Fiori di Sicilia Madeleines #TuesdayswithDorie

I have had a small jar of Fiori di Sicilia in my baking cupboard for years. Unused, I might add…till today. This flavoring combines citrus and vanilla with floral extracts, and the name literally translates to “flowers of Sicily.” So when vanilla  madeleines appeared in our Tuesdays with Dorie queue, just days after making vanilla financiers for French Fridays with Dorie, I knew I had veer off the path a bit with these tea cakes. I had an aha moment when I remembered this unusual ingredient.

The recipe was contributed by baker extraordinaire, Flo Baker… and she used a traditional genoise (or ladyfinger) batter as the base. I have never been enamored with any madeleines I’ve made before…they’re fine, but missing the moisture I crave in my cakes. Unfortunately, I forgot to set the timer, so I may have inadvertently dried these out by overbaking. But the scent was mesmerizing…more orange than vanilla…a new, different taste, but perfect for a spring treat. And still divine for dipping into hot tea or coffee. I shared these and my financiers with my Friday girlfriends. They were more impressed with the dense and buttery financiers, but I still think these would be worth repeating…I won’t retire my madeleine pan just yet. I missed the step about dusting the batter with powdered sugar before baking, but they turned out pretty darn tasty nonetheless.

Today’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe can be found on Counter Dog, the blog of our hosts, Katie and Amy Thisdell. The link is not updated yet, but here is the video of Julia and Flo preparing these madeleines.


  1. Liz, I’m so intrigued y this Fiori de Sicilia! I’m going to search for it now 😀 Do you dust the batter in the pan with icing sugar before baking?

  2. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Your Madeleines look great and I’ve heard this flavoring mentioned on KAF often, might have to try it one day myself:@)

  3. carol | a cup of mascarpone says:

    I have two new madeleine pans I purchased last year…madeleines on my bucket list for this year to make! Love the sounds of this recipe, since I’m looking for something citrus tasting. Yours turned out beautiful, Liz, even if you forgot the dusting stage, you would never know it. Love them!!!

  4. I can only imagine how great that scent is in plain batters. Cute, perfect madeleines Liz! But I agree that, unless you eat them right away, they´re dry. I have a recipe that glazes them completely, in a thin powdered sugar/citrus glaze, immediately after taking them out of the oven. So they have an extra layer of flavor and to prevent them from drying out.

  5. Your madeleines are gorgeous. I ahve never made them, but admire those who do. I don’t ahve a madeleine pan, but maybe I should get one;)

  6. Lovely flavor and pretty cakes as well ! I’ve seen that extract while I was lurking @ King Arthur’s site last year 😀

  7. Your madeleines look lovely!! I love the pictures of madeleines in the basket!! Very cute!
    I’m so intrigued too by this Fiori de Sicilia, I’ve never heard about this, so I’ll look for some informations.

  8. I love the idea of spicing madeleines with splendid aroma of Sicily, I thinks it’s time for me to get a madeleine pan.

  9. I love madeleines, bys SILVIA

  10. I’ve been meaning to snag my mom’s madeleine pan during one of these trips up north, but haven’t had the guts to stand up to her wrath once she finds out yet. Now I need to, as well as to find that extract. it sounds heavenly.

  11. These are SO sophisticated and like…I’m Sicilian so I should obv. have some of this 😛

  12. I don’t have a Madeline pan, but these are so cute I may need to get one. Also, I’ve never tried fiori-de-sicilia, but the flavor combinations sound great.

  13. It looks fantastic. Now I am thinking I need to try some Fiori di Sicilia. Thanks for the recommendation!

  14. I’ve never tried Fiori di Sicilia but it sounds just perfect in these madeleines. I’m going to have to track down a bottle!

  15. Your madeleines look so pretty! And fiori de sicilia sounds like something I should find straight away. I also found these were a bit dry, but liked them dunked in tea, Proust style.

  16. Se ve irresistible me encanta madeleines muy muy rico….gracias por su comentario …abrazos y abrazos.

  17. Great looking mads and I love the idea of using the fiori. I have some in my cupboard, too, and use it every Christmas for pannetone.

  18. Yours look great. I was wondering too about what to do with 1 C of powdered sugar. I watched the video and I don’t think Flo Braker dusted them before baking… I’m not going to retire my pan yet but I think I will dry other recipes =)

  19. Nice looking madeleines.. its the same experience with mine too, tried a different version… its simply perfect when fresh, but dries out after storing..

  20. Your madeleines look wonderful and I am sure that they were awfully delicious with the addition of that fiori di sicilia. It is nice to add a bit of “something” to a basic madeleine dough and it seems that you found a wonderful ingredient there.

  21. Ooooo….I’m fascinated with the Fiori de Sicilia! Your madeleines look perfect! I really enjoyed these however, I’ve had recipes I liked better.

  22. It was still good after all these years? Well if it was unopened I guess it shouldn’t go bad.

  23. I have heard of Fiori di Sicilia before, sounds very intriguing. And Madeleine’s alway remind me of my grandmother, it was a treat we both loved to indulge in. They look incredible…but maybe fussy as you say to bake, never tried.

  24. They looks delicious my friend!! Flawless as always!!! We need to buy a madeleine pan asap!

  25. I always get excited when I click on your link. Your photos are always so beautiful and I love your presentations. I have not come across another madeleine recipe that requires you to dust them beforehand – I’m sure the amount must be a typo and used as you did – dusting the tops after baking.

  26. Oh I have never heard of it before! Your Madeleines are so sweet for a brunch or tea! Beautiful!

  27. Hotly Spiced says:

    I have never made madeleines and only because I don’t have a madeleine pan. I must get one because these look so pretty and would be so good to bring out for afternoon tea. Love how you styled them with the raspberries – very spring! xx

  28. I still can’t figure out why I gave away my Madeleine pan. I deseparately need it now.

  29. Good thing the kitchen organizer is coming next week. I want to find my madeleine pans and make the lovelies…I don’t have a jar of the flowers of Sicily around (from my European travels à la the Liz Berg family.) So, I’ll add the zest of a lemon or orange to replicate the scrumptious smells in the Ninja Baker kitchen =)

    • I’ve been out of fiori de sicillia a couple of times (I use it in Pannetone which I make as Christmas gifts) and used lemon zest plus about a teaspoon of juice. Tastes just like being in France. Oh, and instead of dusting w/ powdered sugar, I make a glaze using the rest of the juice from the lemon with powdered sugar. Again, that makes it all so very French.

  30. Liz: I had no idea about fiori de sicillia and all the wonderful flavors of citrus, vanilla, and flowers that are in. It seems perfect for the madeleines indeed.You did a great job!

  31. I’ve never heard of Fiori di Sicilia before! But it sounds like a seriously amazing flavor. These look great!

  32. Oh my, I would love to try these Madeleines as well as Fiori Di Sicillia! Gorgeous, Lizzy!

  33. Sooo pretty and delicious sounding. Thanks for schooling me about Fiori di Sicilia. I have never heard of this. Now I want to get my hands on some. (I also had the best of intentions of making your “Best Brownies” from yesterday’s post but I pooped out after two batches of choco chip cookies—-have a meeting tomorrow.)

  34. I baked mine for less time and they were still dry and a little dense. I have some of the Fiori di Sicilia also, but never thought to use it. GREAT idea!!

  35. Wow – I’m always learning something new here. Your madeleines look beautiful!! I have never heard of the Fiori de Sicilai flavouring – sounds delicious!

  36. Now you’ve inspired me again Liz . . . I’ve never made madeleines, always purchased them, but fresh is best as always! Thanks for the recipe!


  37. Liz, thanks for sharing the Fiori di Sicilia. I love to look for unusual flavoring and this will be on my list! Thanks!

  38. What a great sounding flavor extract!

  39. I am a fan of Madelines, they are just the right size and sweetness for afternoon tea. I would love to try your secret ingredient… just need to find some 🙂

  40. This madeleines not only look perfect sounds delicious…thank you for introducing me to fiori de sicilia…indeed sounds delicious and exotic.
    Hope you are having a great week Liz 🙂

  41. Your Madeleine look divine. I have never heard of Fiori de Sicilia, but the flavor of this sounds wonderful.

  42. Gorgeous madies! I have not tried the financiers recipe from Dorrie just yet. Planning on it though 🙂

  43. Love it! This is amazing 🙂

  44. I saw that Cher added the same ingredient. I have not heard of that flavoring before, but these definitely needed something extra. Lovely job, Lizzy.

  45. I love the addition of flowers of Sicily to these madeleines Liz! Very special touch indeed!

  46. Great minds think alike 🙂 I went with the fiori di sicilia as well – love that stuff! (Especially in sweet yeasted breads)

    Beautifully done.

  47. These madeleines must taste divine, Liz.

  48. Oh I can’t tell you how often I forget to set the timer when I bake. Even if the texture wasn’t exactly what you wanted it sounds like they still tasted great. What a great twist of adding the Fiori di Sicilia.

  49. Gorgeous madeleines, Liz. I have never heard of Fiori di Sicilia. It sounds like a wonderful pastry taste enhancer. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Such beautiful madeleines, Liz! I have got to get my paws on that Fiori de Sicilia extract. Sounds absolutely lovely!

  51. Oh…these look and sounds wonderful. I’ve never tried fiori de Sicilia before and it sound very delicious and romantic. 🙂 Gotta get a hold of a bottle! hehe…

  52. Great idea to add Fiori di Sicilia to madeleines. They’re so fragrant anyway, that anything you do to make them more so is wonderful. Try making madeleines with Meyer lemons sometime – bliss! Anyway, yours look super – thanks for this.

  53. Beautiful! And I love the idea of flavoring them, especially with something as special as fiori di Sicilia. Very nice!

  54. This is so cool!! I have never heard of or tried flori de sicilia before! Thanks for giving an introduction 🙂

  55. I have a bottle of Fiori di Sicilia, also used rarely! But when I do use it I love the flavor. Your Madeline’s look perfect. I have plenty of pans but no Madeline pan–I better remedy that because these look yummy.
    My package came today from King Arthur Flour what a wonderful surprise! Their pans are the best, I have one but I always need two! Thank you thank you.

  56. I am making madeleines for the first time tomorrow. I’m excited! And your post made me feel even more inspired. Thank you for sharing, Liz.

  57. My friend Liz.
    I love madeleines and with this citrus and vanilla extract must have been very good, it was a great idea to use the Fiori di Sicilia. I would eat all the basket.

  58. Lovely presentation and the flavour you used seems intriguing. We enjoyed these, but a little flavour might have made them even better.

  59. Madeleines are one of my faves, this recipe looks incredible!

  60. Liz, I love your honesty. I love madeleines with tea but they are ok. I bet jazzing them up with orange is much needed added dimension. They look perfectly baked btw! 🙂

  61. I have to say Madeleine’s are probably one of my most favorite cookies. They’re so light and like little pieces of cake. I’ve never tried this extract but now I’m curious and will have to find some. Nice recipe.

  62. I can’t believe I’ve never tasted a Madeleine, much less ever tried to make one. And I’m always seeing the pans on sale. Hmm… 🙂

  63. Funny, in addition to adding the granulated sugar at the wrong time, I read the recipe twice and couldn’t find where it said to add the powdered sugar. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who missed that step!

  64. I was just thinking of Madeleines cookies the other day. Wish I could have dropped by for a little basket full. 🙂 They look spectacular. 🙂

  65. Liz,
    Your madeleines look lovely. I can’t say I’ve even heard of fiori de sicilia. Where do you find it?

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