Chicken Liver Gâteaux with Pickled Onions #FrenchFridayswithDorie

I have no qualms eating liver pâté…in fact, I rather enjoy it. So does Bill…shocking I know. The picky husband will eat chicken livers.  But there’s something about whizzing raw livers in the food processor with cream, milk, brandy, eggs and herbs…I just couldn’t get beyond the pink color of the blended liquid..ewww.  But I had a New Year’s Day gathering to attend and my friends are always happy to be guinea pigs for my gourmet creations. This Chicken Liver Gâteaux was definitely party food.

Making me even more squeamish, the recipe plainly stated to remove any veins, fat or greens spots from the chicken livers…thank goodness that was not necessary. On with the recipe.  Dorie recommended placing individual buttered ramekins filled with this custard mixture. into a bain marie, or waterbath, to bake…then serving the warm gâteaux or “cakes” on a bed of greens with some pickled onions.  By chilling the custard, the cakes became more like pâté…and that was my ultimate goal. I bought some crackers for this spread and garnished my liver pâté with fresh sage and said onions. The Francophile in the group declared it quite impressive…and I still have one ramekin in the fridge…waiting for me to sample. I finally worked up the courage as the pink puree  became a distant memory…yup, I LOVED it. I can’t wait to see what my fellow Doristas thought of this Chicken Liver Gâteaux.

Don’t you love my new flan dishes/ramekins? I won a Le Creuset giveaway from my friend Roxana, at Roxana’s Home Baking. Lucky me!!!

This recipe can be found on page 190 of Around My French Table. The publisher has asked us not to share the recipes which have not  been previously posted.



  1. I had chicken liver pate similar to this one years ago and absolutely loved it, much to my surprise. Individual ramekins make it elegant, they look wonderful and it´s no wonder many liked it! Have a great weekend Liz!

  2. I DO love your ramekins! I’ve never seen chicken liver pate look so good. haha. Seriously, though–that’s probably the best pic anyone could get of this dish. Good for you for trying it and loving it. Maybe I’ll build the nerve eventually.

  3. Taking On Magazines says:

    You’re way braver than me, my friend. Not a fan at all. I’d say I’m shocked that Bill liked it but Hubby loves liver so there’s no accounting for husband strangeness. Congrats on winning Roxana’s giveaway. The ramekins are beautiful.

  4. I grew up on pate thus I don’t mind this one bit!! YUMMO! 🙂

  5. Yay – Mr Bill and Mr Neil agree!!! Lovely ramekins!

  6. Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb says:

    I love love love pâté! I mean really you should see me Liz. Everyday I have pâté but the bought version from europe. My mum even send me some over from austria for christmas (together with the salami!). Yours looks so perfect and I have to go to the fridge now or I ll go nuts just looking at it.

  7. Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb says:

    PS Great that you moved to wp. Much easier now to comment. thumbs up! 😉

  8. I love the ramekins! I have to say I am a bit skeptic because liver scares me. This is so pretty though, I don’t think I would be able to resist trying it

  9. Your little dishes are definitely pretty and the sage on top looks ever so cute! I was a baby and didn’t make this one but I’m glad it was a hit for you and your friends!

  10. Oh my, I love a good pate. My grandmother used to make something similar so I’m used to the texture and color of the livers. One of these days I’m going to have to break down and buy that book.

  11. Geraldine Saucier says:

    Beautiful job:) I am glad you and hubby enjoyed the pate.

  12. Nice! I do like pate, but i like it served to me. I’m not such a fan of prepping liver. Good job!

  13. I need that book! Dorie is so inspirational. And, completely adorable ramkins.

  14. Beautiful, but I don’t think that’s any surprise! I like the idea of serving it cold, I might give that a try in the future. Lovely job as always, Liz!

  15. Courageous to work with liver. I did a paté once too and I know all about the ‘ew’ factor. But your results look fantastic!

  16. I felt exactly the same way. I like liver and had no qualms about eating it. But the whole blender thing was a bit gory. I just kept thinking of the SNL Bass-o-matic bit. Luckily it was tasty in the end and I really enjoyed the leftovers as well.

  17. When I was pregnant with my son and daughter I actually craved liver curry my mother makes. It’s a very spicy curry and my mouth would water just thinking about it. I would not mind eating this pate’ …. if someone made it for me. LOL… yes… I would be too squeamish to see it whirl in a food processor. 🙂 I am also very surprised your hubby likes this one! Good for him. 🙂

  18. I belong to that small club that liked this week’s recipe too 🙂

    Great photos and I hear you on the livers in the blender/food processor thing. So unappetizing looking before being baked. But, great job!

  19. I was raised on chopped liver or chicken liver pâté and have always loved it. Yours looks beautiful and I’m sure if its one of Dorie’s recipes it must be good.

  20. disappionted no recipe, but can’t justify buying another cookbook, especially since I’ve given away several hundred in the past couple of years because I just don’t have the room where we iive now. It took me over 40 years to collect them all and was extremely painful to let some of them go, though I do still have 5 shelves of them, plus what’s in the computer. Guess this is one recipe I will just have to live without. I need to pull out my old ‘Cooking in a Small Kitchen’ and make my go to pate; which I haven’t done in a while.

    • I know! It bums me out when I can’t find it published on-line and I’m unable to share! Thanks for stopping by, Nancy.

  21. Well, you made this liver dish look quite lovely, however……..I was not brave enough! Well done and I’m happy you had helpers to eat this food…I wouldn’t want to be stuck with too much! well done! I must say that I’m proud of you!

  22. I can’t comment on the chicken liver gateaux because I opted out this week … just couldn’t motivate myself to try it! However, I LOVE your ramekins!

  23. Beautiful presentation Lizzy! I would have loved to try this one but have don’t have anyone to share it with, oh well! Good to hear that it was enjoyed by your family-;)

  24. I’m glad you and your guests enjoyed this. Believe me, it tastes much better chilled than warm.

  25. This looks really good. I love liver pate. I’m going to go look up the recipe in the book right now.


  26. I’ve never tried pate and can’t say I have plans to, but I adore your ramekins!

  27. You make it looks so beautiful 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  28. Oh yes! I was going to make a comment on your ramekins but didn’t know you won Roxana’s giveaway! That’s wonderful! She has a great taste. I looove red too! You know, this chicken liver dish is the most beautiful chicken liver food I’ve seen. In fact if you don’t tell me, I may not recognized from the look. My husband is more gourmet than me and he enjoys all kinds of meals including chicken liver. Me, not so much but I can eat it, usually pass, but I’ll try this new way of eating chicken liver tho!

  29. I commend you for making this. I’m not sure if I could do it. I can tolerate liver but it’s not a favourite. Your ramekins are very cute.

  30. Liz, what an elegant presentation of your Chicken Liver Gâteaux – I adore these Le Creuset ramekins, they have the most wonderful color and this distinctice French look that I simply adore! The fresh sage leaves and the pickled onion rings on top of your perfectly baked Gâteaux look so very fresh and delicious!
    Have a great weekend!

  31. No matter what this looked like in the process, the results are lovely and delicious looking Lizzie! And those red ramekins are so pretty, love them with the red gingham!

  32. I’m so like u, Liz! I can take liver pate, but can’t take liver straight. My hubby is worse. He doesn’t take liver except Foie Gras! Lol! I’ve never tried anything like this before; it’ll be interesting!

  33. Beautiful Pate!!!
    I have not been much of a fan but DH loves it… will show him this…
    He still bake your cookies 🙂

  34. N I just realize there isNo Recipe…:(

  35. I was with you on the vein, green spots thing. Thank goodness Nana handled that part for me 🙂 I am ok with liverwurst and pates but I would still prefer not to make them myself. Glad your hubby enjoyed this – mine did but will still have to go to Nana’s if he wants to get it again……

  36. Lizzy , I just love chicken liver 😀 Thinking of that pink puréed liver is not appetizing though ! lol Your red ramekins are as delicious as that gâteaux 😉

  37. “Chopped” liver is a common Jewish holiday food so I was subjected to it regularly as a child and now, whenever we attend holiday gatherings at Brian’s family. I can handle it if it is very finely pureed and made with sauteed onions. I probably couldn’t deal with making it though. 🙂 I’m thoroughly impressed that hubs would eat this! 🙂

  38. Lucky you for winning the beautiful dishes! We love paté too so I was happy to make this one but like you the processing of raw liver made me squeamish. I tried not to look at it:)

  39. Beautiful ramekins Congrats!
    Your gateaux is lovely – I am impressed that you had so many takers. Bravo!

  40. I was admiring your ramekins. How fun that you won them! This was popular in my house too. Nice job! We ate it over salad. I have one more ramekin left which I’ll try spread on crackers. Yum!

  41. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten chicken liver before, mostly pork. So I’d be curious to try this.

  42. Hotly Spiced says:

    I grew up eating pate because my mother made it all the time. I think back then it was hard to source in shops so if you wanted to eat it you had to make it. There were always chicken livers waiting to be cleaned! Not the best job but over time I got over my squeamishness. I think individual ramekins is a great idea. xx

  43. Your gateaux looks delicious!!! We love paté and gowing up in Europe it was often on our table. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  44. Hi Lizzy – I’m not a huge liver fan, ever since I botched a batch of liver when I was pregnant. However, if you made it, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. I’ve been on vacation the last 10 days. I’m still busy until Feb 2nd, but I’ll catch up on your blog posts. 🙂

  45. It’s the red fluted ramekins that turned your husband on to the chicken liver paté. In a plain little glass ramekin, it would have been a non-starter for him. I am sure of it. I will be interested to know if you enjoyed this in a “salad” version. A pate, with crackers, cheese, fruit. Yes. But, sitting down to an entire serving of the chicken liver mixture as the salad before moving on to the main course, not so sure. I found it very filling.

  46. Beautiful presentation. We loved this, too, especially served as pâté. The blending was challenging, though.

  47. Magic of Spice says:

    Those ramekins a very pretty indeed…and your gateaux came out perfectly!

  48. This is so elegant! beautiful presentation, I would love to try this recipe

  49. Beautiful ramekins and I bet the chicken liver gateaux tastes even better!

  50. Yum. I absolutely hate liver but you are right – some sort of magic occurs when you whiz them with their best friends, cream and brandy. This looks especially delicious in those lovely new dishes, Liz. Bon Appetite!

  51. Your dish looks fantastic Liz!
    I like liver too, but I decided to skip this recipe mainly due to the heat we are having here in Sydney and I caught up on a summer recipe I missed previously.
    I didn’t read the liver recipe, but after reading your post and learning that fat, veins and green bits need to be removed, I won’t be in a hurry to catch up on this one 🙂 !!!

  52. Lucky you to have people who enjoyed them. They look beautiful in those ramekins. This recipe is definitely not for the squeamish. 😉

  53. This sounds interesting:) I usually cook chicken liver with lots of sauteed onion and a bit of tomato paste, along mashed potatoes:) and can be very delicious even if it’s liver.

  54. Your ramekins are awesome! So cool that you won them! I had my “sous chef” do the dirty work of deveining and cleaning them. It was the only way I could handle them! lol. Your presentation is great!

  55. Glad you enjoyed yours! Certainly love your baked tops! Mine cracked quite a bit… well two out of two anyways…! 🙂

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