Long and Slow Apples #FrenchFridayswithDorie

I am always thrilled when our French Fridays assignment is a dessert. And an apple dessert is even sweeter. The ingredient list for these Long and Slow Apples was simple…and there was nothing complex about the assembly, either. Thinly sliced apples (I used both Gala and Fuji) were layered in buttered ramekins…and every few layers were brushed with melted butter along with a sprinkling of sugar, dried ginger, dried coriander and orange zest. These ramekins were wrapped with plastic wrap, then foil,  air holes added, and finally weighed down with another set of ramekins. After baking at 300º for a couple hours, these caramelized cakes can be eaten warm or cold and served with whipped cream or ice cream.

Channeling my deeply hidden creative side (I tend to be more left brained), I  concocted an apple rose in one of my ramekins…I thinnly sliced my apples on a Benringer, to ensure they were quite pliable. Starting at the outside and working in, I wrapped the apple slices around the perimeter  with the rounded side up till the dish was filled. I wasn’t sure if the rose would keep its shape after 2 hours in the oven, but as luck would have it, the rose made for a lovely presentation. I was also pleasantly surprised that the combination of orange and apple created amazingly delicious, syrupy juices. Topped with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream, this was an outstanding dessert…Bill approved, too!

This recipe can be found in the LA Times.








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  1. That Skinny Chick Can Bake appears to be the maestro of gourmet cuisine. Love the rose apple. So elegant! Cardamon, ginger, orange zest and sugar I’m sure can only make the Fuji and Gala apples taste divine, too!

  2. The rose is so pretty! What about your plastic, did it melt and disappear too?

  3. This is so pretty!!! It’s almost enough to make me like apples, I think. : )

  4. This looks really great, nice pictures.

  5. What a beautiful apple rose!! This recipe makes me want to invest in some ramekins! Did you mean parchment paper instead of plastic wrap for under the foil?

  6. Very creative , Lizzy ! Pretty yummy as well 😉

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous! I’m creative as well but nowhere near as talented as you in the kitchen, Lizzy… you’re an inspiration!

  8. I don’t expect to see anything prettier as I look through today’s posts…very well done, and glad you did not have plastic issues. Look like they tasted as lovely as they look.

  9. How neat, Lizzy! Very pretty – and I know they were delicious!

  10. That apple rose is gorgeous. We can always count on you to be creative! I have one left, and I’ll try that with ice cream. Yum!

  11. WOW! Stunning! Simply stunning, Liz!

  12. I love the rose presentation! Think I will give that a try next time I make these.

  13. Beautiful rose! So I guess the weighting down doesn’t make much difference in the final product? I don’t think I got the concept until afterwards. I think I was supposed to really heap the apples then weight them down and they would fill the dish. Oh well, live and learn. Yours are beautiful as usual!

  14. Your apple rosette is the prettiest thing ever!

  15. Love, love your rosette!! Very pretty presentation! These were so delicious and even though my Bill enjoyed them, he said he would rather apple Betty! Go figure!
    Have a great weekend, Lizzy!

  16. so pretty , Lizzy. Thanks for linking this in to Food on Friday. I hope the New Year is treating you well so far.

  17. Oh wow, I don’t think I would have the patience to assemble them in a spiral like that, and even if I did it would look nowhere near as good.

    I’d probably give up, and then make myself feel better by eating all the ice cream.

  18. My Friend Liz
    What an amazing dessert. What are beautiful slices of apples. I imagine the smell of them baking and the delicious flavor with orange. They combined very well with ice cream. Hummmmm, I want!!! Good weekend, kisses Gina

  19. Not the same but still funny, I did an apple crumble last night. This is a wonderful non guilty dessert you have prepared…the slow factor is big here. The apple rose is stunning.

  20. I wouldn´t expect any less from you than a rose Liz! It´s so gorgeous it´s almost a shame to eat it. You certainly make things look pretty. I loved this recipe, a total keeper! Have a great weekend

  21. Your rosé is so beautifully my friend and makes this simple dessert so classy 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  22. You are a very, very very good sport, Liz. Although you had to know that you were going to take some heat for the rose, it is exquisite. I am surprised that it held its shape so well. I am thinking that you may have covered it but not weighted it down. Am I right? I loved this dessert but it was pretty labor intensive for me. I guess that’s why Alain and Jean Georges get the big bucks for this dessert at their tony restaurants.

  23. This is such a nice simple and elegant dessert. I love baked apples and with a touch of citrus as well. They sound wonderful and very pretty.

  24. Beautiful job Lizzy:) I bet they tasted wonderful.

  25. Liz, that apple rose is simply stunning. I can’t even wrap my brain around making something that pretty and delicate. And the flavour combination you describe in this post sounds delicious. One wouldn’t automatically think that orange and apple go together but after reading the words, it seems totally natural to me!

  26. Cynthia L. says:

    The rose is stunning! I am always amazed and delighted at the recipes you make! You really can bake!

    Thank you for linking up to Foodie Friends Friday! I look foward to seeing what you bring next week.

  27. The combo of orange and apple with cinnamon was so good. Your rose is lovely!

  28. I love your presentation! Very creative!
    I like the colour of your apples, mine turned out darker, yours look much prettier!

  29. Your apple rose is just beautiful, Lizzy!

  30. Seriously though, I’ve never seen anything like the rose. Stunning! Damn, you’re good. Love it!

  31. That’s such a lovely presentation you’ve got on the first shot, just like a flower! Who would’ve guessed it’s apple?

  32. I can imagine it was delicious.. And you have presented it so nicely again!

  33. A beautiful presentation. Tricia and I both enjoyed this recipe and I’m sorry I cut my recipe in

  34. Beautiful apple rose! And that zest garnish = lovely!

  35. I have to try this dessert! Both versions look lovely, and your apple rose is a beauty. Sounds delicious with a scoop of ice cream.

  36. Beautiful dessert Lizzy! The rose must have been fun to make, it sure turned out perfectly and I’ll bet these were delicious;-)
    Everybody is going to the game except me -I’m staying home with my Littles and watching it on TV, which will be just perfect, I admit I’m a tad nervous-may the best team win! I think I’ll bake cookies just to handle some of those nerves-the Littles will eat them all;-)

  37. At the risk of being repetitive- WOW! Bravo deluxe!

  38. Oddly enough I do not like apples plain, but I LOVE them when they are baked or slow cooked like this! I can just imagine the smell of this going in the kitchen!

  39. Oh my- as soon as I saw that photo of the “rose” I literally said “WOW” out loud 🙂 Very impressive and you make me want to revisit this recipe just to make the rose next time……So delighted yours turned out well. My plastic wrap incident really just made me chuckle. I was just happy to be back and making a recipe after being under the weather and falling behind on posts, comments, cooking and the rest of life. I was so sorry to hear that you got the flu shot AND managed to be ill over the holidays. That is profoundly unfair !!! Glad you are back in business and producing such gorgeous results. All the best —-

  40. You are a culinary artist Liz there is no doubt about it!! I LOVE the rose apple!!!

  41. Awww – once again you made these look so pretty!

  42. Lizzy, it is so pretty! You have convinced me to buy the book! 🙂

  43. Look at you making a gorgeous rose with the apples, it looks lovely!!! I love the idea of this recipe, it sounds kinda healthy, and super delicious:-) Hugs,Terra

  44. That was truly inspired! Very lovely and I agree, it was a delightful dessert.

  45. Wow! This is really a beautiful apple rose! I read that it takes long time to bake but I really have to try this one.

  46. Your right brain was well in evidence with this dish. They look beautiful.

  47. Now that’s simply beautiful. Love how creative and clever you are. You took this simple dessert and made it stunning. 🙂

  48. oh yeah, yours was easily the most presentable this week – great job!

  49. Waaa such an elegant dish! The beautiful rose made by apples. I’m very, very intrigued!

  50. Lizzy, what an amazing presentation for apples. I couldn’t decide on which recipe to leave a comment in because the twix bars and chocolate tart also look delicious!

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  51. How pretty! What a great idea to make the rose!

  52. Your apples are so lovely! I adore the rose presentation! What a great idea!

  53. CJ at Food Stories says:

    This is gorgeous – I eat baked apples all the time but not like this – You’ve completely inspired me 🙂


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