Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to focus on lighter meals and side dishes. When the weather is hot and sultry, you’ll be happy my blogger friends and I have shared our Best Summer Salad Recipes. They will definitely hit the spot! 

These Easy Summer Salad Recipes are terrific for side dishes or entrees on a sultry day! These are some of the Best Salad Recipes hand selected by some of the top food bloggers and are guaranteed to be delicious!

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Why You’ll Love These Salad Recipes

  • These recipes will inspire you to try something new instead of your usual salads.
  • You will be a hit at your next potluck with a unique, delicious salad!
  • Topping with grilled salmon or a boneless skinless chicken breast will transform some of these salads into an entree.

Cool and refreshing summer salads are perfect for those nights when it’s too steamy to spend any time over a hot stove. Whether used as a side dish with a quick grilled entree or as the entree itself, we have loads of marvelous easy salad recipes to share with you for the dog days of summer. Let me know your go-to warm-weather salad recipe in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients Go in a Summer Salad?

Use fresh seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini,  corn, radishes, and greens like lettuce and spinach. Fresh berries, summer fruit like peaches, cherries, and apricots, dried fruit, and cheeses along with grains like pasta, quinoa, and farro are all delicious options.

What Are Good Salads for Picnics and Potlucks?

First, you’ll want to avoid perishable ingredients like salami, chicken, mayonnaise, and sour cream unless you can keep the salads chilled to prevent them from spoiling. Instead, try a pasta salad or coleslaw with a vinaigrette dressing. If you have a cooler, then potato salad, caprese salad, and other salads with creamy dressings or ingredients that must be chilled are terrific options.

I hope you’ve found some terrific inspiration to try over the next few months among these wonderful Summer Salad Recipes! Don’t forget to pin to have instant access to all the links. Which one do you want to make first? I’m going to start at the top and work my way down. There’s not one that I’m not dying to try! Check back in July when we’ll be sharing our favorite summer desserts and treats.

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