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Skinny Tips

Along with healthy and not so healthy recipes, there are 55+ Skinny Tips sprinkled throughout the blog. Offered are tried and true tips for keeping slim.  For example,  Eating Slowly, Keep Well Rested, Not Cleaning Your Plate are found at the end of blog posts marked with #SkinnyTips.

The name of this blog, That Skinny Chick Can Bake, often leads readers to think it’s full of healthy recipes. Practicing moderation is what keeps this skinny chick slim. These Healthy Tips are things I’ve incorporated into my routine. Not necessarily Weight Loss Tips, but ideas for keeping on track with Healthy Eating.

Balancing healthy food and exercise with the occasional indulgence is key. Giving away and abundance of desserts helps, too. Portion control is crucial, but also getting rid of temptation.

Volunteering for funeral dinners, food bank donations (if they accept home baked goods), etc. are ways to enjoy a couple cookies or a brownie without eating the whole batch.

Peruse the 55+ Skinny Tips at the end of these posts to see if any will help your plan for Healthy Eating!

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