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Bubble-Top Brioche Rolls

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An arctic chill settled in the Midwest. The sub-freezing temps created a perfect day to stay in, crank up the heat in the house…using the excuse that warmth is needed to proof the dough.  You all will back me up on that, right?  I’ve made  brioche dough before…combining both a Nick Malgieri recipe and Dorie’s.  Buttery and sticky, this dough bakes into a delicious, tender roll.  Dorie eliminates the fussy, classic shape, called brioche à tête, and instructs us to shape these like Parker House rolls. This time I kept my eyes exclusively on Dorie’s instructions…knowing that there’s always room for improvement (and better photos)!

The house smelled incredible while these were baking.  Darker than my original attempt (darn this new oven), they were still outstanding. Dorie’s recipe can be found here in Bon Appétit.

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72 comments on “Bubble-Top Brioche Rolls”

  1. I made brioche loaves one time, very addicting and delicious. Making them in a small batch as rolls is probably a smarter way to go. Your rolls turned out amazing-yum!

  2. I have pan envy! Your rolls look great. A nice way to withstand the cold:)

  3. Your brioche molds are so cute, Lizzy. I love how defined the bubbles turned out. I am shivering just from reading your post and all the comments. It is not even 65F˚ here in Puerto Rico!

  4. Another winner from the Doristas! I love that you’re working your way through this book! The rolls look amazing….I understand your frustration with your oven – I’ve discovered mine runs about 15 degrees cold….I’m gonna have to get the darn thing recalibrated!

  5. The smell was incredible when they were baking and I loved the smell of them when they were rising. Yours look so pretty with their fluted bottoms.

  6. Cute little brioche tins, they really do help to class the rolls up a bit. I was too lazy in the end to roll out all those little balls and decided to make a brioche loaf instead. And next time I will probably be even lazier and just buy brioche from my local bakery!

  7. Maybe I’ll want to make these more if I have the tins. Is that reason enough to go and buy the tins?!

  8. Yum! I love brioche, I used to make it pastry school all the time. I need to make it again. I’ll have to try your recipe they look delicious and beautiful. Thanks for sharing at DIY blog hop! come check my blog out sometime and share some love too! I bake alot over there!

  9. Also your newest follower can’t wait to check the rest of your blog out!

  10. Wow those puffed up beautifully! I love warm brioche with raspberry jam in the morning. Mmm…..

  11. These rolls are so pretty, Lizzy! I LOVE those tins you used!

  12. These are beautiful Liz!!!!

  13. Seriously beautiful Lizzy. I’ve never tried making them but they are on my list.

  14. I’m catching up your posts and realized that you really have CONTINUOUS amazing recipes! NON STOP! I love brioche and this looks super delish!

  15. I love your blog! Happy new Year!

  16. Love citrus, love curd and so appealing in this beautiful tart! Thanks!

  17. These look to die for. I’m so mad at myself that I haven’t been doing Dorie’s like I’d planned when I signed up. I need to go check it out to see what’s on the list for this Friday.

  18. Oh Brioche! What a wonderful bread to ring in the New Year! I am happy to have more time on my hands…hopefully it means I can create something just as delicious as this in the week ahead. Many blessings and much love from Austin. Thank you for sharing with me!

  19. They look beautiful…if it were that cold here I would stay inside and bake too.

  20. Those are some really gorgeous brioche Lizzy. I can’t believe how diverse your recipes are. Just when I’m expecting a dessert, you give us a lovely bread recipe. 🙂

  21. I’m a little jealous of your midwest temperatures – it was 85 degrees when I made these on January 2nd. If the temperatures don’t cool down soon we will completely miss spring and go right into summer. Love this post and the photos – it is really a great display.

  22. Yum, i could use a big heap of these right now since all I eat is soup…. The perfect dipping instrument!

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