Truffle Brownies

Guest Posting for Hip Foodie Mom Today, I’m guest posting for yet another dear foodie friend, Alice, from Hip Foodie Mom. So many of my food blogger friends are virtual buddies, but I’ve actually gotten to spend time with Alice at a couple of food blogger conferences. We were thrilled to dine together at the ultra […]

Chocolate Syrup Brownies #SundaySupper

Chocolate Syrup Brownies I have been making these Chocolate Syrup Brownies for decades. As did my mom. Super moist and tender, each bite immediately melts in your mouth. In fact, they’re so rich and gooey, it’s best just to place the jelly roll pan on the counter or picnic table, and let everyone scoop out their own […]

Chocolate Glazed Walnut Brownies

A plate of fudgy brownies is perfect for any occasion. These Chocolate Glazed Walnut Brownies are rich, ultra-delicious and a wonderful way to offer comfort. Those who know my family may be shocked that I actually put nuts into a brownie recipe. This is practically a mortal sin in my household. But I was making […]

David Lebovitz’s Best Brownies

Another brownie recipe? From that skinny chick? Yes, I know I share a TON of brownie recipes…they are all winners, but pretty similar in ingredients and techniques. Leave it to David Lebovitz to shake things up a bit. The novel idea in this recipe involves a vigorous whisking before baking. The batter transforms from a […]

Caramel Brownies

My favorite, easy caramel brownies were given a face lift. Truly a decadent, to-die-for dessert! I think most of us have tasted those incredibly decadent caramel brownies made from a box of German chocolate cake mix, a bag of caramels and chopped nuts.  I was visiting a college friend in Chicago when I was first served […]