Chicken Kebabs

Feta Chicken Kabobs
Yogurt works magic in a marinade…it must be the lactic acid which tenderizes this chicken so nicely…and the garlic, feta, rosemary and Dijon add fabulous flavor.  I copied this recipe  for Chicken Kebabs from a television show at least 15 years ago…and have upped all the seasonings from the original.  If your garden has an abundance of rosemary, go ahead and strip a few sprigs to use as skewers…the fringe at the end will most likely char and burn if your BBQ master is anything like my hubby, but the rosemary flavor will permeate the chicken from the inside out. You may want to pre-poke the meat and veggies before threading them on the herby stems.  If you don’t want to go to the extra effort, traditional skewers work just fine.

Chicken Kebabs~

1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese (French feta preferred)
1 tablespoons minced garlic
1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
3-4 thinly sliced scallions
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
6- 8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, each cut into 6-8 cubes
Zucchini, red bell pepper, red onion chunks, optional
Rosemary sprigs with most of leaves removed to use as skewers, optional
Mix yogurt, feta, garlic, rosemary, Dijon, scallions, salt and pepper. Marinate chicken cubes in mixture at least one hour and up to 8 hours.  Skewer chicken on metal, wooden or rosemary skewers alternating with zucchini slices, red bell pepper and onion if desired.  Grill till meat is cooked.


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  1. This marinade looks fantastic! I’m always looking for new chicken recipes since it’s a mainstay in our diet…we eat it at least twice a week for dinner.

  2. This sounds amazing. I would love to give this a try. My mouth is watering just from the looks of the photos.

  3. Great way to use rosemary and to jazz up chicken!

  4. My kind of food Lizzy, perfect pairing with the corn.

  5. I totally agree about the yogurt…these sound delicious.

  6. The Vanilla Bean Baker says:

    The idea to use the rosemary is wonderful. Love chicken kebobs!

  7. This sound interesting with yogurt as the ingredient to marinate the kebabs!

  8. I have bookmarked this recipe, the use of yogurt & feta,plus the rosemary sprigs has sold me on it. Buzz Buzz

  9. I love yogurt, what a great way to use it. I think I’ll try this this week…Yours just look so delicious!

  10. Pegasuslegend says:

    My goodness your the only one I know that make make these a work of ART! Just gorgeous!

  11. I’ve done the rosemary skewers and they add amazing flavor to the chicken. But have never done it with the yogurt and that looks loos irresistible. On my taste-filled summer agenda!

  12. sherri lynn says:

    These look delicious! I love anything we can make on the grill!

  13. My favorite…I have prepared them numerous time this summer. Have a great week 🙂

  14. i love this

  15. Using rosemary as a skewer is such a good idea!

  16. That is such a great idea, Lizzy!! Rosemary skewers! Love it. It must have added so much to the kebabs. I’m going to have to try it!

  17. Three-Cookies says:

    Yogurt does do miracles in the marinating department.

  18. I love kebabs, xxLOL gloria

  19. Angie's Recipes says:

    I really love the idea of using rosemary as a skewer. Yummy!

  20. That marinade is phenomenal!

  21. Great idea Lizzy! I like the rosemary skewers! I am sure they tasted fantastic! I too love yogurt in marinades, I think it makes all meat taste wonderful!

  22. These sound super flavorful! That marinade sounds perfect!

  23. Lizzy….what a perfect recipe for the grill! My rosemary grows like weeds…so the skewers are a fabulous idea! (And that corn in the background is gorgeous…I imagine it was nice and sweet!) : )

  24. Cassie @ Bake Your Day says:

    We love kebabs and make them very often but have never used yogurt as a marinade, it sounds wonderful!

  25. Oh my gosh…this is perfect! That’s my kinda food! And that chicken…wow!!

  26. I love using rosemary for the skewers. Looks so tasty and delicious.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  27. Lark (SparkyLarky)@ Lark's Country Heart says:

    I love chicken kabobs! And these sound divine!

  28. Christine's Pantry says:

    Rosemary skewers… great idea!

  29. Rosemary skewers are a fantastic idea. Way to go!

  30. Parsley Sage says:

    Niiiice! Loving the rosemary. I’m thinking this is perfect for a Caribbean BBQ!

  31. Okay so you’re a total genius. Love this.

  32. Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking says:

    LOVE the idea of rosemary skewers! The marinades sounds delicious as well. Thanks, Lizzy!

  33. 5 Star Foodie says:

    The chicken must be so tender and flavorful, excellent with the yogurt in the marinade. And I love the rosemary skewers, neat!

  34. Lizzy – this looks magnificent! I recently discovered Greek Yogurt as a marinade and I can’t get enough of it…it’s amazing! I love to use rosemary stems as skewers – so flavorful. GREAT post!

  35. Wow! That is one amazing marinade!
    and I love the rosemary skewers
    very creative

  36. I love kebabs, but I never tried chicken kebabs.. Oh, I am so hungry now 😀

  37. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I never thought of using rosemary as skewers and I really love your creativity. I know the nice fragrance will do a great job on chicken. Like everyone else here, I think this marinade is very tasty!

  38. Anonymous says:

    What a perfect weeknight dinner! A little rice and you’re good to go. I could’ve used these guys last night but will put them on the menu for next week. Thanks bunches!!! kate

  39. So yummy! This looks great! Love the rosemary for skewers.

  40. I bet the rosemary sprigs impart such a wonderful flavor to the inside of the chicken. Your kebabs look so delicious.

  41. BonnieBanters says:

    I can just imagine the delightful flavor this marinade and the rosemary skewers impart!

  42. That is unusual – rosemary used that way. Looks delish!

  43. Even though I make my own yogurt twice a week, I’ve never tried it as a marinade! I guess I should!

  44. I think it’s really hard to take a good kebab pic. I try and try and nada. It’s the taste that counts anyway. These sound like they taste amazing.

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