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Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake

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Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake – simple, yet multi-faceted and it’s ideal for any occasion. Serve it with tea in the afternoon or dolled up at the end of a fancy schmancy meal.

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake - a delicious, versatile cake

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake

I’m delighted to be back with Tuesdays with Dorie. Twice a month, we’re posting from Dorie Greenspan’s latest cookbook, Baking Chez Moi, which features uncomplicated desserts from her Paris kitchen.

This loaf cake, for instance, only contains butter, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, vanilla, eggs, cream and some optional booze. Nothing that most of us don’t have in our kitchen at any given time.

But it’s a few tricks from Dorie, and a specific order for adding and mixing ingredients that makes this one special. Unsure of what a constitutes a “weekend cake?”  Dorie defines it as “a simple, sturdy cake that will last the weekend, that can be put out to be nibbled by family and houseguests…” Sounds good to me.

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake - a delicious, versatile cake

Dorie Worked Her Magic

First up in this Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake recipe was the brown butter or beurre noisette, which Dorie also referred to as “hazelnut butter.” Unsalted butter was cooked till fragrant, browned and nutty. It provided an irresistible caramel nuance to this cake—I wish I could bottle the divine aroma.

The next twist was the vanilla. In a pinch, use vanilla extract, but a fresh vanilla bean is worth the splurge. I split one down the center and scraped out the tiny seeds. Her tip was to use your fingers to  massage the vanilla pulp into the sugar till it becomes moist and  fragrant. This nifty trick works magnificently with citrus zest, too.

The dry ingredients were whisked together and set aside, then the eggs were mixed into the vanilla sugar, followed by the cream, and rum or Amaretto (I used the latter). I used a large rubber spatula to fold in the dry ingredients, then added the butter in two stages and mixed till incorporated. About an hour in the oven and you’ll have a sweet nibble for your weekend guests.

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake - That Skinny Chick Can Bake

You may need these supplies to make this brown butter vanilla bean weekend cake recipe:


Here is a link to Dorie’s recipe for Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake from her latest cookbook, Baking Chez Moi. See what the Doristas thought of this recipe on the Tuesdays with Dorie LYL page.

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24 comments on “Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake”

  1. Vanilla bean gives such a profound flavor to sweets. This is one fine cake Liz!

  2. How I miss posting with the Doristas! Who can say no to brown butter + cake, right? Love this one Liz!

  3. While I am fond of most cakes, this kind is my favorite:@)

  4. This was spectacularly good in all its simplicity.

  5. Oh, I love the look of the top of your weekend cake!

  6. this looks fantastic!

  7. This looks fabulous and simple as well! 🙂 I love this kind of all rounder cake. A great one for visitors!

  8. As always, your cake looks fabulous, Liz! Glad you are back baking with us! I am enjoying a toasted slice of this cake with my tea, as I write! Happy Tuesday!

  9. This might just be the most perfect way to spend my snow day.

  10. soooo pretty!! and I of course love that the browned butter & vanilla get to shine!

  11. I would like to spend a weekend with this cake and those lovely berries-just perfect Liz-I’m glad you’re back on the TWD adventure 😉

  12. Lovely, just lovely. Great to be baking with you again. Left a note for you on your blog comment on my cake this week answering your question. Those berries are making me wish for summer even more so than I already am!

  13. Yes please to brown butter and vanilla bean, what a fabulous cake!

  14. Beautiful cake. This one was worth making for the fragrance alone!

  15. Nice to see you baking with BCM! I didn’t get this one made but will have to sometime! Beautiful!

  16. Your pictures are amazing!

  17. J’aime cette gateau recette, mon amie, Liz. J’adore les choses simple et délicieuse! So glad to know I can make something Dorie Greenspan gourmet and do-able! =)

  18. Beautiful as always!! I will confess, I used vanilla bean paste, but the vanilla flavor was wonderful. I love the Amaretto on the side =)

  19. This is such a gorgeous cake to be able to make on a whim when you need an impressive treat or just to satisfy a craving.

  20. Your cake turns out lovely! I love the aroma of the vanilla and the rum. A wonderful cake for weekend snacking indeed!

  21. Your cake looks lovely with the berries – a great way to serve it.

  22. Wow, Liz! Such gorgeous photography! Glad to see another substitute for the rum. I think many different liqueurs would work well!

  23. What a beautiful and simple cake, brown butter just adds a kick of flavour 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  24. This is a very different mixing technique and I will definitely try it.

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