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Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars | An elegant Rice Krispie Treat!

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars #BakingwithDorie

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Three layers of sweet decadence form these marvelous Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars.

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars - An elegant Rice Krispie Treat!

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars

A brown sugar shortbread crust provided the base for these crispy topped brown sugar bars from Dorie Greenspan. Then chopped semi-sweet chocolate was sprinkled over the hot crust and spread across the crust before caramelized Rice Krispies were scattered on top.

One of Dorie’s friends described these as a the French version of Rice Krispie Treats–more elegant than the  sugar laden, American cereal bars.Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars - An elegant Rice Krispie Treat!

More Crunchy than Chewy!

Even though I followed the timing to the letter in this recipe, my cookie layer was more brittle than chewy. Almost reminiscent of English toffee (can that ever be disappointing???!). Granted, it was still buttery with caramel undertones from the brown sugar, but the texture wasn’t exactly as Dorie described.

But I did manage not to scorch my Rice Krispies as I added them to the molten, melted sugar and gently stirred them till they grew amber and caramelized. Those little nuggets were the star of these bars—thank goodness I had plenty of crumbs to sample.

Quality control, people. It must be done! So watch your timing if you want a chewy base, but if yours get a little darker than planned, you’ll still fall hard for these tasty treats. Even Bill claimed they were “good!” I’m still working on expanding his culinary critiquing vocabulary, but we’ll take good over any negative alternatives!

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars | An elegant Rice Krispie Treat!

 Here is the recipe for Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars. They are also found on page 324 of Dorie Greenspan’s newest cookbook, Baking Chez Moi. Definitely worth the investment! And check out what the other “Doristas” thought of this recipe on the LYL page of the Tuesdays with Dorie website.

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars | An elegant Rice Krispie Treat!

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38 comments on “Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars #BakingwithDorie”

  1. Truly a different dessert with the Krispy topping, sounds good:@)

  2. You look like you didn’t have any trouble at all with cutting and keeping the squares neat. I am jealous. Mine were a mess (but tasted great!)

  3. Yay! If Bill pronounced them good, they are a winner.

  4. I’m good with any Dorie recipe. . what a fabulous upgrade from rice krispie treats! love these crispy topped brown sugar bars!!! gorgeous!

  5. Oh la la Liz, these littles bars are gorgeous ! And if Bill liked it, it must be very very good 😉
    Don’t forget that I changed mon Url! Now is !!

  6. Your bars look great. You must have had a great knife, mine did not turn out so straight.

  7. I like the crunch, makes it more fun to eat.

  8. Yum! My cookie layer turned out not quite like dorie described either, and I took mine out as soon as they started to turn golden. Who knows? Either way it is delicious!

  9. You have to give it to the French for a good dessert. These look pretty darn amazing! I need to crack open that cookbook.

  10. This looks like fun! I would love to have my son join me in the baking! xoxo

  11. They look delicious. I thought they tasted a little like toffee as well. You can never go wrong with toffee.

  12. Another great one from you, Liz, and Dorrie! They’re definitely elegant. And I understand perfectly with the quality control! 🙂

  13. I’m making my today Liz and my Rice Krispies didn’t caramelize. I guess I’ll try again using a different pan and cooking the sugar/water a little longer before adding the cereal. Yours look perfect!!!

  14. I’m making mine today, Liz and my Rice Krispies didn’t caramelize. I guess I’ll try again using a different pan and cooking the sugar/water a little longer before adding the cereal. Yours look perfect!!!

  15. Crunchy and chewy–well, I do love me some toffee-esque bars! I’m seriously saving this–you know I love every recipe I try from you, Liz. Thanks for the share–have a great week!!

  16. Toffee like is a good description. It was like candy more than a cookie. I am learning that I need to decrease cooking time with Dorie’s recipes.

  17. I kind of like that it’s more crunchy and toffee-like. I think that suits the recipe and the whole thing sounds completely to die for!

  18. Sublime layers indeed, I need one of these bars with my afternoon coffee!

  19. Your bars look perfect! I like the idea of an English toffee base for these treats, but like you, I thought the rice krispies were the star.

  20. I really want to try these again with the caramelized Rice Krispy, yours look
    extra special. I think this is a winner all around.

  21. Since you’re That Skinny Chick, these supermodel slim bars were perfect for you! I was bad and ate the other half of the caramelized Rice Krispies in one sitting ;-/

  22. crunchy, rich, dark and delicious! I love these bars!

  23. I love the caramelized Rice Krispies. I would probably eat the whole pan myself, they sound yummy.

  24. Crispy! They sound like a great treat!

  25. I can see why these are a winner Liz. As always, your food is very beautiful. We all eat with our eyes first.

  26. Those look magnificent! It’s spring break and I have been taking full advantage of the break part…lol…hope to get these made next posting for the “catch up” round. Yours are an indication that these will be a big hit here with the guys.

  27. Your bars looks fabulous! I was lazy and use the rice krispies direct from the box, the next time I’ll take the extra step to caramelize them first. Yours looks yummy!

  28. Oh. My. These look heavenly. How would I ever stop eating them?!

  29. These bars look amazing! Those three different layers have such different flavors and textures but sound like they’ll work together really well.

  30. Your bars look perfect! I actually wanted to ask how you got that airy texture that cuts so well! And caramel tones sound delicious!

  31. I love chewy and crunchy treats and this French version of RK treats looks amazing! All the layers sounds fantastic!

  32. Brown sugar shortbread looks to be a bit tricky but delicious for sure! So glad to see that Ms. Dorie approves of Rice Krispies. The caramelized cereal nuggets do indeed tantalize in the photos =)

    P.s. Do believe “good” is the ultimate sign of approval when it comes to hubby comments =)

  33. I baked mine “under” so the base would be a bit soft, but a toffee bar sounds darn good, too! I loved the crunchy krispies…yours are beautifully caramelized!

  34. These were truly scrumptious! My grands really enjoyed them! Beautifully done, Liz!

  35. I’ve never been a big rice crispy treat fan but I could go for these.

  36. They look great, Liz! I was surprised that my crust was done at thirteen minutes – and it did have a soft chewy texture. Must be a typo in the book?

  37. I don’t like rice crispy treats. However, these treats are highly desired! These sound and look fabulous!

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