap, and the mousse was packed in, then frozen. A good overhang to help removal was recommended, but I seemed to come up short. But a little perseverance paid off and my marquise was released.
  • My ribbed pan may not have been ideal! There are numerous ways to tweak this recipe such as adding cookie chunks or covering with chocolate crumbs. Serving with creme anglaise or chocolate sauce.
  • PRO-Tip: Dorie had mentioned using melted vanilla ice cream as a faux crème anglaise which worked perfectly. Just make sure to use a premium brand—I used Graeter’s Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean. One of my guests hovered around the serving platter, taking sample after sample with copious amounts of the creamy sauce–a true testament to how glorious this dessert tasted.
  • PRO-Tip: Note that this recipe uses uncooked egg yolks. I recommend hunting down pasteurized eggs to prevent food borne illnesses like salmonella. Dorie also suggests very fresh, organic eggs as another way to minimize the risk.
  • As a bonus, this dessert can be made and kept frozen for up to a month before serving. Perfect for dinner parties.

View the recipe for this Marquise au Chocolat or, even better, buy a copy of Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.

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