Boca Negra with White Chocolate Frangelico Cream #TuesdayswithDorie

Our second Tuesdays with Dorie recipe this month was very apropos for Valentine’s Day…an extremely rich, creamy sensation called Boca Negra…which translates to black mouth. And even better than just a magnificent chocolate wonder was the topping of white chocolate cream. As with all our TwD recipes, we have a host blogger, Cathy, of A Frederick Food Garden, who has the recipe on her site. Pop over to see her cake and check out the recipe for this amazing Boca Negra with White Chocolate Frangelico Cream here.

This was far from my prettiest chocolate cake…even an extra 5 minutes in the oven (when the recipe states to bake for exactly 30 minutes) was not enough to set this mousse-like dessert. So mine was less than photogenic, but extremely rich and delicious…and perfectly fine for my Valentine, a self proclaimed chocoholic. Thank goodness a cascade of raspberries and white chocolate cream did wonders for camouflaging the cracks and ooze. The cake called for bourbon in both the cake and cream…but I used my favorite hazelnut liqueur, Frangelico…but cut the amount of booze in half for the topping.  There was also the flipping of the cake out of the 9 inch cake pan to remove the parchment….hmmmm. I thought I could skip this step by making mine in a springform pan. But here’s where the softness of my cake caused more trouble. Even after chilling, the middle was too soft…and caused me great grief trying to remove it, sans parchment,  from the pan to the serving plate. Sooooo….next time, I will follow the instructions AND make sure I bake till there’s an obvious crust on top despite the baking instructions. Bill thought it was sensational….so I think it was a success after all.


  1. Kristi@My San Francisco Kitchen says:

    All that matters is that is tasted good! 🙂 It looks beautiful!

  2. I always seem to read your posts before heading to bed, so tonight I will be dreaming of chocolate! The white chocolate Frangelico cream looks mouth-watering!

  3. Still looks a lot better than the cakes I’ve tried to bake in the past regardless of how long I did or didn’t put in the oven. 😛

  4. Oh my goodness… this looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Hotly Spiced says:

    Oh dear. It does sound like this recipe has some definite tricks up its sleeve. From the photos shown, I think your chocolate cake looks really delicious – rich and decadent and the cream and raspberries are the perfect accompaniment. And your raspberries look really perfect xx

  6. Death by chocolate, n’est–ce pas? Delicious and totally decadent Liz!

  7. I think it’s meant to be moussey inside, mine certainly was (though I did not have any trouble unmolding it pretty much straight out of the oven). I guess you should trust your instincts next time but I am like you and with unfamiliar things, I tend to follow the recipes to a T. In ay case, yours looks lovely and I am glad Bill enjoyed it!

  8. The baking time was not right for me either, and unmolding it hot was a mess. I hate following directions when I know it´s not coming out like it should, but I like to see if they deliver, so it doesn´t help sometimes. Your cake looks awesome Liz, really gorgeous! Mine was a pudding. And I should go and buy another bottle of frangelico, I absolutely love it and run out of it.

  9. Hi Lizzy! I baked a chocolate cake for V-Day too! … and also served with raspberries!

    Nice shot!

  10. Liz yours look fine to me.. thats the way it turned out for everyone! unless as you say.. it was a bit too soft in the center for you.. but you cant see that in these pics!! It looks perfect in fact!!

  11. Your cake looks wonderful, Lizzy, with the white chocolate and raspberries. You can’t tell at all that it was soft in the center. I thought it was a bit fussy with the parchment as well (I used waxed paper) especially since I did four little ones, but it sounds like it did serve its purpose. So glad that Bill enjoyed this one.

  12. This cake looks amazing… So soft, creamy, moussy… and these raspberries… I have to have a quick chocolate “fix” (a piece of dark chocolate) otherwise I won’t stop thinking about it all day and night. Thank you for introducing Cathy’s blog!

  13. This is gorgeous! I love how fudgy and dense it looks!

  14. Beautiful! Mine cracked as well. Frangelico, what a great choice.

  15. Frangelico is my favorite liqueur as well. I don’t know that I could handle the cake, but if you could just pour me a glass of the white chocolate cream over rocks, I’d be one happy, happy woman.

  16. That skinny chick can take photographs! Looks beautiful! Mine cracked some but then reset as it cooled. I actually baked mine for 30 minutes and it came out fine. I had to bang the pan hard to get it to fall out, but it held together. I used a dark cake pan… maybe that helped? Usually I have to bake things longer with the recipes in this book. Again, Liz, yours looks so gorgeous.

  17. I think Fangelico would be an awesome replacement for the bourbon in this cake. Beautiful work with this one, Liz – the individual piece certainly looks spectacular!

  18. A very delicious and lovely dessert. Two chocolates in one dessert – you can’t beat it.

  19. Your pictures are beautiful, and your cake turned out perfectly.
    I love the sauce served with, it seems delicious!!!!

  20. Wow. I wish you lived close to me and that we were best friends so you could invite me over to eat that with you! Yum. Stumbled!

  21. Oh it looks great, a real baker knows some cake are about taste and not looks. The camouflage with Frangelico is an excellent choice 🙂

  22. Yours has turned out perfect! Lovely with raspberries and white chocolate sauce.

  23. so many wonderful things going on here I dont know where to start first! The cream- oh my! The chocolate frangelico- I would eat it all up before anyone got home:)

  24. This is so beautiful and fancy. I know it’s fancy not only because it looks divine… but it took me a minute to figure out how to even say the name. 🙂 LOL!

  25. This looks perfect! Love the white chocolate on it! I would definitely ask for the second slice!

  26. Lizzy I love raspberries, look awesome!

  27. Despite the challenges you experienced, Liz, this dessert looks amazing. White chocolate sauce and raspberries elevates the already elegant mousse. Frangelico – with the touch of hazelnut – makes it more like French restaurant fare, too. N’est-ce pas?


  28. Your cake looks beautiful to me and great job camouflaging any errors. It’s simply gorgeous!!

  29. Your pictures looks lovely even with your issues. I had the same issues and used a springform pan as well. I decided to just put it in the fridge and harden it up. It was good then.
    Glad you enjoyed the cake for valentines!

  30. Such a delicious looking chocolate dessert.

  31. Lizzy, I checked out the recipe and wow, it is a very rich cake. Full of chocolaty goodness. And I also learned that boca negra means black mouth, which is what you get when eating the cake. I guess it wouldn’t do to smile at your date when eating this, right? Hee..hee…

  32. Loved your substitution of Frangelico for the bourbon. Your photos look beautiful and don’t reveal any flaws whatsoever. Beautiful post.

  33. You are sweet and very honest. 🙂 I think I would have enjoyed this cake too and by the sounds of it hubby loved it, so, yes – still a great success!!

  34. It seems that you aren’t the only one who had issues with this recipe. Your presentation as usual is gorgeous and I am so loving the white chocolate and raspberries!!!

  35. oh this is such a gorgeous and decadent dessert! i love that you used frangelico in here!

  36. Beautiful pictures. And the raspberries are a nice touch.

  37. Beautiful looking photos, Liz!! This was a totally decadent and irresistible dessert! Mine cracked along one side when I inverted it onto the plate! A perfect treat for Valentine’s day!

  38. Gasp! (was my initial reaction when I saw your first photo) The gasp was one of awe!!! OMG! Your pics are amazing. So beautiful!!! I can’t even finish typing this, as I keep scrolling back up to look at the pics. Superb! 🙂
    I baked mine for an extra 20 minutes, as 30 minutes would have been a pudding for me.
    It really is a great cake. I loved it and hope that the next time I make it, it turns out just as good!

  39. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    I would have to agree with Bill and wish I had a bite. It does look sensational. Love it, Lizzie!

  40. Wow what a marvelous looking dessert! Frangelico is amazing, I can only imagine how great this tastes! Must save this recipe 🙂

  41. Frangelico, yum!
    Your dessert looks lovely and I see no evidence of any issues 🙂

  42. Liz, this is beautiful and sounds absolutely amazing!

  43. Cutting the booze in the white chocolate cream was a smart move — man, did that cream have some kick!

  44. Wow it looks stunning. What a lovely treat for Valentine’s day:)

  45. Less photogenic ? Nah ! It looks sumptuous ! The white chocolate cream plus the gorgeous raspberries are even worth drooling over 😀

  46. Liz, a perfectly elegant presentation of this wonderful Boca Negra cake. We adored this cake too and, as you always so aptly point out, if you take the time and choose a good-quality chocolate, the end result will be delicious! I really like the color contrast of this dark fudgy cake with the fresh berries!

  47. It’s the first time I am hearing of Boca Negra:) I am sure it was delicious:)

  48. I’m just imagining myself wrapped around this cake, marrying it, and I mean…obviously eating it. OHMYGAWDDDD

  49. I used Frangelico too. Should have added it to the cream as well since I didn’t like it all that much. Your photo is great- this cake wasn’t pretty but it sure was delicious.

  50. It sure made me drool looking at it. All of our creations can’t be perfect everytime but if it tastes great that’s all the counts. I’d take a slice right now even if it is 10:00 in the morning!

  51. I sympathize with all your issues and have been there too. So frustrating! But it looks pretty good to me so you did a neat save and I have no doubt it was still delicious.

  52. I had to bake mine longer also, but looks like you did a great job camouflaging the cracks with the yummy white chocolate cream. Great photos!

  53. Well it sounds sensational and the berries make for a lovely presentation.

  54. Chocolate.. You know decorating it with raspberries you made it look even more tempting!

  55. It looks good to me, especially with the raspberries! The unmolding was definitely tricky, but it is good to know that a springform was not any better because I did wonder. Thanks!

  56. Great use of raspberries and frangelico cream! I think your boca looks really good. This cake worked well for us, it wasn’t the most photogenic cake by itself but was easy to ‘glam’ up.

  57. That cake looks rich and delicious, chocolate perfection!

  58. What a fantastic treat!! Thanks for being a part of the YBR. 🙂

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