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Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin | Dorie Greenspan's pork medallions with a double hit of citrus!

Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin #FrenchFridayswithDorie

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Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin is a simple way to prepare pork tenderloin with a double hit of citrus!Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin | Dorie Greenspan's pork medallions with a double hit of citrus!

Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin

When I revealed to Bill that an upcoming FFwD recipe featured pork tenderloin, he suspiciously asked, “Is it curry?’ The one or two curried entrees from Dorie have scarred him for life. He let out a sigh of relief when I reassured him that there was no curry involved in this week’s recipe for Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin. My initial reaction, though, was that it was rather odd to pair fresh oranges with pork.Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin | Dorie Greenspan's pork medallions with a double hit of citrus!

A Typical Verdict

First, I sauteed thick medallions of seasoned pork in butter and olive oil. Next,  I added freshly squeezed orange juice, orange zest, scallions and crushed cardamom seeds which  simmered to form a sauce. I reserved the supremed (process of removing rind and cutting out the orange segments) oranges till the last minute and tossed them with the sauce before serving.  I found Cara Cara navel oranges at the market. Their red flesh and sweetness make them irresistible. The meat was tender and flavorful, but not sure how I felt about biting into the cardamom pieces. Maybe a pinch of ground cardamom would have sufficed.

Bill’s verdict was that the orange taste was overwhelming….figures. I think he would have enjoyed it with less orange zest as he is a huge fan of duck a l’orange. Some of my fellow Doristas were quite fond of this Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin, so check out the reactions on the French Fridays with Dorie website and let me know what you think.

This week’s recipe can be found in the Washington Post.

I will be skipping next week’s Coeur a la Creme as I will be sharing another version this Sunday for our Valentine’s Sunday Supper.

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46 comments on “Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. Healthy and delicious! I like to cook meat with seasonal fruits too.

  2. Your plating always looks so neat, my dish is a bit more `rustic´. I liked this but needs more flavor. YOur oranges almost look like grapefruits!

  3. I just made a rice pilaf with cardamon pods and I don’t like biting into the pods either. I consider them a bit like bones – something to put to the side. I think pork and oranges go very well together so I’d like to try this. Why doesn’t your husband like curry? xx

  4. This dish looks beautiful, appetising and original at the same time. I have never tried pork with oranges. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. So pretty Liz! And really, you need to make Dorie’s coeur à la crème at some point. I thought I loved my mum’s version… this one is insanely good!

  6. I’d have never thought to pair oranges with pork either. I’m glad it worked, though sad that the cardamom ended up being the one negative. I’m with you on using the ground. It’s one of my favorite spices and I think cardamom paired with oranges is fantastic. My doctor can’t stand anything curry either. We’ve talked about it several times because I love the flavor.

  7. Yes, we have some post-recipe trauma in our house too 🙂
    It looks beautiful, though.

  8. I thought this was good….just not a repeat! I did make the Celery Root Puree that Dorie suggested serving with it…omg that is absolutely delicious!!!!

  9. This looks good. Since citrus is in season, I’ve been looking for more savory recipes to use it all.

  10. I totally see the pork tenderloin with those grand Cara Cara oranges (my mainstay during the winter). I have two tenderloins to use up this winter. You can bet I’ll be doing this.

  11. Your hubby don’t like curry ?! Shame ! lol I do cook pork chop with fresh orange from time to time 😀 I’m sure I will love this dish . It looks really appetizing !

  12. I liked this dish. The husband thought it was a little strange (and he also thought there was way too much orange peel), but I enjoyed it. It didn’t come out as pretty as I would have liked, but I’ll keep working on that. Yours looks fantastic, as always! I love those Cara Cara oranges – they looks so pretty on their own, I’m not surprised they make a pretty dish!

  13. I’m always amused by your stories of an adventurous cook and a somewhat picky family. 😉

  14. I love orange with pork and this dish looks like a winner! Cara Cara’s are one of my favourites. I’m sure you could use this recipe for chops as well? Your plating is beautiful as usual Lizzy!

  15. Too funny! My Bill would ask the same question! Thank goodness, he trusts me whenever I order his Thai food for him at Thai restaurants because the word curry scares him to death! This recipe just reminded me to pull some good ole Iowa chops out of the freezer. Can you tell me more about the Sunday Supper group? Is it open or closed to newbies?

  16. Of fruit, especially citrus, is so good with pork. And it is my favorite cut. It looks awesome too me.

  17. So original! J’adore le mélange des saveurs entre l’orange et le porc! Bravo

  18. I tried to think if I had orange + pork combo but surprisingly I haven’t. Probably just the chicken only so far. It sounds refreshing, being orange included but this dish is something hard to “guess” whether I would like it or not until I try it. Bill’s reaction to curry was kind of funny. haha. I cannot wait for the day he eats curry and start liking it. 🙂 I’m always impressed by bloggers who does FFwD challenge. Your repertoire must be expanded with this series. 🙂

  19. Yours was the second FFwD that I got today. It is actually funny the way the two of you differed in your opinions. The other column didn’t really like it, and I guess you did, but ‘Bill’ didn’t. I don’t think I am going to try it.

    Now a question … why do you do this? No, really, I ask because I don’t understand why everyone should run out and try the FFwD recipes.

    • Great question! There have been a lot more FFwD recipes that I’ve liked than I haven’t liked 🙂 Cooking along each week has pushed me to try so many new techniques and recipes…and meet a whole slew of wonderful bloggers 🙂 If I made just what my husband liked to eat, we’d definitely be in a rut!

  20. You’re back in my email!!!! Beautiful presentation of this orange pork tenderloin dish;-)

  21. I was with Bill this week. I loved the pork, but thought it was better without the sauce.

  22. Pairing oranges with pork is new to me also. I love the way you always give us an unbiased and straightforward review of a recipe.

  23. So pretty!! Your oranges are orange like they should be. In my photos my orange slices look so pale…I actually liked the cardamom in this recipe when in the past in Dorie’s recipes I thought it was a little overwhelming. I did cut down on the amount of orange zest though because I have found a little goes a long way. Sorry this wasn’t a win for you.

  24. Another wonderful recipe! This looks and sounds delightful for a home cooked family dinner.

  25. Love the citrus in this recipe! Meat and citrus go so nicely together.

  26. I had to chuckle about your husband’s traumatization by some of Dorie’s recipes! I think some of our husbands should form a support group. Mine wouldn’t touch the orange sauce, though he liked the pork itself. I love the color added by your choice of Cara Cara oranges. Very nice! Enjoy your version of coeur a la creme next week. I’m looking forward to trying out the new (to me) dessert.

  27. How funny I do not like Curry anything either.. have to really adapt to the flavor.. I with you Bill and this dish is perfect!

  28. I am of the same mind Lizzy – tasty, but probably not a keeper.

  29. Beautifully presented! Too funny about your husband and curry – that made me laugh :).

  30. We eat a lot of pork here and I love serving it with fruit. This will be tried very very soon.

  31. I couldn’t catch the vision for this recipe so I fixed it…and we liked it. Now that I’m seeing all your pics, I’m glad it got fixed at my house….although your pics don’t look too bad?

  32. Liz, I really like the way you presented your lovely Orange Pork Tenderloin, the colors are bright and just wonderful at this time of the year. We actually love the combination of oranges and pork and loved this recipe (with all the changes I made). Duck à l´orange is one of my personal favorites too and it usually does have less orange zest. You used Cava Cava orages – I found Moro Oranges, my favorites. The choice of oranges also makes quite a difference in taste, I believe.
    Have a great weekend!

  33. Poor Bill… scarred by curry. LOL! He would die if he came to my house. 🙂 I’m glad this pork dish was more up his alley. I think the sweetness from the orange would compliment the pork well. Have a great weekend my friend. 🙂

  34. Your plating is so pretty! I was really “meh” about this recipe. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, ready for the next thing. Going to buy cream cheese today and see how this coeur ala creme turns out!

  35. I didn’t think this was all that special either. Though I did think the pork itself was pretty tasty. I’m with you, we’ve been on a roll with these recipes…

  36. Your presentation is absolutely out of this world beautiful 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  37. MMMmmm, I have never mixed pork with orange but it sounds nice! I will have to add that to my repertoire 🙂

  38. Well, that’s a new culinary word – supremed. I thought you had a typo (and, I will say, Liz, you have very few errors in your Posts) so thank you for the definition. I also used Cara Cara Oranges and liked the orange flavoring with the pork. It did give me an excuse to have beets, also, since I like my beets with orange-something. I would have liked more of a cardamon taste but didn’t even put them on the plate, thinking they were not edible. I would have traded my pork (tough) for your pork (tender). Bill is obviously a planner. I have my traveling plans made into 2014. Now that I actually have some control over my Life, I am going off the deep end. What’s Bill’s excuse. Type A, I think, like his wife. Aspen in September is beautiful and I already know I will be here. Not traveling that month! I am reading all your super duper Posts, Liz, but am not commenting on many at this time. I’m peddling pretty fast these days.

  39. why not, people eat sweet n sour pork all the time 🙂 that’s something my husband would say LOL…I’d give it a whirl…i’m def drooling over those marscapone stuffed strawberries!!!! so delicate and pretty.

  40. Unusual? Yes, but we bloggers like to explore recipes and, along the way, find magic. Fortunately my family eat what I give them. They wait so long while I photograph it that they would eat anything, from starvation.

  41. Oh well, I’ve seen some other posts on FFwD, and have to admit that my family would stay hungry if I give them pork with oranges: there’s something in them that totally refuses oranges in savory meals. I would try it though. And your photo looks great!

  42. I’m making a mental note to buy these oranges when and if I ever come across them! I had to read your post thoroughly so I could verify if they were small grapefruit or not…!! 🙂 How wonderful! Glad your family liked them this time!

  43. Again, this looks fantastic. I love how the citrus sections stayed together. I couldn’t keep that action happening so ended up just chopping away.

  44. Loved the comment about the curry- seems our taste testers have certainly been on some adventures with the French Fridays recipes. I think we were pleased that we knew and liked all the ingredients this week, even if we might not have combined them ourselves. Looking forward to seeing the dessert you will be sharing ~

  45. Gorgeous! I didn’t supreme my orange sections, but looking at your photos makes me wish I had! We enjoyed this, but probably not enough to make it again.

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