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Chestnut Pear Soup

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Chestnut Pear Soup would be perfectly acceptable for my girlfriends, sweet, smooth and elegant….but not manly enough for the big guy.

Chestnut Pear Soup
Chestnut_Pear_Soup (3)

Nope, the hubby didn’t touch this one. In fact, I didn’t even tell him about the half batch I cooked up and parked in the fridge. I could just imagine the conversation we’d have if I offered him a serving with his dinner. He’d tell me he didn’t like chestnuts (which he’s never even tasted), that he didn’t like fruity soups (despite the onions, leeks, chicken broth and other savory ingredients) and then maybe take a small spoonful to humor me. I didn’t want to go through all of that.

Chestnut_Pear_Soup (5)

I make a lot of executive decisions like that. Instead of dealing with the recipe rejection, I whip up something just for me and enjoy it for my lunch during the week. Inspired by Pierre Hermé, French pastry chef extraordinaire, Dorie took the “bland” chestnut and made something lovely. Ripe pears and chestnuts were added with chicken broth to the aforementioned aromatics along with some celery and thyme and simmer till tender. My immersion blender pureed this mixture into a latte colored soup…which was ladled into a soup bowl for one and topped with a thin slice of pear. The forgotten creme fraiche was left in the fridge for future mid-day meals.

This was a lovely Chestnut Pear Soup …I wasn’t much of a fan of the chopped chestnut garnish, but they were wonderful pureed into the soup.

A half version of this recipe can be found here.

Things you may need for this recipe:

Utility Knife

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40 comments on “Chestnut Pear Soup”

  1. A lovely presentation! Surprisingly my DH finished off the rest for lunch and dinner on the same day! I enjoyed it too!

  2. I would definitely like to try this soup, such an interesting combination, perfect for fall.

  3. Sounds like a nice seasonal treat Liz:@)

  4. This is a wonderfully seasonal soup – though I think it would be so much better with freshly roasted chestnuts (from the streets of Paris 😉 right?)

  5. Lizzy, I just love the combination of the pear and chestnuts in this awesome yummy and comforting soup for the fall season…and perfect for the holiday! xoxo

  6. Ohhhhh, Mardi is going on about Christmas in Paris again (just read and commented on her Blog). She makes it sound as wonderful as I suspect it is. Not in my future, Liz. You? I think your Post spoke for most Doristas who are humoring their husbands while they cook the book. I have made so many recipes that Michael would have grimaced over with his “not in my back yard” facial expression and this is one of them. I loved it – am planning to use it, as you suggested, for a ladies luncheon. Although I cut the broth that Dorie required, I will add more to give it the smooth and sophisticated “ladies who lunch” appearance. Your photos are lovely – what a pro you are.

  7. Isn’t it funny how I now think of your husband each time the month’s assignments are announced? lol. Its true. I was unsure of this one but it really grabbed me. I quite love it and if my guests hadn’t liked it as well I would have been more than happy to keep it all to myself this week.

  8. Our husbands seem to have a lot in common, Liz. Mine has just downed a plate of langoustine risotto, and had 2nd helpings – having said last week that he absolutely hated risotto. I told him it was paella and that seemed to make all the difference 🙂 – anyway, I’ll be trying your chestnut soup out on him – it looks AMAZING! – but I won’t tell him the ingredients. We’ll see what happens.

  9. This would be a wonderful dish for a girlfriends lunch, Liz. I was also thinking of serving it for Thanksgiving…for those with an adventurous palate. Love your presentation…very pretty! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love the flavors of chestnuts and pears. Very elegant – and French =)

  11. I have never tried a chestnut soup…Yours look quite delish!

  12. It looks great for a lunch but I can’t imagine a husband eating it!!. An executive decision well made

  13. You were very wise to hide this one from Bill. I’ve certainly never had a chestnut and pear soup. Chestnuts aren’t at all common in Oz and we rarely cook with them and mostly you can only find tinned pureed chestnuts in delis. This would be interesting to try for sure! xx

  14. Glad you enjoyed this soup. Every now and then you need to make executive decisions when cooking:)

  15. Your soup looks delicious. Love how you placed a whole slice on top!

  16. Liz your soup sounds quite exquisite… my Peter would most likely turn up his nose too.

  17. ah Lizzy all you make look delicious:)
    This week was a mess for this I dont visited so much dear!!

  18. LOL – one day you will trick Bill into trying something outside the square and he will love it. Until then, this soup looks sensational – you always find a way to jazz it up and make it look elegant.

  19. This soup looks wonderful Liz, I adore pears and it sounds very delightful blended together with the celery, leeks and chestnuts 🙂

  20. This was not a husband-friendly recipe, at least for you and me. I love your pear garnish. It’s gorgeous.

  21. This looks like something you would find in Epicurious Magazine. Chestnuts, eh?

  22. I love how you discuss hubby’s taste in food. 🙂

    Where do you buy vacuum sealed chestnuts? Are they ready to be added?

    Love this combination!!

  23. chestnuts are pretty hard to find in Australia when not in season but when they are, I go crazy over them and roast them almost daily. Will try to make your soup next!!!

  24. That’s just nearly too pretty to eat.

    When I make something I know John won’t eat I get it ready to photograph and then sit down next to him and say, “You can’t have any.” Then the conversation starts. 🙂

  25. Good for you just going for the soup for yourself. I get tired of everyone’s in my family’s lists of likes and don’t likes. So glad you enjoyed it.

  26. Haha, poor Liz. Reminds me of when the boys were young. That’s rough – considering what a gourmet cook, you are! Anyway, wise strategy! Your soup sounds like something I would love!

  27. It certainly looks pretty! I love the way you plated this. I made a chestnut soup a while back and really didn’t like it. It was just too rich for me. Oh well – you can’t like everything, right?

  28. The soup looks very good, Liz, I love the combo of flavours.

  29. I think I would have to agree with you about the chestnut garnish… I like pureed soups to be creamy and simple. Never thought to do a fruit soup like this. 🙂

  30. What a gorgeous chestnut soup, pear with it would be an awesome flavour burst 😀


  31. I must confess that I haven’t tried anything with chestnuts but this sounds like a wonderful fall soup!

  32. You had me LOL at your knowing what hubby would (and wouldn’t) go for. Seem that many of us make these executive decisions abound in the kitchen, no ? Too funny. So glad that you enjoyed the soup and your presentation, as always, is just gorgeous. Wish I had thought to slice a pear on top as you did- that is simply stunning !!

  33. Thank you for sharing this unheard-of soup recipe 🙂
    There’s something very graceful about your food styling and photos 🙂


  34. Liz, a very elegant presentation of your Chestnut-Pear Soup – it looks so smooth and has such a rich color – I feel the urge to make this soup again soon when I look at your pictures. We really enjoyed this recipe with the combination of sweet pears and the earthiness of the chestnuts!
    Have a fabulous Sunday!

  35. Oh YUM!
    What gorgeous flavours!!
    Great recipe and images.

  36. Gah! Your photos look so warm and inviting. Wintry but warm.

  37. I haven’t learned my lesson, I still try to get everyone to like it 🙂
    Lovely presentation, Liz. Fortunately, everyone enjoyed this one.

  38. Lovely presentation! Your slice of pear is beautiful. I do this sometimes too. I end up eating a lot of whole grains for breakfast, because it just isn’t worth making them for dinner and trying to convince my husband to eat them. I’m glad you enjoyed the soup, it did make a nice lunch.

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