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Crisp Gingersnaps Cookies Recipe

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These thin, Crisp Gingersnap Cookies are perfect with a cup of tea or even to hang on the Christmas tree. The aroma of these ginger spiced gems in the oven is perfect to set the mood during the holidays!

My family adores chewy ginger cookies, but these were a nice change of pace! And these Gingerbread Baby Cakes are another fun holiday treat.

Crisp Gingersnaps Cookies

Crisp Gingersnaps Cookie Recipe

When I saw the name of this recipe in our Tuesdays with Dorie queue, I pictured the chewy, crackled ginger cookies I make each Christmas. But these were the thin, crisp gingersnaps that are ideal for gingerbread men or even snowflakes.

If you cut these small, the recipe yields 2 dozen cookies. I used ginormous cookie cutters and made just five mega cookies.

Crisp Gingersnaps Cookies

Tips for Making These Ginger Cookies

These ginger cookies have just a teeny bit of ginger and cinnamon and are brushed with a molasses glaze. I’d definitely up the spices as the predominant flavor is definitely molasses.

I didn’t factor in the size of my cookies when I baked them for the 5-7 minutes called for in the recipe. Mine were not “snaps” at all ย till I popped them back in the oven to crisp them up….and I think they could have even baked longer. The dough, even after chilling, was a bit soft. I used some extra flour when rolling to compensate for the sticky dough.

I garnished with some melted white chocolate…but ย buttercream or royal icing would make for easier piping. These were tasty, but I prefer other recipes I’ve tried over this one.

My youngest, Nick, always requests gingerbread men for the holidays, so I tucked a couple of these gingersnaps away for him…he finishes his finals today, then will be home for a few weeks for his winter break. Time to stock up on milk, oj and bacon. That kid has an appetite!

This Tuesdays with Dorie post is featured on Wednesday so I can avoid the double posting that seems to happen way too often! Happy holidays, everyone….and happy baking!

David Blom’s recipe for gingersnaps can be viewed here.



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38 comments on “Crisp Gingersnaps Cookies Recipe”

  1. Crispy gingersnaps? I’ll pass. I think yours would have still been better despite being softer.

  2. Very pretty cookie cutter! Mildly spiced or not, I bet they don’t last long once Nick gets home:@)

  3. I like the thin, snappy, Swedish style ginger cookies, you made there. 5 big cookies to snap! Fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ ela

  4. I love your snowflake cookie cutter, it makes these cookies so pretty and festive ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. those snowflakes are GORGEEEEEOUS! I love how crisp and “snappy” these gingersnaps look! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Liz!! I love these cookies. . so beautiful . . and you just reminded me I purchased cookie cutters from William sonoma before we moved here!! I need to find them! today! love this!

  7. I’m liking these Gingersnaps, Liz for sheer size if not taste. Although, I sure wouldn’t mind a taste or two:) Enjoy your sons appetite and thanks for sharing:)

  8. Crispy gingersnaps are like the perfect hot tea dunkers, because they can hold up. I need a few of these this morning!

  9. I like my gingerbread cookies to taste like ginger too so I’ll add the spices like you would. The snowflake shape is gorgeous though.

  10. My mom liked crisp gingersnaps so that’s what I grew up with. What a pretty snowflake cookie cutter and what fun to decorate. These would be a hit at my house. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Lizzy.

  11. Love these! It’s always hard to find a dough that works well with intricate cookie cutters. They came out beautifully and I love a crispy cookie ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. So gorgeous! Love gingersnaps and I love this beautiful cutter! It’s nice that your son is back at home. I’m sure you’ll be busy in the kitchen. Enjoy your family time! xo

  13. Gorgeous gingersnaps. Very festive.

  14. Gingersnaps are great! I let Mrs K R do the cookie baking because she’s much better at it than I am – I gotta bug her to make these! It’s been ages since we’ve had gingersnaps. Really nice – you did a terrific job with these. Thanks.

  15. Your gingersnaps (super crispy or not) celebrate Christmas! And a molasses glaze are ideal for a homey feel of home for the holidays =) Lovely snowflake art, too =)

  16. These are so pretty, I love the snowflake shape!

  17. Even though these are not your favorite cookies, they sure are beautiful. Then again, perhaps that was the extra Liz flair shining through!

  18. Liz this is such a fun way to present gingersnaps. Just snap off the tip of each section of the snowflake and you can ration its deliciousness. Fun recipe!

  19. What darling cookies, even if they aren’t your favorite.. Love the snowflake cutter. Gingersnaps are fabulous and you’ve put them over the top turning them into snowflakes.

  20. Love the cookie shape! Personally, I like the hard, crunchy kind of gingersnaps. These were to chewy for my liking; and they needed a lot more spice!

  21. Yummy, Liz. I can imagine this would be tasty dunked in a cup of tea?

  22. I like gingersnaps-crispy or soft. these look great!

  23. Great looking cookies.

  24. Cute snowflakes! This recipe definitely needed more spice. My cookies didn’t snap at all. I was disappointed. But will keep looking for a good gingersnap recipe!

  25. I need to get myself a snowflake cutter too. Love the shape. Your gingersnaps look fun and tasty, Liz.

  26. I adore that cutter too, so cleverly decorated, bet your son would snap them up in no time!

  27. I need an oven big enough to bake one cookie. Then I could tell the dietician I only ate one. ๐Ÿ™‚ These would work for one cookie, right?

    They are beautiful.

  28. These cookies are beautiful… my mother is a gingersnap lover… she would eat a batch of these. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Beautiful….gingersnaps are timeless cookies. Have a wonderful Christmas, Lizzy, and thank you so much for everything this past year! You’re the best! ~ Jen

  30. Wow, Liz! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!

  31. I love your beautiful snowflakes! Not a winner recipe for me either, needed more zip. But you’d sure look gorgeous!

  32. I adore you cookie cutter, I like soft baked cookies but my fella prefers crispy ones so these would please him. I like them in and out and I am sure these would be perfect for dunking in your tea… or coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely job of decorating them very festive ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. These look crispy and delicious though it sounds like it took a bit to get them right. I would like a good hit of ginger too.

  34. Nice snowflakes. Merry Christmas!

  35. Love that ‘ginormous cookie cutter”! And the white chocolate on top is a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Classics! I love the snowflake designs.

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