Croissants #TuesdayswithDorie

Traditional Croissant…just look at those layers!!!

Almond Croissants…filled with almond paste

I found some new muscles today. I do actually work out and can even do push ups, but rolling out this croissant dough was certainly an invigorating bicep, tricep (and who knows what other muscles!) training.  I have made croissants from scratch one other time…for the Daring Bakers. So when my oldest was by for Sunday night dinner, he was disappointed when I started reeling off what was left on the instructions list: 2 more hours in the fridge, then a turning, another two hours in the fridge, then rolling and shaping and another 3-4 hour proofing before baking. I “could” have had these completed on Sunday, but a little hiccup caused a delay. You see, this recipe calls for fresh yeast. Upon googling it, I found it wasn’t easy to locate and impossible to find at the typical supermarket, and there were tales of ordering it online and ending up with dead yeast. With a pound of butter and 1+ day of work invested into these puppies, I wasn’t going to risk it. I substituted 4 1/2 teaspoons dry active yeast for the one ounce of fresh. Except I followed the instructions for the fresh yeast, tossing it in with the other ingredients and mixing, then kneading in the stand mixer.  Well my first dough was the consistency of Silly Putty…nothing like the “soft butter” spoken of by the recipe developer, Esther McManus. Nope. Then I had an aha moment about 4 AM on Sunday…I needed to proof the dry active yeast. Duh. Started over at that point. Who needs sleep????

Well, the aroma in the house was that buttery fragrance found in a French Pâttisserie…as these gems baked away. I filled some with almond paste and rolled the dough around some chocolate morsels in others. You, too, can make these…as the recipe can be found  our hostess’ site, Girl+Food=Love, where our Tuesdays with Dorie baker friend, Amanda blogs. And if you’d like to try these tender, flaky pastries, I’d recommend watching this video where Julia Child watches Esther whip up and shape this dough. And set aside a whole weekend dedicated to the most delicious baked goods you’ll ever make!

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  1. Your croissants look superb. Mine did not go to plan but that’s life for me at present.

  2. I´m not crazy about this recipe. Having made croissants many times, I will stick to my nancy silverton recipe (that woman has yet to turn me down). But they tasted great. I love your perfectly shaped croissants Liz! I had an issue of butter pooling while baking, but the laminating was good.
    Anyway, I didn´t realize we could make any version of it today (I sometimes feel this group is kind of falling apart a bit lately). So I´ll be making pain au chocolat and almond croissants very soon. Gorgeous almond croissants, my favorite!

  3. You’re very dedicated Liz – I have only made these at Lenôtre and decided then and there that I don’t have the space (in my kitchen or fridge) to make these at home, ever. For me they are too much of a time investment when I can walk up the street and get amazing ones (and just one, not a whole batch that I would have to devour LOL!). These look amazing and I am, of course, as always in awe!

  4. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure you enjoyed every (well earned) bite:@)

  5. I love croissants Liz and yours are perfectly made! With a filling of chocolate or nutella I could eat them all day long!

  6. Lizzy,
    Your croissants are beautiful, and so mouth watering. Your perseverance paid off with these little gems!

  7. Liz, I made these once many years ago. It is a lot of work. My mother-in-law always baked with the fresh yeast and it is disappointing that it can’t be found anymore. You did a beautiful job and the almond filling…wow.

  8. This look AMAZING!

  9. Nicely flaky and buttery Liz. Love these croissants and would love to have some of this goodness for b’fast!

  10. Lizzy.. you never cease to amaze me. These croissants look like they came out of a French bakery. I know it’s a very tedious process to make these flaky beauties… you did a fabulous job. 🙂

  11. Oh my Lizzy! you are fantastic I adore croissants and your look georgeous!! I will try your recipe!:)

  12. Hi Lizzy, I think you’ve made the most delicious and flaky looking croissants! I wish I have the patience to do this and get the perfect results!

  13. Oh sweet lord these croissants are gorgeous and look so flaky and perfect!

  14. I think the only baking project more daunting than puff pastry is croissants and look how you nailed them. Wow, Liz, they’re perfect. It’s amazing what we think about at 4am, isn’t it. I’m sure my family wishes I had these on my mind, but they’ll have to settle with me rolling over and going back to sleep. 🙂

  15. Just beautiful Liz! I made croissants a couple of years ago but they weren’t nearly as gorgeous as these! Not withstanding your slight issues (it just happened to me with some bread sticks, completely forgot to proof, but they turned out ok anyway). I’m thinking I may want to make this lovely breakfast again!

  16. These are looking more than great, still haven’t had the courage or time to prepare these marvels at home, but definitely love them.

  17. Those croissants are beautiful!!

  18. You Win! Perfect. Yours look better than Esther’s in the video. I had issues with the butter pooling during baking and other issues…… But, yes, proofing the yeast would have been smart too! I learned lots…my first try at croissants. I’ll bake them again and get better yeast. You are an inspiration!

  19. Your croissants are so gloriously flaky!

  20. Carol | a cup of mascarpone says:

    LOVELY!!! Adore your beautiful croissants, Liz!!!

  21. Adventuresome.. but well worth the effort. Yours look spectacular and very inspiring to make. Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe.

  22. wow, these croissants are gorgeous! Love them! So flaky and perfect. You are a genius!

  23. Katie B. of says:

    You made croissants? From SCRATCH? You, Liz, are my hero! If you haven’t already, I’d love if you’d come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.

  24. Wow… your layers are impressive indeed! What a bummer that you had to start over but I’m glad that the final results were worth it.

  25. You are incredible, Liz. Every time I visit your blog, I’m in complete awe of the things you create. I would never dream of making croissants at home – they seem so labour intensive and technical. I’d hate to go through all that time, effort and ingredients to end up with a flop. Your croissant looks perfect, like something I’d get in a French bakery. And I love that you made a version with almond paste and chocolate – yum!

  26. Amazing !!!! your croissants look perfect, I love your pictures, and the layers are beautiful!!!
    Perfect French baker!!!!
    Great job Liz!!!

  27. They look absolutely perfect! I can totally see myself doing that same thing with the yeast and baking at 4 in the morning. Some people might have slept but their priorities are obviously out of whack. 🙂

  28. Beeeeaaauutttiffful! They look amazing, I cannot believe how wonderful they turned out, great job!

  29. These look amazing! way to go!!! 🙂

  30. I am seriously having some croissant envy here. Well done on some perfect looking croissants! It definitely was a full weekend of baking.

  31. They look absolutely amazing! You did a fantastic job!

  32. Wow! Those are some great looking croissants. They look perfect! Great job!! 🙂

  33. Some day I’m so totally making my own croissants. Nothing compares to fresh!

  34. Such beauties! Yeah, the almond croissants rocked! And this is typed by a total chocolate devotee…I was on my toes when rolling the dough – now you got me thinking what muscle group I worked out 🙂

  35. I’ve never even had the desire to attempt croissants. SUPER impressed that you did, and that they turned out picture-perfect!

  36. Oh Lizzy !!!! Would you mind throwing some of your beautifully-baked croissant ? lol I’m so impressed ! They look just like the ones I’m buying here 😀

  37. Your croissants truly look like the kind one buys in Paris. I admire your fortitude and dedication to the process of perfecting the art of baking. Julia Child would be proud =)

  38. Liz, I applaud you for all your dedication with these croissants and I am almost afraid to mention that the one item that you can always find in grocery stores around here, is fresh yeast – so I had one bonus with this recipe – I filled some with chocolat and shaped some pains au chocolat but mine look far from the perfection that you always strive for in your baking – they do look better than in the video! Fantastic! Have a great Wednesday!

  39. You are such a bold baker! I have never even tried making my own puff pastry… Your croissants look fabulous. Congratulations!

  40. Liz – these are gorgeous. I made all of mine with chocolate in them, but the almond look like a lovely treat.

    I didn’t even try to look for the fresh yeast, but working with fresh is on my bucket list…

  41. Never baked croissant at home. Yours look soft and flaky, just the way I like it. The addition of almond paste, delicious!

  42. Just beautiful Liz. Two doughs? You are dedicated! My arms are still sore even though I work out! Delicious though, aren’t they?

  43. Liz, your photography and presentation is beautiful. Seeing the croissants paired with the fresh strawberries is so vibrant and colorful. This recipe looks as though it was well worth the long wait. Great post.

  44. I LOVE a good croissant and these look pretty much perfect, great job!

  45. Beautiful job, despite the hiccups along the way! Makes me think that it’s been far too long since I last made croissants.

  46. Twice! I’m having trouble getting started just once. Yours look absolutely lovely, and gorgeous pictures to boot!

  47. Lovely croissants! I can see the wonderful light fluffy texture in your picture, Wow… This reminds me of the croissants that they give in the international flights every time I fly to India and I promise it never looks as beautiful as this looks nor tastes good.

  48. Now I really need to make delicious croissants, I want one…..or two of those almond ones!!!! Your croissants look so beautiful!!! Hugs, Terra

  49. 4am? Really? Wow that’s dedication to your art (or oven…)! Love the layers in your croissants, beautiful work, as usual! And do those strawberries make the croissants healthy?

  50. I have tried a few recipes for croissants and not been happy with the result. These look divine. I will most definitely be trying them. Thank you for a fabulous recipe!

  51. Your croissants are absolutely beautiful looking! I totally agree that this rolling took muscle…my hands really felt bruised after the three days! They were delicious though so I would say it was worth it. 🙂

  52. Ha, I’ve had many “aha” moments at that hour! I haven’t made croissants in ages! Yours look fabulous, love seeing all those layers!

  53. Never had enough courage to make croissants at home! These look amazing and encourage me to give it a try!

  54. Liz, your croissants are lovely — just like everything you bake! I had the same “a-ha” moment about the yeast, but luckily I did it before I made a batch. I proofed it and then added to the rest of the ingredients and it turned out wonderful. I will make this again but I will not bother with compressed yeast – instant rise worked great! Blessings, Catherine

  55. Lizzy,
    These may have given you a tough time but they look gorgeous. I bet you can’t stop eating them.


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