Chocolate Truffle Tarts…Baking with Julia~

Well, in true skinny chick style, I’m posting my second dessert recipe of the day.  At midnight I shared Bananas Foster for a Mardi Gras holiday blog hop, but how could I ignore the decadent truffle tarts selected for today’s Baking with Julia?  It is Fat Tuesday, so we’ll make sure to bulk up before Ash Wednesday…where our Catholic family will fast between meals (darn hard for a grazer like me :)).
I wasn’t so thrilled with this recipe when I was rolling out six mini chocolate pastry crusts (pie dough continues to be my nemesis), but they baked up nicely…whew.  After the crusts were cool, I filled them with a flourless batter of  melted bittersweet chocolate, eggs, sugar and vanilla…and then stirred in some diced milk chocolate and white chocolate. After 12 more minutes in the oven, these creamy, decadent tartlets only needed a wee bit of cooling time before serving.  One word: AMAZING.

Our hosts will be the only ones sharing the recipe…it can be found here or here.


  1. All I can is DANG!!!!

  2. Adorable, decadent, delicious – what more does one need from a dessert? Another truly superlative post, Liz!

  3. Your tartlets look wonderful! This is my first TWD post and I’m so excited to browse through and read about everyone’s experiences. Such a fun group 🙂 Can’t wait for next month!

  4. These tarts are so good, I love chocolate and they make me drool!

  5. Fashion, Art and other fancies says:

    I always enjoy a good dollop of something rich on Fat Tuesday;-)

  6. Liz, if I still hadn’t a whole box of bugnes (fritters) I have made yesterday, I would certainly get tempted by these tartlets. Fasting between the meals sounds like a feasible sacrifice 😉

  7. Absolutely fantastic!

  8. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite says:

    I need to try these. I chose to opt out of this one because I just don’t need another dessert at my house! Coincidentally, I did end up posting a similar recipe today anyway LOL!

  9. incapace ai fornelli says:

    they are gorgeous 🙂

  10. mmm chocolatey!

  11. looks chocolicous

  12. The Mom Chef says:

    Those are definitely beautiful tarts. With how gorgeous the crusts are, I find it hard to believe that the stuff is your nemesis! It’s perfect.

  13. Three-Cookies says:

    This looks decadent, great way to ‘wash down’ the banana fosters:)
    “fast between meals” – I do that everyday:) Funniest thing I read all day

  14. Cher Rockwell says:

    It is that time of the year, isn’t it? Fast between meals – too funny 🙂

  15. Jen at The Three Little Piglets says:

    Feel free to post away, as those look amazing! Love the ooey gooey insides!

  16. how much chocolate do you use in you cassa per month, Lizzy dearest? 🙂

  17. Your presentation is amazing – like heaven on a plate
    Great recipe and once more you excel yourself 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. OMG these look AMAZING! The curst looks incredible too, wow, that filling. I can just imagine how delicious this was. Great pics!

  19. Beautiful chocolate tarts, love em’

  20. Hai sentito il mio urlo??????
    Di ammirazione!!!! Buoneeeeeeeee!!!!!
    Un bacio!!!!

  21. Cassie/Bake Your Day says:

    Goodness, I want! These look so wonderful, Liz. I love mini tarts and the chocolate truffle part…yes, please!

  22. Lizzie, I’m begging you… join mine and Kim’s foodie commune… :-p

  23. Kitchen Belleicious says:

    tempting, delicious, beautiful and utterly amazing!

  24. What could I say ?!!!! Fabulous ! hahaha I’ve been eyeing some chocolate pastry crust recipe and I need to try to make it sooner rather than later after I saw your scrumptiousness ;D

  25. Looks absolutely delicious! Such a beautiful little chocolate tart!

  26. Jill Colonna says:

    They certainly do look amazing, Liz. Can just hear you say, Phew, like that. Sometimes can be nervy seeing something that doesn’t look right before going in the oven and hey presto, perfection when they come out. Great job!

  27. I’m still contemplating the banana foster muffins! Now you are swaying me with chocolate. You did Julia proud!

  28. I have muffins on the brain – just drooling over your Bananas Foster and re-imagining them as muffins – so I can give some away!

  29. Pegasuslegend says:

    Wow decadent!

  30. Natasha Price says:

    Very decadent indeed! On my way to check out your bananas foster too!

  31. Holy cow these are amazing looking! I hate dealing with pie crust too, but for these it looks worth it!

  32. I can’t believe how often you post! It’s inspiring and makes me a little dizzy. You are amazing 🙂

  33. Crunchy Creamy Sweet says:

    Oh my, Lizzy! It’s morning and I am already thinking about dessert! These truffle tarts look heavenly!

  34. Beautiful looking tart Liz!

  35. LOVE the oozing, gooey insides!

  36. Balvinder Ubi says:

    Delicious! let me check your banana foster.

  37. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says:

    Wow, that oozing chocolate center makes me crave warm, melted chocolate STAT! 🙂

  38. Jennifurla says:

    Oh my goooooey goodness…yum, your driving the pregnant lady crazy

  39. I was already “in love” when I saw the word chocolate, and then I saw the picture of the oozing inside of the tart!! Oh my goodness 😀

  40. I am weeping with desire! That looks amazing. Simply amazing.

  41. JavelinWarrior says:

    I have to be honest, I probably won’t be fasting at all this Lent (although I probably should!) – but these chocolate tarts look delightful no matter the occasion. I’ve never used a chocolate pastry crust, so I’m headed over to check out the recipe…

  42. Those look positively dreamy. Definitely for the real chocolate lover!

  43. Holy cow these look amazing! Totally worth all that crust rolling for sure. I love those soft gooey middles. Yummers!

  44. Truly mouthwatering!!

  45. Jenny (VintageSugarcube) says:

    That’s seriously heaven on a plate! And I don’t know when I’ve said that recently. LOVE your blog Lizzy.

  46. Lizzy you are killing me… I truly wish I could have one!

  47. Achu's Amma's Kitchen says:

    lizzy cake is fantastic and awesome…

  48. Those are just stunning–I have that cookbook and haven’t used it in years. This may inspire me to get it back off the shelf!

  49. Chocolate pastry dough is tough! Glad they turned out. They look amazing! I wish I had people to bake for. Your family is lucky and so are you!

  50. These look marvelous. I wouldn’t be able to resist them either. Gorgeous!

  51. Your tarts look amazing! I’ll take chocolate any day of the week.
    I have trouble with pie dough too-sometimes it turns out just right, but other times not so good.

  52. Lizzy, Just beautiful! I think I baked mine a bit too long…mine were not so gooey inside. They were totally amazing though!

  53. Asian-spice mix says:

    Gorgeous, yummy and chocolaty looking tart,perfect with strawbery !!

  54. Bestfoodies says:

    This looks and sounds amazing…although with this new confounded heart issue I am having chocolate is for a “treat” only and this constitutes “treat” in my book!

  55. Two wonderful desserts in one day! I can’t decide which one I love more! This tart looks so chocolatey! I am super jealous of those skinny genes of yours!

  56. Oh, real life got in the way of this dish. It looks so tasty I have to make it soon.
    Beautiful photo.
    Thanks Lizzy for all your kind comments on my blog. They do mean a lot to me.

  57. Liz….
    You have to tell me how you stay so fit after eating all these goodness…
    God I cannot eat them in moderation…
    That oozy chocolate center is making me so weak…

  58. While making the crusts is not a fun task, especially the little ones-the effort is well worth it. Your tarts do look fantastic especially with the strawberry on top. However, the richness of the filling I am sure really is the winning component here. Delicious post!

  59. Inside a British Mum's Kitchen says:

    the crust looks perfect!! actually the entire tart looks perfect – ohhh I would love one of those tonight!
    mary x

  60. They look beautiful, Lizzy!

  61. Cool

  62. Great chocolate truffle tarts. How do you keep this skinny?! Must be good genes!! 🙂 Pinned!

  63. Just gorgeous!!! They look beautiful 🙂

  64. Gorgeous, and decadent tarts Lizzy!
    Here’s my list that I would love to make this for:
    Valentine’s special birthday, Christmas, and for a romantic dinner…hint, hint, so the mussels didn’t work for Bill, but how about the special chocolate tarts, with a romantic dinner for two:DDD

  65. Christine's Pantry says:

    Wow! This is amazing. Wishing I had one now. Yum!

  66. Liz – this is terrific! I saw another BwJ post and KNEW you’d be making this one! ….it’s perfect!

  67. Really gorgeous tartlets! And I notice that you like to decorate chocolate things with strawberries, it looks really great! 🙂

  68. These look awesome…am drooling over the pics 🙂

  69. El Pasticcio says:

    Absolutely Beautiful…I’d love one now!! 🙂

  70. I’m tempted to run home and whip these up right now! They sound fantastic and I absolutely love chocolate tarts.

  71. Wow, those look amaziing. I definitely have to check out the recipe and maybe come up with a low carb version!

  72. Your tarts look great Lizzy! Especially the crust!

  73. Looking at these makes me wish I hadn’t waited until March to join TWD … I think I’m going to have to make these this weekend anyway. Yours turned out absolutely beautiful!

  74. One would never say that pie dough was your nemesis. These do look amazing and I love your little tart pans.

  75. YOur tartlets look yummy!

  76. Beautiful! Gorgeous to mix chocolate and strawberries for the color combo.

    Perfect job!

  77. Oh, be still my heart! The creaminess of these tarts is making my heart melt to a gooey consistency. Oh, man… This is just too much… LOVE!

  78. Oh, I really like the crewel embroidered linens. Lovely photos.

  79. YUM that looks delicious!!!

  80. Great photo and how tempting your desert looks! One of the many things I’ve craved in my pregnancy, “fresh fruit & chocolate”!!!! Oh dear, I’m going to have to add this to my list. lol. 🙂

  81. Aww… Thank you so much for linking this beautiful and tasty post to my food link this week. I LOVE these photos and I really appreciate that you took a sec to check out the food photo link!

  82. I’ve been so neglectful of tarts lately (for like the last year really) but these little babies make me want to go dust off my little tart dishes.

  83. Bizzy B. Bakes says:

    These are fabulous and they are being featured at Bake With Bizzy. I am a chocoholic so you can imagine, how I lust for these. Thanks for sharing.

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