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Oh, did I have high expectations for this recipe for Cheesy Crème Brûlée. We adore crème brûlée around here and I have blogged about numerous recipes including Dorie’s. This would be my first savory version…and I even went the cheddar route versus using Comté. a French cheese similar to Gruyère, thinking it might be a bigger hit with the family.  The list of ingredients was promising: cheese (Parm with Comté or cheddar), heavy cream, whole milk, egg yolks, freshly grated nutmeg, salt and white pepper. Sounds yummy, right?

First, I used only 4 ramekins instead of 6…maybe that was my error. I strained my custard with its hint of nutmeg as per usual…and didn’t find any curdled eggs which is always a clue that disaster is ahead. So far, so good. I put cubes of  cheddar in the bottom of my dishes, then topped with the custard. Baked at 200º for 50 minutes, I added 15 more due to the size and depth of my ramekins. They still jiggled slightly, but I let them cool…topped with shredded cheddar and Parmesan…and “brûléed” the tops with my kitchen torch.  When I dug in, I realized they hadn’t set properly. I still managed to eat mine, but Bill and Tom were underwhelmed. Even asking Bill if he’d try another if I baked it longer…he adamantly declined. Sooooo….I’m thinking this was my goof as the classic crème brûlée recipe I use contains 7 yolks for 4 cups of cream…and this had 3 yolks for 1 3/4 cup cream/milk…it should have worked. Maybe I should have followed the instructions more explicitly…I have no shortage of ramekins!

Edited to add: the one leftover that sat in the fridge overnight was a much more acceptable consistency. So I would recommend watching your baking time…only the very middle should jiggle when done baking. But I wouldn’t hesitate to add a third egg yolk if I try this one again. But I’m pretty sure our next crème brûlée will be made with sugar and vanilla…

This recipe can be found on page 148 of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.

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52 comments on “Cheesy Crème Brûlée #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. I know I’m going a bit back here, but I couldn’t pass this post without commenting. These look so good!!

    I feel so bad they didn’t quite meet your expectations but I’d say this is one recipe worth tweaking a bit and trying again! ;D


  2. Honestly – it looks GOOD !!
    I love your honesty, and courage
    Errrrrg it’s so frustrated when it happens
    I hope you try again

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