Chili Blanca or White Bean & Chicken Chili

I shared this  healthy, hearty and delicious Chili Blanca on our local CBS station during a segment on “preparing for the storm.” We were talking snow, but sometimes a storm hits in another form, like breast cancer. Chili Blanca | Hearty, healthy and delicious white chicken chili

Chili Blanca for Amee

Today, I’m guest posting for Amee, blogger and friend over at Amee’s Savory Dish. Amee is a healthy food blogger, healthy eater and a fitness coach as well as a wife and mom to two school-aged children. So you can imagine her shock when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It can happen to anyone! I’m helping her out today by sharing this chicken and white bean chili AKA Chili Blanca while Amee recovers from surgery. To read more about Amee’s story, check out her blog post about her diagnosis. And pop over to see my recipe. I know I speak for Amee when I encourage all women to get their mammograms. Early diagnosis is key! (Note: Amee’s blog post is not live yet. I’ll share the direct link once it is!).

Chili Blanca | Hearty, healthy and delicious white chicken chili

Healthy and Flavorful

I go back and forth with whether traditional beef chili or chicken chili is my favorite. It’s too close to call. This Chili Blanca is full of both chunks of chicken and loads of beans for an extra boost of protein. Plus lots of veggies and spices for a most incredible entree. I followed the recipe Gaea, one of the sponsors of my TV appearance, supplied except for replacing the water with chicken broth for more depth of flavor. Feel free to add some diced red bell pepper for a spot of color or even some jalapenos if you want more heat. This recipe is just the framework. Tweak it to make it your own. If you like it spicy, you may want to serve it with some sour cream to tame the fire. I loved topping my bowl with shredded cheese and a dusting of minced cilantro. Please head on over to Amee’s Savory Dish and check out the recipe and offer your support. This cancer diagnosis has rocked her world and prayers and good thoughts for her and her family are needed.

Chili Blanca | Hearty, healthy and delicious white chicken chili



  1. I have never had a white looks scrumptious and comforting!

  2. Lynn@Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Sounds like a hearty meal. Wishing Aimee a speedy recovery!

  3. I love white bean chili! I make it relatively frequently. How nice of you to help Aimee out. Hopefully she makes a speedy recovery.

  4. My mom makes a great white bean chili that has always been a family favorite. This looks equally delicious!

  5. Dear Lizzy, what a warm and comforting soup…this sounds delicious dear. xoxo, Catherine

  6. Absolutely my favorite chili! A good make-ahead dish too

  7. I am sorry to hear of your friend and fellow blogger, I shall send good thoughts her way.
    I’m with you about it being difficult to pick one as a favourite chili but I think it’s all in the spices. This one looks like a mean contender for any storm, particularly a snowy one! Of which I am hopeful we are totally over now.

  8. This chili looks delicious. You’re a good friend to help Aimee out. I am stopping over now to check out your recipe.

  9. I hope your friend Amee will be safe and get well! It’s terrifient thinking about all the breast cancer are around us. Your soup is the best thing you could make for her. Thanks for sharing Liz. Take care of your friend. xx

  10. Cancer can strike anyone, regardless of eating habits. You are such a thoughtful friend to help her keep her blog up to date while she recovers. The chili is so yummy!

  11. Beef chili for me, I think, but chicken chili is awfully good stuff, isn’t it? How nice of you to write a guest post for Amee! On my way to check it out now . . .

  12. Wishing Amee a speedy recovery. I’ve made beef, chicken and venison chili. Your dish looks delicious.

  13. Looks very delicious.

  14. I love beans in dishes, they make a meal tasty so hearty and good for you:)
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

  15. Gee second post I comment on today that deals with cancer. Hope Amee makes a full recovery. Great post and Chili Blanca recipe, love having chicken in chili too. Awesome for the TV spot!

  16. what a warm and comforting soup. Looks very delicious.

  17. Sooo lovely of you to help Amee out….My prayers are with her…And my praise goes to you for picking up lots of fans in the food blogosphere and TV land! Your chili blanca does indeed look like a storm buster.

  18. I love white chicken chili and love finding new versions. Praying for a speedy recovery for Amee.

  19. Best wishes to Amee.

    Could you please tell me how many serves of Chili Blanca there are?

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