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Chocolate Mousse Cups - Homemade chocolate shells filled with a luscious chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse Cups

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I dug deep into my recipe files for this family favorite dessert. These Chocolate Mousse Cups provide a double dose of decadence with a semi-sweet shell filled with silky cream cheese chocolate mousse. 

Chocolate Mousse Cups on a small white plate with a raspberry and mint

Chocolate Mousse Cups

The holidays are about traditions. Growing up, I remember the excitement as we piled into our old Plymouth Satellite station wagon and headed to Strautman’s Tree Farm to chop down our Christmas tree. Even in our teens, the four girls, and of course our dog, Rufus, trekked through the Iowa cornfields, covered with a blanket of snow, to our destination. We’d wait till Christmas Eve so my dad could bargain with the proprietor. He loved to get a deal…and a BIG tree (some years it barely fit through the door!).

We were rosy cheeked and full of chatter by the time the deed was done. The excitement was palpable. Fast forward a couple decades and my family has completely different traditions. We select our tree well in advance, from a nearby city lot decked with twinkling lights, and I plan out our holiday meals in detail. None of this last minute stuff. There is always beef and chocolate on the menu for Christmas day. It’s just a given. When I asked Bill what we should have this year, he chimed in immediately. A rib roast and those chocolate mousse cups.  A blast from the past.

Chocolate Mousse Cups on a white ceramic tray

Tips for Making Chocolate Mousse Cups

I bet it’s been 15 years since I’ve whipped up these decadent chocolate mousse cups. I agreed with Bill. They were perfect for the holidays.

  • I used a small silicone brush and applied melted semi-sweet chocolate onto the interiors of eight foil muffin liners and popped them in the fridge to chill.
  • When cold and firm, I carefully peeled off the foil and the cups were ready to fill, whether it’s with chocolate mousse, pudding or berries and whipped cream.
  • This time I used the cream cheese based mousse from our local Junior League cookbook, Winners.  I piped the mousse using a star tip, but this recipe wasn’t as smooth as some other versions I’ve made. Apparently, I’m the only one in the family who cares if the dessert looks fancy, so feel free to simply spoon the mousse into the cups and save some work and clean up.

Bill savored every single bite….and reminded me not to wait till the holidays to make these babies again! He would happily indulge in these chocolate mousse cups ANY day of the year!

Chocolate Mousse Cups

Chocolate Mousse Cups

Recipe adapted from Winners, Winning Recipes from the Junior League of Indianapolis

Prep Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Yield 8 servings


  • 8 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 6 ounces semisweet chocolate, melted
  • 1/2 cup sugar, divided
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 eggs, separated (pasteurized eggs preferred)
  • 1 cup heavy cream


  1. Put chopped semisweet chocolate and butter in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, stop and stir and repeat till chocolate is smooth and melted. Using a spoon, spread the chocolate to cover the inside of a foil or silicone cupcake liner. Chill till firm and remove foil. Set aside (refrigerate if your kitchen is warm).
  2. Combine cream cheese, 1/4 cup of the sugar and vanilla and mix well. Stir in egg yolks and melted chocolate.
  3. In another bowl, beat egg whites with the remaining 1/4 cup of sugar till stiff, but not dry. Fold into the chocolate mixture. Whip cream and fold into chocolate till well combined. Spoon or pipe into chocolate cups. Refrigerate till ready to serve. Garnish as desired.


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42 comments on “Chocolate Mousse Cups”

  1. O wow Liz these look pretty amazing but than I have a huge soft spot for anything chocolate really. Just love the stuff… And I’m definitely gonna check out that special from Gallo. Not sure if they sell that here too. I know (and drink) Gallo but have never seen these two. Will check!

  2. I would like at least one.. they look so cute!

  3. Your chocolate cups would be a big hit here too! And I think the berry/chocolate wine sounds pretty darn good too:@)

  4. There I thought you were the queen of braiding bread but now I see your chocolate cup making skills are just as excellent. And what a might fine way to fill those chocolate cups too.

  5. Look perfect and beautiful Lizzy:)

  6. Oh yes! The more chocolate the better. And these are gorgeous!

  7. It’s been ages since I made chocolate cups but now I can’t wait to make some. This is the perfect size.

  8. Bill chose wisely…in so many ways!

    I love reading your childhood stories and about the traditions of your family. Your chocolate cups are perfect!

  9. I looove chocolate mousse in any way- looks truly amazing.

  10. These are gorgeous!! I totally want to make these for Christmas!

  11. I would eat 12 of these. Then rest. Then eat 12 more.

  12. Why in the world would you wait 15 years to make these again? I’m thinking they would need to be made once a month, at least! What a pretty little dessert, Liz. Just the perfect after dinner bite of pure bliss.

  13. Yum Liz! I ove chocolate mousse and yours looks out of this world! Just amazing!

  14. These are super cute. Your attention to detail shows. The JL recipe might not be as smooth as you like, but you can make anything look perfect 😉

  15. I’m agree with Bill, this will be perfect for Christmas’s menu ! This chocolate mousse looks divines ! Rib roast and chocolate, I don’t need anything else for Christmas !

  16. Liz, love these chocolate mousse cups!!!! and just the right size!! I’ve got to check out the new limited edition Gallo wines. . love!!! happy holidays!!

  17. Where have I been?? I’ve never made chocolate cups. These look perfect for the holidays, Liz. I love the cream cheese version of this mousse. These would be great for a Christmas Eve dinner, and my husband definitely wants the beef too 🙂

  18. I totally understand your desire to make deserts look fancy, and my fella is like Bill he doesn’t care he just wants them to be tasty. These look beautiful and tasty, what a great idea, love it!

  19. Wow, that dessert is out of this world! Well done, Liz!

  20. Mousse is one of the first things I learned to make. I have such fond memories of making it for special occasions when I was a kid. Of course my mom did not let me serve it with wine, but there’s nothing stopping me know. GREG

  21. Those cups are art Liz!! They are so beautiful I would have a hard time eating one …..nnaaaa I would probably eat them all!!

  22. There’s nothing as special as rediscovering an old favourite recipe after you haven’t made it for a while. I’m surprised your family let you forget about that one, and I’m sure they were glad to have it back.

  23. Lovely! i love making these chocolate cups and the mousse looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. So glad you dug deep into your recipes archives to share this deliciousness! You have really outdone yourself with this recipe Liz and your photos are just gorgeous.

  25. Lizzy,
    These look so decadent and delicious. I would love these any day of the week. I can’t wait to try them. I wish I had your knack for making everything look so beautiful.

  26. Velvety chocolate mousse in chocolate cups?! I’m in heaven! This might have to make an appearance every year now!!

  27. I have always wanted to make chocolate cups, but I’m not sure I have the patience to make them look as beautiful as yours! I love your tip using the brush – I’ll have to get up the nerve and give that a try. I know these would disappear quickly!

  28. They look marvelous! I wish I could have one now.
    Have a lovely week ahead, Liz!

  29. Chocolate is a must for me at Christmas too, these cups would be absolutely perfect!

  30. I never tried cream cheese in mousse, it sounds so creamy!

  31. Silicone cups. Check! Chocolate. Check! Guess I’d better get busy making delightful chocolate shells and gourmet chocolate mousse =)

    On a slightly more somber note, my heart sort of twanged reading about your childhood Christmas…Looks like Americana at its best or should I say the image I saw when reading the Bobsey Twins =)

  32. Chocolate desserts are my favorite, and these look perfect to me! Can’t wait to try them! The wine pairings sound perfect too!

  33. I love the chocolate cup! I haven’t seen these seasonal varieties of Gallo yet, but I’ll be on the lookout!

  34. I really need to keep an eye out for those wines before they are gone!!!!!!Love the mousse cups!

  35. edible plating is always a plus ;P This mousse is beautiful and the double dose of chocolate is ahhhhh yummmmalicious

  36. These mousse cups look so good! I want to be your taste tester. 🙂

  37. I think I need those wines! And you always make the most beautiful food. I think I want to hire you to cater my next party. 🙂

  38. I’m so pleased Bill will be eating on Christmas Day. Your mousse cups are gorgeous. We have baked glazed ham on Christmas Eve and turkey on Christmas Day. Imagine having to wait until Christmas Eve to get your tree! We used to go out with our father and climb a hill to where the trees were growing and then have great fun choosing one. Then we all had to help carry it back down the hill and try to fit it into the car – great memories xx

  39. The mousse cups are totally super cute! LOOOOVE!

  40. Yours turned out perfectly! Good job!

  41. Love that you put the mouse inside chocolate cups!! That sounds perfect! 100% edible dessert!

  42. I’ve always wanted to try to make my own little chocolate cups for filling, Liz. Your beautiful mousse-filled cups have motivated me to try.

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