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Another gorgeous fresh salad from Dorie…and except for accidentally leaving the croûtons in the sauté pan and purposely leaving the mayo in the fridge, this was put together just as Dorie recommended.  Peppery arugula and grape tomatoes were tossed with a simple vinaigrette, then bacon and sun-dried tomatoes were sprinkled haphazardly atop the greens, and, finally, hard boiled egg halves artfully positioned.  Beautiful and refreshing, this salad would be a wonderful side for so many meals~

Recipe can be viewed here.

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47 comments on “Deconstructed BLT and Eggs~”

  1. I love this kind of salad, havent made it myself but your looks better than anything I have ever ordered out!

  2. Love this kind of “BLT”! Colors are lovely.

  3. Lizzy…lovely color and Dorie never fails to give a good recipe. I could not make this in time for FFWD but will definitely make this for my next salad..what more after seeing yours 🙂

  4. I love how your eggs are nestled so perfectly in the corner. Great post!

  5. I love eggs in a green salad. Very nice!

  6. This was so yummy – all my favourite flavours together in one bowl!

  7. Love the idea of a BLT and egg salad!

  8. Nice. The eggs have quite large yolks, larger than what I normally see

  9. I love blts and I love salad – so this is a clear winner! Gotta love Dorie.

  10. I am glad I am not the only one who “forgot” the mayo.
    Lovely salad.

  11. The eggs blends perfectly nice with the greens and fantastically looking.

  12. Yum sounds really flavorful and light. I would love a big plate of this for dinner!

  13. Fresh and fabulous~

  14. Love BLT…the salad looks really fresh and delish.

  15. Like I mentioned to Kathy…I still love the BLT sandwich, I guess the only better alternative is minus the bread, and eat it on a delicious salad, with hard boiled eggs!
    Love your yummy and colorful salad, Lizzie:D

  16. what lovely look this Lizzy! gloria

  17. Wholesome colorful salad .. and with eggs .. I love!!

  18. Simple fresh flavors-I am ready to dig around in my fridge and make this for lunch. Great presentation-yum!

  19. This looks great but where did you get that fake egg, j/k 😉 It looks so good!! Perfectly boiled..
    Take care..

  20. Love me a BLT and also love the idea in salad form! This is a protein power salad! YUM

  21. Sounds delicious! I like to call blt’s with egg… BELT sandwiches/salads 🙂 Your belt salad looks scrumptious 😉

  22. Your salad looks absolutely perfect. I love how you have everything arranged.

  23. I loved this salad – very tasty, especially with that dressing.

  24. Looks like a work of art…such pretty colors.

  25. Very nice, and descriptive summary of this salad! Pretty photos, too.

  26. Delicious! I like this kind of salad….and I adore BLTs!

  27. Your salad looks absolutely perfect!

  28. your photo is so pretty! Would you prefer the BLT salad or BLT sandwich?

  29. I like it! Simple, healthy and tasty!

  30. Beautiful pictures Liz.

  31. Beautiful presentation Lizzy! Such vibrant colors…looks so delicious! Another winner from Dorie! Have a great weekend!

  32. Perfect hard boiled eggs and a beautifully delicious twist on breakfast.

  33. I have been craving a salad, this one looks fantastic!!! Perfectly cook hard boiled eggs make me happy. ; )

  34. Sounds tasty. I’m with you, I would have left the mayo out as well. I love Dorie’s new book. Lots of great recipes and she gives such detail.

  35. What a winner! I highly recommend revisiting those bacon-fat sauteed croutons. They were my favorite part of this recipe.

  36. Lovely pictures Lizzy!

  37. With a raspberry vinaigrette that be perfect.

    And my cookies always come out too sweet, something she doesn’t like. 😛

  38. It is indeed a lovely picture . . . and a great deconstruction. Can’t go wrong with these flavors together (or Dorie.)

  39. So many recipes from that book look amazing. What a gorgeous salad!

  40. This looks great, but with my German heritage it’s hard for me not to have bread with a meal. Can I make a reconstructed BLT sandwich? 😉

  41. A perfect salad, full of protein and deliciousness!

  42. colourful presentation
    Lizzy the book on baking bread in five minutes is worth it

  43. I almost always add eggs in my salad. I love the reconstructed BLT salad. It’s easy to remember what to add in the salad. =)

  44. So pretty and elegant, Lizzy! I love it. I miss arugula. I don’t buy it often because the kids haven’t developed a taste for it. It must taste so great in this salad with all the other complimentary ingredients – ingredients which I wish I had so I could make it for lunch! Speaking of ingredients, I bought all the ingredients to make the lava cakes for my daughter’s birthday, but didn’t get a chance because I was cooking all day (not great planning on my part), but hoping to get them made soon. I’ll let you know when I do!

  45. we made a second salad later in the week leaving off the eggs, mayo, etc. and it was great too. another winner.

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