Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches with Herb Cucumber Relish #HealthierSideOfMayo

Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches with Herb Cucumber Relish | This is one heck of a marvelous sandwich!!!

Warmer weather has finally hit our neck of the woods, so I turned to these tasty Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches for some lighter fare. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches It was a balmy 85º on Tuesday and the perfect time to move from cold weather comfort […]

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake | A luscious White Chocolate Cheesecake with a marbleized raspberry topping

This White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake is not only gorgeous but absolutely scrumptious. A  food blogger friend told me she thought her mom made the best cheesecake until she tried this one. How’s that for an endorsement??! Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake We were invited to a dear friend’s house for dinner. Six of us, the wives all […]

Raspberry Coffee Cake | With a sour cream base, loads of fresh berries and a streusel topping, you'll fall hard for this brunch treat!

Raspberry Coffee Cake #BrunchWeek #Giveaway

With a sour cream-based cake, a streusel topping and loads of fresh berries, this Raspberry Coffee Cake is a marvelous brunch or breakfast treat! Raspberry Coffee Cake When I see sour cream listed in a cake’s ingredients, it’s almost always a clue that the results will be moist and tender. In this case, along with […]

Gretchen's Baklava | My mom's baklava with layers of buttery filo & a walnut filling doused with orange blossom water kissed sugar syrup

Gretchen’s Baklava #SundaySupper

Nothing held my mom back in the kitchen and this Baklava was one of the most delicious, memorable treats she made for our family! Layered with filo, nuts and an orange flower water flavored syrup, it’s unforgettable! My Mom’s Baklava I was blessed to spend most of my childhood in a small, Midwest university town. […]

Best Banana Cream Pie | This is the richest, most decadent and creamy custard pie you'll ever experience!

Best Banana Cream Pie

My Mother-in-Law requested a Banana Cream Pie to celebrate a momentous birthday. I was happy to oblige. Banana Cream Pie Bill is the one who loves banana cream pie at our house.  Peach, apple or raspberry with a nice scoop of vanilla is more my style. But when I snuck a sample of the Tom […]

Pretzel Rolls | Chewy yeast rolls with all the fabulous flavor of a pretzel!

Pretzel Rolls #ProgressiveEats

I love making yeast breads so when this month’s Progressive Eats theme was a Pretzel Party, I knew that I must bake up some Pretzel Rolls. Pretzel Rolls I hadn’t a clue how pretzel rolls were made, but turns out they’re a bit like bagels, needing some time in a steamy water bath after their […]

Sugar Cream Pie | A classic dessert in Indiana made with sugar, cream and vanilla!

Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie #SundaySupper

This week, the Sunday Supper team is sharing regional specialties. As I hail from Indiana, I thought I was overdue to make my first Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie. Indiana Specialties Even though I was born in South Bend, Indiana, while my dad was at Notre Dame, AND have lived in Indiana for the past few […]

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie | A gooey, chewy cookie baked in a skillet!

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’d categorize my family as cookie monsters. And the bigger the cookie, the better. This Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie was a huge hit x 4!  Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie  About a week after I whipped these up for dessert, the hubby, in a most serious tone, commented, “You know that skillet cookie you made? You […]

Lamb Kebabs with Greek Salad

Spring is the time for lamb…especially if you can find some seasonal grass-fed lamb…which is mild and sweet.  We typically have ham for Easter, so I made these incredible kebabs for our anniversary, earlier in the week. The small amount of marinade permeated the lamb wonderfully and created a tantalizing treat for the palate. The wine and […]

Mini Pavlovas~

Earlier this summer, some friends mentioned they’d like to watch me make a pavlova. Then last week, a neighborhood friend e-mailed me asking for baking lessons and offering to PAY ME! Uh, no thanks…but I was happy to have a her over to demonstrate a couple desserts. First on the agenda was pavlova…the yummy meringue […]

Summer Tomato Tart | Tomato Tart recipe

Summer Tomato Tart #SkinnyTip

A Bounty of Gorgeous Tomatoes I just can’t help myself, but when July rolls around and garden and heirloom tomatoes are plentiful, I’m compelled to whip up a tart. Yes, in the heat of the summer, I’ll turn on the oven so I can eat a freshly baked summer tomato tart. Just look at it? Can […]

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies | All the magnificent flavors of carrot cake in these fabulous whoopie pies

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies #SundaySupper

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies are created by filling two soft carrot, coconut and pecan-laden cookies with a generous swirl of cream cheese icing! Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies Our Sunday Supper theme this week is root vegetables. So instead of roasting parsnips or making a turnip mash (the hubby would revolt, I’m sure!), I went the carrot […]


Tomato and Boursin Tartlets #PotluckforChristy

Bill and I were invited to have cocktails and a nibble with some friends at their tres chic home. Katerina claimed to mess up most things she cooked, a gross exaggeration I’m sure, as she made us some amazing goat cheese and tomato tarts. I knew they’d be the perfect appetizer for this Virtual Potluck […]

Peppermint Stuffed Chocolate Chip Bars #ChocolateParty

This is Part 2 of the tailgating goodies we took to a pregame gathering a couple weeks ago. We went down to a college football game at the university my youngest attends. My kids all love York Peppermint Patties…but the only mint that comes near the hubby is toothpaste. So I reminded Bill that these […]