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Boeuf à la Mode (AKA Great Pot Roast)

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We dipped into the 40’s last night…and the morning started with cranking up the furnace and sitting at the computer with a hot cup of tea in a cozy bathrobe. It was the perfect day for Dorie’s Boeuf à la Mode (which translates to beef in the style…meaning an American version of pot roast). The French are more likely to cook a stew…where the meat is cut into chunks, not a big slab o’ meat. This four pound chuck roast was marinated overnight in a bottle of red wine with onion slices, celery and carrot chunks and a bouquet garni of fresh thyme, rosemary, parsley and a bay leaf. The next day, the liquid was reduced then bolstered with beef broth while the chuck roast was seared. After the meat was removed from the sauté pan, the marinated veggies took their stead and were browned as well with a good slosh of cognac. Next, a bit of the liquid was cooked down with some anchovies and tomato paste. The meat, veggies, reduced marinade, bouquet garni and anchovy liquid were all placed in a Dutch oven and popped in the over to cook for a couple hours.

Like with my Beef Stew with Red Wine and Tomatoes, the house filled with a heavenly aroma during the cooking process. I knew it would be a hit. Buttered egg noodles were the base for slices of this post roast, veggies and juices, but mashed potatoes or rice would be just as lovely. If cold weather is headed your way, this is the perfect dish to put on your menu.

This recipe has been shared on the Cooking Light boards.

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49 comments on “Boeuf à la Mode (AKA Great Pot Roast)”

  1. Reading your description of this dish, I almost feel like I would need such cold weather to fully enjoy this nice comforting meal. You know the feeling when you come home and this warm food is waiting at the table… I love that feeling of being home! Wow 40F is so cold already! This sounds very delicious!

  2. So jealous of your cold weather! Actually, it was pretty chilly here in AZ today and it made me so happy! What a perfect cold weather meal this is!

  3. This pot roast looks wonderful and sounds perfect for a cooler night. I can imagine how good this tastes and smells. Love that you paired it with buttered egg noodles – sounds so good!

  4. Yum! I love these meals that cook slowly over a couple hours… Makes the house smell wonderful! I see you’ve added many layers of flavor-sounds good:@)

  5. This one was great, yes but so many steps that I am not convinced really made much difference. But now I have made my first pot roast ever, I will know to make one again – delicious! Yours is so pretty in those individual serves!

  6. Marinating overnight in wine and onions looks to be a winning idea. Definitely will keep this recipe in mind for dinner guests =)

  7. Seared beef? A slosh of cognac? Cooking for a couple of hours? What’s not to love! I hope you had to sample the cognac before you added it. It’s a perk of preparing the meal, after all. It looks amazing, Liz. I was breathing deep to try and catch the aroma.

  8. Love the thought of warming up and being cozy…after it cools down here. 😉 perfect photo of this dish!

  9. Wow, i can imaginge the savoury taste of beef and anchovies combo…
    well done!

  10. This looks delicious although I am not ready for temperatures that chilly. I will take the 60s we are still having and make this dish.

  11. We LOVED your Beef Stew with Red Wine & Tomatoes, so I know we will love this one too. Can’t wait to try it.

  12. We are still resisting turning the heat on… but we cheat and put a space heater on in the office. Your roast is lovely. You served it with broad noodles? Great idea.

  13. Thanks for sharing the recipe and hope you are having a fabulous week

  14. Holy Moly, Liz. You’ve made pot roast look so tempting! Beautiful photos. I can almost feel the comfort and warmth this brings during these cold fall (and winter) months.

  15. Very nice, Liz, and I like the idea of buttered egg noodles. This recipe certainly produced enough gravy for thrashers, so the egg noodles or mashed potatoes would be perfect. The smell is almost the best part. While my pot roast was cooking, I had a couple kids from the front desk helping me hang pictures. They kept commenting on the aromas coming from the kitchen. I hated to send them off without samples…..they looked pathetically sad about that. BTW, on page 15 of the November “Saveur” magazine, their is a crudité platter that looks like something you would or could do. It just reminded me of your style.

  16. This will definitely warm you up. I need to add this to my rotation. Love it!

  17. What a perfect dish for our chilly weather too Liz. JT just made his Bœuff Bourguignon today and the house smelled wonderful so I can just imagine how lovely your home smelled too! I love the large chunks of meat and that a knife is never needed with the slow roasting in the wine. I also love the generous slosh of cognac, what a depth of flavour that must add. Buttered noodles sound like the perfect accompaniment to this hearty and flavourful dish. We’re taking the bœuff bourguignon to my bother’s cottage on the weekend, with home made sesame bread and the kale salad (I just can’t get enough of it) because it’s Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday. So in light of our holiday, I wish you happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  18. Sounds like it couldn’t have been a more perfect day to make this! I’ve been thinking of two-day long roasting sessions too, and not only for the cold- it makes the house smell unbelievable. Hope you’re enjoying a calmer weekend than you have been having lately!

  19. Lizzy this look sooo good! xo

  20. Such a beautiful dish! I love the way you have described it. Makes me long for the cold weather and definitely this pot roast.

  21. Comforting, hearty dish…So ideal for this cold weather!

  22. I can just imagine the heavenly aroma in your house.

  23. OMG love the hearty presentation of real comfort food! Big Yumms!

  24. It would still be delicious no matter what season 😀

  25. I love how the meat was marinated overnight. It would have made that cut of meat not only full of flavour but very tender. That’s a great meal for cooler weather xx

  26. This is so perfect for the icy cold weather we have today…warming, comforting and delicious!

  27. Delicious looking pot roast, Liz! It was delicious and enjoyed by all, on my end! I’m trying to enjoy the warm weather as much as possible. I know I will be going home to late fall. Which in NJ means evenings in the 30’s and 40’s. I always find it funny we choose October to go south because October is a gorgeous time at home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. After some extremely hot days, we’re heading for a rainy weekend, so maybe it is time to make this. It does look amazing! And your opening sentence just makes me want to make it now.

  29. Pot roast….soup…..chili…..’tis the season! Love fall and so many comfort foods like this. Looks fantastic, Liz.

  30. Wow, Lizzy…can’t believe how the temperature dropped in your area..brrr…don’t know if I would like this cool in October! Looks like the perfect comforting and super delicious pot roast to warm you up and cracking up the furnace for some much needed warmth! xoxo

  31. Sounds like the perfect thing for the change in seasons. I went with mashed potatoes, but I was considering egg noodles. Next time! I agree with you. This smelled truly heavenly.

  32. How perfect is this on a cold wintery night and a crusty bread on the side. Looks so amazing Liz.

  33. It’s been quite cool and dreary here in NC too, sure wish this wonderful sounding meal was cooking away in my oven right now.

  34. Looks yummy!

    I made a beef roast cooked in beer, horseradish and beef stock (with other savory seasonings), mashed potatoes and parsnips and brussels sprouts roasted in bacon grease. YUMMY!!!! And perfect for a chilly evening.

  35. Lizzy,
    We had some mornings starting in the 30’s but then it got warm again. Strange weather but definitely time for stew. This looks like a delicious recipe.

  36. Love the dishes you served the pot roast in, and buttered noodles are perfect with it. Looks
    so delicious. I will definitely make this one again.

  37. Your pot roast looks so flavorful, perfect for a cold fall or winter evening!

  38. There’s nothing like the smell of a roast, is there. Looks great Liz!

  39. We are getting hit with loads of rain…. but the temps haven’t been too bad. The week before we had to turn on the A/C because we almost hit the 90’s. I just hope we don’t skip the fall weather completely…. we are keeping shorts, jackets and coats all on the ready. 🙂

    This is one hearty dish my family would adore. I also like to slice it up and make sandwiches. 🙂

  40. I need to make this again just to try it with buttered noodles. I have white rice too ingrained (ha!) in my side dish repertoire. Here’s hoping you continue enjoying the comforts of fall before it the temperatures really start dipping.

  41. Your roast looks great! I usually serve roast with mashed potatoes, but the noodles look like they would have been perfect with this recipe.

  42. Yum!! …just Yum!! 🙂 Hope you have a great week ahead, Liz. I cannot believe how you churn out so many posts. You do more than anyone I know!!

  43. Gorgeous, as always, Liz.
    Love the buttered noodle base. Definitely something to keep in mind!

  44. Yup- it is pot roast/stew weather in PA too. Not happy that it is getting cold (though I love the change in seasons….) but dishes like this remind us how wonderful hearty meals can be. Warm the body and the spirit. Great idea for the noodles and of course, your photos are gorgeous….

  45. We loved this one too! Perfect cold weather food!

  46. How frigid that must feel after such warmer weather not even a week ago! The day we made this was exceptionally hot for the week, it was still in the 80s here, but the next day for lunch it was cooler and this hit the proverbial spot! : )

    I’d always wondered if people actually buttered noodles and I feel like you answered that for me today!

  47. I’m a little envious of your temperatures. We are supposed to be 93 today, and it is hard to get in the mood for fall/winter foods. It’s great to see this with the buttered noodles – the dish really reminded me of beef burgundy.

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