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Hurry-Up-And-Wait Roast Chicken #FrenchFridayswithDorie

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This is the third chicken I’ve roasted this autumn…and one of the best ever. This Hurry-Up-And-Wait Roast Chicken recipe was inspired by Joël Robuchon, the famous French chef and restaurateur. It was the sensational veggies that pushed this bird to the top of the list. A roaster + a lemon + herbs + salt and pepper + veggies. The ingredients were ordinary, but the method was a bit quirky.

Hurry_Up_and_Wait_Chicken (3)

This recipe started with a hot oven…450º, then called to rubdown the chicken with oil or butter and season with salt and pepper. You may stuff the bird with herbs and citrus, rub herb butter under the skin or just pop it in the oven as is. The key is to roast it on one side for 25 minutes, the other side for 25 minutes, then breast up for the last 10 minutes or so. Then when you remove the bird from the oven for the obligatory resting period, jack the tail end up on a bowl, so that the juices congregate in the breast meat. We did find the white meat, which can often be dry since it cooks faster than the dark meat of the thigh and leg, to be incredibly succulent. This gravitational trick helped pull the moisture to where it was needed most. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the sensationally flavored veggies that were tucked beneath my roaster. Just drizzled with some olive oil and seasoned with the basic sprinkling of salt and pepper, the chicken did all the work to flavor them impeccably. A slosh or two of chicken broth kept them from sticking to the bottom of the pan as they cooked. A perfect, one pot meal. And Bill approved (you loyal readers probably guessed that this was a meal he’d enjoy!).

Recipe can be found here.

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52 comments on “Hurry-Up-And-Wait Roast Chicken #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. Great tips for tilting a chicken into roasted perfection, Liz. Thank you!

  2. No doubt the sight of the resting chicken would raise an eyebrow or two:@) It does sound like a good idea though and I’m sure the veggies were amazing!

  3. Your chicken looks fab, Liz but would you make it again? I found it good but fussy…

  4. Because I am always eating when I read your blog. I anticipate leaving hungry.

  5. How did flipping the bird over work for you? The one time I tried it, the skin tore away and was left behind on the bottom of the roaster. That made me very sad. Since then, I’ve not done it again. It looks like you didn’t have that issue. Your chicken is gorgeous.

  6. Didn’t your mom teach you not to flip the bird – lol! Sorry, you know me, I couldn’t resist 🙂 It does look quite delicious though!

  7. Well that’s one lovely “Sunday meal after church”. Your chicky seems to be lying there peacefully after all those gyrations! Yes, the veggies did taste like sugar with that roasting method, didn’t they? I’m not a cooked carrot fan but yours look delicious. I also threw in some potatoes and added onions. Although, like you, I thought this recipe produced a delicious and moist bird, it was not particularly user-friendly for the cook. Lots to think about through the cooking process. Probably won’t do this again.

  8. Looks delicious! I’m always up for a good meat dish that can be put in the oven and pretty much forgotten about….other than flipping the bird a few times.

  9. Your chicken looks beautiful…just like a magazine photo! We really enjoyed this one, too…but we ate ours at 7 pm in the evening. A delicious meal!

  10. What a fabulous roast chicken, love all the herbs, lemon, and additional veggies!

  11. Yay, Bill approved! Roast chicken is one of my husband’s favorites, so he was also a happy camper.

  12. Well that’s a neat technique! I have never even heard of that before but I need to try it. Surprisingly I haven’t roasted a single bird yet this fall. I’m going to pin this for later. 🙂 I hope you are having a good day!

  13. Bill’s been fed! What a relief. I roast chickens all the time as I find them so easy to do and once they’re in the oven there’s nothing to do so you have time to get on with other things. Meals that cook themselves are very popular with me! I’ve never tried cooking a chicken on different sides then inverting it upside down! I must give this a go xx

  14. LOL – there has to be one Bill likes every now and again. I really liked how fast this cooked and how crispy the skin was.

  15. Wow, the chicken looks really good and has browned so well! Delicious!

  16. Wow beautiful clicks.. Nice tips.. I love it.. Thanks for sharing the recipe

  17. Wow that chicken looks perfect! You have presented it so beautifully and it sounds like a delicious way to roast it. The tip about letting the juices run to the breast meat is brilliant! Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful recipe.

  18. If my oven can take care of 50 percent of the cooking, I am all for it.
    a great tip, will remember. Love it.

  19. Oh my! I have never heard of cooking a roasted chicken this way, but it’s really quite brilliant! We love roast chickens around here, so I will be trying this…soon! Thank you for sharing. Looks SO GOOD!

  20. Liz your photos are so gorgeous – it makes me want to do this chicken again this weekend! I love Robuchon’s method, and this was good too – just slightly different. Happy French Friday!

  21. I love roast chicken and yours is perfect! Love the tips to rotate the chicken!!

  22. Love the elegant presentation and your roast chicken is perfect!

  23. I’ve never tilted a chicken while it was resting. I have to try this.

  24. Happy Belated Halloween, Liz! My nose led me to your roast chicken post & I’m stuck at the screen now, staring at your food pix. Lol! Feed me pls!! Hey dear, be sure to enter in my X’mas draw to Win Flenco Christmas Hampers Worth More Than $1,000!

  25. A beautifully roasted chicken, Liz. Thanks for the tip too.

  26. Flipping the bird (insert childlike giggles) is a great tip and probably too cumbersome to try with a turkey. Bet those veggies were yummy.perfect Sunday dinner.

  27. I never thought to flip the bird.. oops.. that didn’t come out right. 🙂 LOL! I am going to try that next time. 🙂

  28. Dear Liz, your Roast Chicken looks like utter perfection – I love the addition of all those terrific fresh herbs and oven-roasted vegetables! What a dinner – glad that your husband also really enjoyed this!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  29. What a beautiful and perfect looking roast chicken Liz 🙂 Thanks for sharing the great tips too, will have to try them next time 🙂

  30. I adore roast chicken and that tip is incredible! I’ll definitely try it next time. We usually remove the skin to keep it lower in fat but I generally rub herbes en provence with garlic all over it and it’s incredible! The natural gas BBQ doesn’t dry it out at all.

  31. This roast chicken sounds delicious. Nathan only likes the white meat and I only like the dark so a roast chicken works really well for us. LOL

  32. Beautiful presentation Liz, looks like a November magazine cover!

  33. Liz, that meal looks amazing!!! Those vegetables!!! Now I want to make this again, because I did NOT make the vegetables, since I was going to be using leftovers for oh, chicken enchiladas… But that whole meal looks wonderful. I’m so glad you enjoyed!

  34. There is nothing quite as comforting as a roasted chicken. I can’t wait to try this technique.

  35. Your chicken looks delicious:) I need to get busy on making mine. Hope you have a great weekend:)

  36. Thanks for the tips, Liz.
    Beautiful bird! Mmmm.

  37. We really enjoyed this one! I guess I didn’t mind turning the chicken that often. Next time I have to do it with the vegetables in the bottom of the pan too!

  38. I can’t believe I have never roasted a chicken before! This looks spectacular

  39. There is nothing better than a perfect roast chicken. I was just reading a new cookbook and they stuffed shredded potatoes under the skin of the breast to keep it moist. I thought that might be worth trying but I think your technique sounds pretty good, too!

  40. This was an adventure for sure and I was surprised that I didn’t think there could be such a new
    “technique” for simply roasting chicken in the oven- but then that’s what AMFT is all about 🙂 Gorgeous presentation photos- the bird looks fab and those glossy veggies look absolutely amazing. Awesome job ~

  41. This roast chicken sounds delicious!! Like the idea of doing it all in the oven!!

  42. Your chicken and vegetables look scrumptious. The breast meat was moister than other recipes, but I found it a bit too much work than other techniques. Happy to hear that Bill approved.

  43. Your dinner came out beautifully – i am so glad that roasting season is here (i just wish we didn’t have to endure the frigid temperatures to get to it)

  44. A classic and a healthy, well-rounded meal.

  45. Why have I never thought to do this. Liz those vegetables look mouthwatering

  46. That chicken on the platter looks gorgeous! Roast chicken is one of my favorites – wish I could make mine look as beautiful as yours!

  47. I’m glad Bill enjoyed this one too! Roast chicken with potatoes is always such a crowd-pleaser.

  48. Perfectly roasted!!! Glad bill enjoyed!

  49. Your chicken and veggies turned out perfectly! This recipe is a keeper, I think, even if the turning is a bit dangerous.

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