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Welcome to my kitchen! I thought I’d give you a tour of mine, and tell you how we designed it. We went through a full remodel 16 years ago, when my youngest was still napping and in diapers. This Kitchen Tour is sponsored by Sub-Zero Wolf.

What was I thinking? I had a vague idea of what look I was going for (basically a casual elegant space to cook and gather with my family and friends).

Canisters for holding kitchen tools

A Kitchen Tour, Sub-Zero and Wolf Delicious Designs

It is a privilege for me to spread the word about the 10th Kitchen Design Contest sponsored by Sub-Zero and Wolf. A huge payoff of over $140,000 in cash will be awarded to kitchen designers. This highly respected contest was created to honor those in the design industry who incorporate Sub-Zero and Wolf products into their kitchen designs. There is a People’s Choice Award which is voted upon by the general public (which I hope will include YOU!)…and that winner will receive a whopping $15,000! Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post as you can become a winner, too! I hope you’ll indulge me with a kitchen tour, too. Knives and cutting boards on kitchen counter
Knives and cutting boards

Sub-Zero Wolf

Sub-Zero was founded in 1945 and their versatile product line includes built in and†integrated† outdoor and under counter refrigeration as well and wine storage units. Wolf Appliances gained their popularity in commercial kitchens, and is now the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cook tops and grills. From sleek stainless and integrated panels to cobalt blue interiors and iconic red knobs, these two companies have led the way in innovated kitchen design for over 65 years. Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances are part of my dream kitchen!   How about you?

Blue Bahia granite island and glass paned cabinets

The granite island is a great spot to park hot cookie sheets and muffin tins

The baking area with canisters and mixer

The counter where all the baking magic begins!

 Use a Kitchen Designer and Decorator

Classic white cabinet doors with recessed panels were a given…but I needed a LOT of help beyond that. I spoke with my interior decorator and friend, Mike Arnold…he helped me look over our architect’s drawings as well tagged along when I met with my kitchen designer. It was of great benefit to have a second set of eyes…and a creative visionary with me. It was my decorator who raved about a speckled granite he had come across…Blue Bahia was its name…a cobalt blue with specks of black and white. We selected a slab and went from there.

My kitchen designer helped me choose my Sub-Zero and dishwasher and ordered panels to match my cabinet doors. The other appliances were black to play off the black in the granite island top. Quite a few of my cabinets had mullioned glass fronts…some even had glass doors on both sides to let in light.  I love seeing sparkling goblets and crystal reflecting the morning sunlight which enters via my east windows. My kitchen designer looked at all the magazine pages I had clipped over the years and got a good feel for my style…and made fitting suggestions to make my space unique while reflecting my personal taste. With the blue granite in mind as a focal point, Mike helped me find a gorgeous floral fabric with shades of red, blue, tan and greens…and we used that in a topper for the window above the kitchen sink as well as to upholster two chairs in the attached great room. Now I could bring in my favorite reds along with the other colors into my kitchen for accents.

Art belongs in the kitchen as much as the rest of the house. My sister’s paintings line the walls and a large blue bowl from a local potter has its home in one corner. Slowly the room became my own… over the years, I added antique rugs to the Brazilian hardwood floors and cherished family photos to my desk. The dishwasher and ovens have since been replaced, and I’ve been toying with getting a Wolf range…again will need the assistance of a kitchen designer….will it work in my space? Will I be able to find more Blue Bahia for my island? A major kitchen decision can be even more costly if you don’t do it right the first time…so make sure you hire professionals who you trust to guide you when doing any renovation. And choose appliances that withstand the test of time.

Sub-Zero logo on refrigerator

Personalize Your Space with Art

Art belongs in the kitchen as much as the rest of the house. My sister’s paintings line the walls and a large blue bowl from a local potter has its home in one corner. Slowly the room became my own… over the years, I added antique rugs to the Brazilian hardwood floors and cherished family photos to my desk.

The dishwasher and ovens have since been replaced, and I’ve been toying with getting a Wolf range…again will need the assistance of a kitchen designer….will it work in my space? Will I be able to find more Blue Bahia for my island? A major kitchen decision can be even more costly if you don’t do it right the first time…so make sure you hire professionals who you trust to guide you when doing any renovation. And choose appliances that withstand the test of time.
Window above the sink
Glass front cabinets

Giveaway (CLOSED)

And lucky YOU can enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Check out all the winning Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest designs, and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award. Tell me WHICH design you voted for and WHY. Each comment fulfilling these two requirements will be entered into a random drawing.

My computer desk with dog beneath

My furry friend, Lambeau, is never far away..always available to lick up spills

Kitchen bookshelves full of cookbooks

The cookbook collection…only the favorites land on these kitchen shelves

Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post

b) Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

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d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 4/1/13 – 4/30/13

Be sure to visit the Sub-Zero and Wolf brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links; view my Disclosure Policy for details. I earn a small percentage from any purchase you make by clicking on these links at no extra cost to you.

168 comments on “A Kitchen Tour, Sub-Zero and Wolf Delicious Designs”

  1. Your kitchen gets my vote, Liz! But, I also voted for the circular seating around the kitchen as well as the looong work area. Oh, my what a dream to have such space.

    Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity to partner with top of the line kitchen creators =)

  2. I voted for anything with nice open spaces AND windows. I don’t know but I love glass and I love the way that huge panels of it allow light to come it.

  3. First of all-love your kitchen

    I’m not sure how to describe the 5 that I voted for, but they were all open, had island, and lots and lots of light! They looked comforting and homey, the way a kitchen should 🙂

  4. Let me tell you your kitchen doesn´t look like it´s 16 years old! I love Lambeau keeping you company…

  5. Hi Liz, I went to the site and voted for my top faves . . . all light and bright kitchens! Love your kitchen re-do! Sweet giveaway!

  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous, Liz! And Lambeau is as sweet as heck!

  7. Liz, your kitchen is bright and beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  8. Modern, minimalist, yet functional. Lots of surface area, easy to clean, but not too big….
    I also vote for Lambeau.

  9. I voted for white, open but not to modern. 🙂

  10. Oh to be in the USA! I love your kitchen, especially your special bookshelves for your special cookbooks – how convenient. I have a special place in my kitchen for my dogs too! xx

  11. Wow, what a kitchen! It’s absolutely lovely, Liz. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this great giveaway!

  12. I am looking forward to the day I can do a remodel of my kitchen! I have a lot of changes in mind. Yours is gorgeous and it’s a fun campaign!

  13. Beautiful kitchen, Liz, and I often wonder how anyone cooks without a pet under foot or watching from across the room.

  14. HI! Thanks for sharing your kitchen! I put in my 5 votes and the ones I saw were amazing! I look for total functionality in a kitchen without having to go in circles, there should be a great flow in a kitchen. I also love spacious kitchens as well. Color is important as well because I don’t like a kitchen to look institutional.

  15. Love your kitchen. Very airy and bright and very well organized. We have a Springer Spaniel named Mindy, and if we had a desk in the kitchen area she’d be right under it, too. She has her little spot near the kitchen that she always goes to and lays down, watching, and waiting for anything to be dropped on the floor for her to lap up! Also love your choice of cutlery. I’ve had Cutco knives for almost 40 years and love them!

  16. Love the looks of your kitchen!!!!

  17. I am so jealous of all the light in your kitchen. What a wonderful spot to spend many hours hanging out.

  18. Your kitchen is gawwwwwdgeous!

  19. I voted for design #27 because I loved the curved design of the counters and the marble finish.

  20. I voted for the kitchen with the dining room table in the center and the large open windows. I picked this one because of the clean look and all the natural light.

    I love several elements of your kitchen – the neat bookcase, the see through cabinets and most of all your baking assistant!

  21. I voted for a kitchen with a curved island because I think it looks unusual but is very functional.

  22. tweet–

  23. Totally envious of your beautiful kitchen, Lizzy. You are very blessed! Enjoyed reading all about it. I designed two of my kitchens in Canada. What a delight they were. One day…one day I might get to do the same here; we just have other priorities right now. I have other perks that make up for what my kitchen lacks in our tropical home so that’s good at least. 🙂

    I’m not entering the competition.

  24. P.S. Seeing your doggie under your desk made me miss Smiley. Waah!

  25. I voted for the white kitchen because it looks elegant and I like the color

  26. Your kitchen looks exactly how I imagined it to suits you..quaint, cozy and lovely. My kitchen looks 30 yrs old. You can see Boy George in the chrome.

  27. oh, so pretty Lizzy! Love your kitchen. Thanks for a great giveaway!xx

  28. Beautiful kitchen Liz…I love the open space and lots of light…awesome!
    Nice giveaway my dear 🙂

  29. I love your kitchen and all of its little cozy spaces. Thanks for giving us a tour as I know how this is really your hidden sacred place and your sanctuary. I also need one of those white fluffy hoovers that do clean up duty on my kitchen floors too.

  30. Love your kitchen, so envious of all the space you have. So light and bright too.

  31. What a shame I’m not a US resident, great prize!

  32. You have a great kitchen, Liz. I love it.

  33. I voted for the kitchen with the glass door fridge, I have been wanting a fridge like this for quite a while so it immediately grabbed my attention

  34. i voted for the 2nd kitchen- the classic white- so vintage but modern! love it!

  35. I find myself gravitating toward kitchens with white cabinets, so that’s what I voted for.

  36. I vote for the very first picture. I love how clean it looks and modern. Its just a fresh and clean feel

  37. Your kitchen is beautiful, Lizzy. Very warm and inviting yet functional. I want a Sub-Zero fridge so much but could buy a new car for what it costs. Tough decision. If I lived on a good bus line I might consider it.

  38. I know I can’t win Liz but I had to drop by and peak into your gorgeous kitchen! It’s really timeless to have retained its beautiful design over sixteen years, a testament to your exquisite taste.
    Tell me about your granite…you can put hot cookie sheets on it? I thought you’d risk cracking it? We chose Canadian Soapstone because it can handle 500F right out if the oven, but it doesn’t wear well; soapstone is soft and marks very easily. Yes, you can sand it smooth but it’s really more rustic looking (perfect for a cottage, for sure).
    I wish everyone well in this lovely contest.

  39. Love your kitchen! The glass doors are gorgeous and love that bookcase! When I remodeled this summer the one Wolf product I bought was the stovetop. I LOVE IT! Bobby keeps asking me how I ever lived without a fifth burner. I mostly love the variable size burners and the simmer option on all of them is awesome! Thanks for the tour!

  40. I collect cookbooks and love a kitchen with built in space for the books. I only picked 3 to vote on. Honestly most of them seemed cold to me but there were 3 that seemed like a real family kitchen. I was raised that the kitchen was the center of the home and most of those seemed more like showplaces than homes.

  41. Nice kitchen designs. Nice blog. Love the bookcase and cupboard designs

  42. I like YOUR kitchen. Someday, I’ll have a spacious kitchen w/ plenty of storage again.

    I chose five kitchens and had a difficult time since many were WAY too modern for my aesthetic. The first two I chose because I could see wine fridges, and the others featured a Wolf range, and had some wood to temper the steely cold look of many of the designs. Not sure if this link will show my choices:

  43. I voted for #6, the mostly wood kitchen with the stained glass fronted island. I think it’s elegant but also welcoming. It would make a great room for a family to gather in.

  44. i voted for the kitchen that had gray tiles with stainless steel and glass and exotic hardwood cabinetry. I liked the sophistication of the design and smart use of space.

  45. First off I love your kitchen (though you might really wanna re-think those curtains)

    On the site I voted for 5 kitchens; one with a French looking plaster hood over the range, one with a library ladder, one with a giant butcher’s block center island, one with smart looking black hardware and one with cool looking soda fountain stools. I did this really because all of those things in one form or another are things that i would like to do in my own kitchen.

  46. I voted for my top 5. I liked ones that had more modern appearances (the one with the see thru fridge door was pretty innovative) and also welcomed lots of light.

  47. I don’t know the name of the design I voted for, but it was lovely with the hard wood floors, matching hard wood cabinets, the island, and soft lighting and off-white paint. Felt homey and comfortable, for a kitchen, and a kitchen I would want to be in all the time.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  48. 2nd entry tweet –
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  49. The stainless steel one(they don’t have names) because it is so sleek.

  50. I voted for the kitchen with the maple cabinets, towards the center of the page. I like how warm the maple cabinets make this kitchen look.
    Thanks so much.

  51. I voted for one with dark marble counter tops because I thought it gave the kitchen a very elegant look

  52. One of the kitchens I picked had a large, curved counter space! I loved the look of it and all the room to work 🙂 My current kitchen is a tiny box with ZERO counter space, so all that room and style was dreamy 🙂

  53. All 5 of my votes really looked alike….they had the same qualities of sleekness, openness, and a modern feel. Of course, YOURS is wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Your kitchen is beautiful, Liz! I love that your writing/baking buddy is always nearby! Thanks for sharing & hosting a great giveaway!

  55. I didn’t see which number I voted for but it had a curved doorway in the background and a vented hood with a pretty flower design in the back. I like it best because it isn’t so modern like a lot of the other ones.

  56. I like a more traditional look so I voted for the kitchen with the oak cabinets.

  57. All of them are so beautiful. I look the rich look of the oak cabinetry with lots of windows and counter space. Looking at them, I could imagine myself in one of those kitchens. Putting it on my dream board for sure!!!

  58. It is an incredibly difficult choice but I voted I did not see a number to say which one I voted for but I voted for the middle kitchen on the seventh row down purely because it is exactly what I would pick for my dream kitchen.

  59. My top five each had huge breakfast bars & pendant lighting! My favorite had a nice semi-circular seating area with high ceilings.

  60. Liz,
    You have a lovely kitchen. Love Lambeau. I’m definitely a dog person.

  61. I voted for the side by side stainless ovens one, not much deco in the kitchen, simple, clean and chic design. (

  62. tweet-

  63. I voted for the one with the oak cabinets because I like a traditional look best.

  64. I voted for the half circle counter design. The half circle just got to me.

  65. I voted for the one with black countertops and wood all around. Nice, simple flow to it

  66. Voted for the one with the bench seat built into the side of the island!! Love that its functional and family friendly!!

  67. I voted for the white modern look, I love the classic homey feel to it.

  68. voted for the side by side stainless ovens because i love the look of stainless

  69. i voted for the third picture in the second row because it was a pretty design

  70. I loved the black and wood combo, so I voted for that one!

  71. I like the white kitchen… Yours is very nice too!

  72. Although I love your kitchen, (i’d take ANY of the kitchens entered in this contest), I ultimately voted for the one one the 3rd row from the bottom, all the way to the right, simply because I found it to be unique, yet absolutely beautiful and totally something I’d choose if I could afford something so beautiful

  73. I voted for the first one that was all black and white. onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  74. I voted for the one with stone and the large exhaust fan b/c it looks european

    mjf926 at gmail dot com

  75. i voted for the one with the one turquoise and other white chairs, it is modern but funky!

  76. I voted for the white kitchens with large windows because white kitchens always look clean.

  77. i voted for one that looked very traditional with oak cabinets – They actually all looked amazing – this one just fit with my personal preference

  78. I liked the clean look of he white cabinet and clack counter top

  79. Hi Liz.
    I liked all but your kitchen with your four footed family member gets my vote.

  80. My favorite one was the one in the middle of the 11th row. I love the white cupboards and the contrasting color of the bar chairs.

  81. Love it Liz. All of the new homes I’m looking at have super dark wood and it seems to be the new thing. I don’t care; I left a white kitchen and I’ll have one again! I can only hope it’s as beautiful as yours!

  82. I voted but I love them all. A woman’s dream place that was.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  83. I really fell in love with the kitchen with all brown cabinets and countertops since it has a really home-y feel to it!

  84. I like the black counter tops because they looks sleek and cool.

  85. I voted for the design with a nice a bright lighting, also because of the chic style and simplicity.
    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  86. When I see a kitchen that clean, it makes me think that it never gets used.

  87. Love one with the zebra print and lime green bar stools,

  88. I voted for a kitchen with an interesting ornamental oven range hood. Loved the white and gray color combo used in the room. Great giveaway!

  89. I voted for the one I did because I loved it’s modern look yet homey feel.

  90. I voted for the kitchen with the island with brown wooden drawers, sink and three seats because it’s functionality for cooking with guest or kids and easy access to clean up with the sink and plenty of storage

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  91. Love the all white kitchens,

  92. It was difficult to narrow it down to 5. My selections were impractical (all stainless steal – no kids or pets in that house) but gorgeous.

  93. curved island!

  94. I was prompted to vote for my top 5 favorites. All of my choices had the look of oak or maple cabinetry with great center islands and lots of storage.

  95. like the clean design of the white one

  96. i love the one with the white chairs

  97. i voted for the one with a wooden picture built in because it seemed homey to me

  98. I voted for the kitchen with the great view (large glass doors) and the glass doored fridge. Because I love the traditional feel of it other than the fridge which is very unique.

  99. I voted for the modern kitchen with the “floating island.” Thank you!

  100. I voted for the almost all white kitchen with black countertops because it looks like a family kitchen and cozy.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  101. I Tweeted:
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  102. the fave aspect of the kitchen i voted for was the dark-wood pantry that took up an entire wall. i’m a sucker for dark wood and tons of storage 🙂

  103. I voted for the Art Deco-ish one. Love the look of it!

  104. This was my favorite Loved the design and the combination of dark wood and white on the cabinetry.

  105. The wolf oven is AMAZING.

  106. fb won’t take my vote- just scrolls- but i like 2nd from right on the bottom

  107. Since I could not find numbers associated to the rooms, I will just say I voted for one in the last row. It was warm, inviting and simple which fits my style.

  108. very sleek and modern

  109. I voted for #23 🙂

    rachelmarietravis at gmail do tcom

  110. I voted for #30 because I love the industrial look!

  111. I did not see any type of labeling so that I could leave a number like some have…hmmm…anyway…LOL I voted for 5 different kitchens as required by the site and liked their page to access the voting platform. All five of my kitchens were modern and sleek with a touch of vintage or kitsch or farm appeal to them. One of my favs was an outdoor kitchen that had this stone wall in the back…truly gorgeous and functional!

  112. I voted for the white kitchen with the butcher block island because it reminds me of a homey place

  113. I voted for #3 because of the stainless steel and modernness.

    pokergrl8 at

  114. I voted for the kitchen with the huge window in it because I love all the natural light!

  115. I voted for because I love the curved counter design and the pop of color.

  116. I voted for ones that looked like people could really live there.
    Thanks for the contest.

  117. Your kitchen gets my vote

  118. I voted for the 1st one, I love the white and black.

  119. the one I voted for was warm and not as modern looking as many of the others. I voted for the design I did because the colors and style fit my dream home perfectly! I will have that one day!

  120. I voted for the one that had golden colored cabinets and large windows because of the openness and modernness of it.

  121. I love a great designed kitchen a smart design can better the life of the whole family and this is a beautiful kitchen I would love to have a kitchen like this and win this contest thanks so much for this great giveaway what a great contest for those that put the hard work in and for us that get to look at such beautiful work

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