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We dipped into the 40’s last night…and the morning started with cranking up the furnace and sitting at the computer with a hot cup of tea in a cozy bathrobe. It was the perfect day for Dorie’s Boeuf à la Mode (which translates to beef in the style…meaning an American version of pot roast). The French are more likely to cook a stew…where the meat is cut into chunks, not a big slab o’ meat. This four pound chuck roast was marinated overnight in a bottle of red wine with onion slices, celery and carrot chunks and a bouquet garni of fresh thyme, rosemary, parsley and a bay leaf. The next day, the liquid was reduced then bolstered with beef broth while the chuck roast was seared. After the meat was removed from the sauté pan, the marinated veggies took their stead and were browned as well with a good slosh of cognac. Next, a bit of the liquid was cooked down with some anchovies and tomato paste. The meat, veggies, reduced marinade, bouquet garni and anchovy liquid were all placed in a Dutch oven and popped in the over to cook for a couple hours.

Like with my Beef Stew with Red Wine and Tomatoes, the house filled with a heavenly aroma during the cooking process. I knew it would be a hit. Buttered egg noodles were the base for slices of this post roast, veggies and juices, but mashed potatoes or rice would be just as lovely. If cold weather is headed your way, this is the perfect dish to put on your menu.

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