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Keeping Fit with a Pesky Sweet Tooth

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Keeping Fit can be a challenge when you’re a foodie. Even more so when you love to bake with sugar, butter, cream and chocolate!

Mann's Nourish Bowls #Nourish2Flourish

Keeping Fit & Healthy

My nemesis is my sweet tooth. I love to bake (as evidenced by my food blog!), but I also love to sample. It takes a LOT of willpower not to lick every frosting bowl clean. Around the holidays, I make double batches of fudge, toffee and caramels. Not to mention, the dozens and dozens of homemade cookies we deliver to our friends and neighbors along with the candy. All these tempting sweets are hard to resist, but I do have a few tips that have kept me at the same weight for decades.Mann's Nourish Bowls #Nourish2Flourish

That Pesky Sweet Tooth

I make an effort to balance my occasional indulgences with healthy, satisfying meals. I know you’ve heard it all before, but moderation is the key.  If I don’t give into my sweet tooth on occasion, I’d eat a heck of a lot more when I finally succumbed to those urges.  I make sure to have healthy options ready to go in my fridge both for meals and snacks. Homemade hummus, cubes of my favorite cheeses, yogurt, fresh fruits and veggies are regular occupants. Mann’s Nourish Bowls are a new favorite. They provide a fabulous warm meal with fresh vegetables, a healthy grain and sauce in only a few minutes. They’re perfect to take to work, too! If you don’t have your kitchen well stocked with nutrient dense, healthy options, you are more likely to reach for that package of cookies or bag of caramel corn.Mann's Nourish Bowls #Nourish2Flourish

More Tips from That Skinny Chick’s Kitchen

  • Incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into every meal along with some lean protein. The produce will fill you up and the protein will keep you satiated longer. Mann’s Nourish Bowls with a piece of grilled salmon or a couple slices of roasted chicken are an excellent option for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Ever notice you tend to overeat when you’re tired? Me, too. I tend to have less willpower when fatigued and therefore snack more.
  • Drink lots of water. Besides being wonderful for your skin, water will help fill you up. Drink  a glass of water before you start a meal.
  • Find a form of exercise you love. It’s an integral part of my life.  I DVR my favorite shows and hop on the treadmill each day to watch them. Three times a week, I go to a power yoga practice. I can actually do push ups (my elementary school gym teacher would be shocked!). The more muscle mass you build, the more calories you burn. My metabolism has not petered out despite my age!
  • Don’t totally deprive yourself. I often have a cookie after dinner, but not a dozen cookies!


Mann’s Nourish Bowls

I was given two kinds of Nourish Bowls to sample and review. Both took a mere 3 minutes to cook in the microwave and contained fresh vegetables, brown rice and a specialty sauce. Simply open the packaging, mix up the 3 components, cover and microwave. Easy peasy. First up was the Monterey Risotto bowl with butternut squash, kale, kohlrabi, brown rice and a creamy roasted garlic sauce. I topped this with a small grilled salmon fillet. A marvelous lunch. The next day, I zapped the Smokehouse Brussels bowl with Brussels sprouts, kohrabi, kale, brown rice and a smoky sweet glaze. With a few slices of chicken added, I was full for the rest of the afternoon. Both made for a healthy, vegetable heavy meal. They’re also fabulous for snacking. Seriously delicious and so darn quick to prepare and the ideal way to start your keeping fit mission!

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Mann's Nourish Bowls #Nourish2Flourish



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  1. Great tips to stay fit for life!

  2. It looks so good and healthy! Love your tips for a healthy life 😉 Have a nice sunday! x

  3. Cool tips on keeping fit, Liz. Now could you please pass that plate of salmon over? :-)))

  4. Great tips Liz! These bowls are so delicious and so easy, I love them!

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  7. good tips! I agree consistently getting good healthy meals on the table leaves room for sweets and other treats in moderation.

  8. Great tips Liz and the salmon looks amazing with the Smokehouse Brussels bowl.

  9. These are really great tips Liz! You are right, when I am tired, I want to eat cake!! You inspire me as always! I am going to go do some push-ups now!! Nettie

  10. I totally hear you, Liz. With all the tempting pastries in the patisseries in Paris, I’d be the size of a bus by now. Moderation is key and love all of your tips. Cheers to you and a very Healthy and Happy 2017. I do hope you’ll be returning to Paris this year. Hugs to all the family x

  11. I am really going to have to search for these.

  12. Mann’s Nourish Bowls look so delicious and easy. I’ll look for them at my grocery store!

  13. I love your common sense tips. My trouble is if I don’t freeze most of the cookies, I eat them too fast!

  14. You’re tips are spot on! It’s so important to take care of ourselves.

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  16. I have a huge sweet tooth too…however, I do not look as awesome as you do!!! I need to make sure these bowls stay in my life so!

  17. Thank you for the tips and the FYI on Manns. I will look for them in my store.

  18. was looking for a great recipe this my diet this morning and look who popped up! Love it! have a great day!

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